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Re: The Prowler’s Hughes Behind the Scenes:

Every time I see Mary Matalin’s face on television I’m reminded that Washington is the only city I know of where you can find fame, fortune, etc. by running perhaps what was the most incompetent political campaign of modern American history (that is up until the Gore campaign of 2000). Of the many virtues of George H.W. Bush, loyalty to friends like Mary does not rank very highly with me. Oh well, at least Mary and ole Snakehead have decamped from my native and hitherto largely, unspoiled Shenandoah Valley to the more swampy terrain of Old Town Alexandria — more natural terrain for the Ragin’ Cajun.
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

Everyone’s worried that MM will spill GOP secrets to hubby James Carville after hours. What if the reverse is true? MM relates Dem schemes, risky or otherwise, to her political peers in D.C., after eavesdropping on phone conversations, perusing mail and generally just paying attention to JC’s ravings. She is in a good position to do this sort of thing, especially since James cannot stop running his mouth.
Paul B. Garrison
Greybull, WY

Re: Bill Croke’s Rocky Mountain Bohemia:

One fine Winter not so long ago, I just up and left City Life to go to the Bahamas. I worked on boats, acted as the “supply guy” who somehow knew who to call to get those hard to find items and helped practically the whole island who had the means to get connected to the Web and trade e-mail and set up websites for their little B&B or Fishing Camp. Life wasn’t particularly difficult; sandals, shorts and an Aloha shirt were considered dressy, food was plentiful if you could deal with fresh fish, lobster and conch, and the temperature never got remotely cold. Why do I not identify this place? Well, the night of my going away party, one of the Old Timers took me aside and asked conspiratorially,

“Do you like this place?

I answered, “Well, yes!”

He smiled and said, “Shhhh!” complete with finger in front of pursed lips.

Now, I thought about this just a little. You’d think that people who lived on tourists would want the word spread in the States about the idyllic paradise just a short plane flight away. The old timer had a point though, a stampede of wretched American Tourists (Not Anti-American at all. Just get on any Cruise Ship. You’ve seen them and been revolted too) would ruin the place and drive living expenses up for everyone, not to mention essentially killing their town and island culture. I kept quiet, and still do.

So, from the voice of experience, “Shhhh!”
Robert Wood

Re: George Neumayr’s In the Absence of Faith:

An old lady I knew remarked,”John has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.” She was talking about John XXIII, the pontiff who decided to stem the outflow of the young from the church by modernizing its traditions.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a priest in a cassock or a nun in a habit. A long time since we followed the Mass in a Latin missal. A long time since we shunned meat on Friday. A long time since we stopped in to make a visit at our parish church (Most of them are locked up now to keep out thieves.)

Unimportant details? Perhaps. But since they were discarded, the church has been headed downward, ever more rapidly. Our Jewish friends, at least the conservative ones, understand the value of tradition. They still cherish those “unimportant details.”
Bill McTernan

Thanks for your April 25 column, “In the Absence of Faith.” No one has written a better piece about the priest sex-abuse scandal. Although few will admit it, the whole story can be summed up — As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Our Church “leadership” has rejected Catholic teaching on moral issues and recruited seminarians who reject Catholic teaching, now we’re seeing the inevitable result. My favorite moment was when Bishop O’Connell explained why he molested the young seminarian — he was using an improper technique to help the boy with his sexual issues, and was influenced by the prevailing Masters & Johnson theories. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.

Anyway, thanks for doing your small part to get the truth out.
Ken Jones
Missouri Lawyers Weekly

Thank you for speaking of Pope Pius X and his efforts to warn against modernism. There is historical evidence to show that as the Church goes, so goes the world. If that’s true, then we are on the brink of disaster.
Frank Scanlon

Keep up the good work. It makes me happy to see so many of you “fighting the good fight.” You’re going to win — this scandal has given the laity something to grab on to that is so plain to see as evil.
Annette Cwik

Re: George Neumayr’s Gray Extremism:

Let’s look at the facts about the Democrats and their false claim to the mantle of “moderation.” Democrats are more “extreme” and “radical” and far more out of touch than the average Californian. Consider this: The Democrats strongly opposed Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action measure. It passed overwhelmingly, in a landslide, including with the votes of many minorities. Republicans were more in touch with the California voter. Democrats strongly opposed Prop. 227, bilingualism in our schools for immigrant children. The overwhelming majority of Californians sided with Republicans in passing this measure again in a landslide. Democrats strongly opposed the “3 Strikes-You’re Out” Initiative. Again the Demos sided with the gang bangers and lefties and were buried in a landslide. The Republicans were in sync with the heartbeat of California.

The Demos opposed Prop. 187 that would prevent offering governmental benefits to illegal aliens. The Demos again sided with the lawbreakers. The Republicans, again correctly, were in tune with the people of California. Although much of Prop. 187 was later gutted by a court, it was largely reinstated by Congress the following year. Again when homosexual marriage was brought to a vote, the average Californian overwhelmingly agreed with Republicans that marriage is both historically and biblically the province of heterosexual couples. This didn’t stop the leftist-controlled Democrats in the state legislature from viciously and cynically redefining homosexual unions to essentially have all the rights of marriage, they simply didn’t call it marriage. Why vote when you have Democrats in the legislature?

As to abortion, the overwhelming majority of Californians oppose late-term abortions. The Demos, colluding with the most radical of the feminists, again sidestepped the electoral process legalized such abortions without a vote of the people. Is this what the Left calls the so called “radical” position of the GOP on abortion? Most Californians agree with Republicans that reasonable regulation after the first trimester is logical.

Democrats brought us the recent initiative to overturn Term Limits. They lost big time. The Republicans again were one with the People. The Democrats wildly out of touch. Demos like to call the GOP anti-environment, but they must not know that it was President Teddy Roosevelt that began the National Park System or that conservative and conservation were originally related. Both wanted to hold on to the best of society, while making changes slowly and, well. “conservatively.” The Demos left cried when the Alaska pipeline was built. Now facts, and not hysteria, show that the Caribou population has increased three fold.

It took a Republican named Lincoln to free the slaves. Unfortunately the Demos fought hard and succeeded to bring them back to the plantation. We’re still trying to get them off the liberal, Democratic-built plantation largely consisting: of welfare dependence, gang banging, terrible and failing schools, broken homes and drug abuse. Which political party would the unbiased reader call “radical” and “extreme”?
Adam Sparks
San Francisco, CA

With respect to the piece about Gray Davis that Mr. Neumayr wrote, I take exception to his characterization of Mr. Davis as “a practicing Catholic.” If Mr. Davis supports abortion, particularly if he does so “actively,” then irrespective of what he may choose to call himself, he is NOT a “practicing Catholic.”

The Church’s teaching on abortion is crystal clear, and thus, to claim to be a “pro-abortion,” or even a “pro-choice Catholic,” is as ridiculous as describing oneself as “a meat-eating vegetarian.” Were there more Clergy with the courage to demand that the sort of “cafeteria Catholics” that Davis clearly is either adhere to the Faith, or go elsewhere, Davis would be refused Holy Communion until he repented, and again really practiced Catholicism. Davis is about as “Catholic” as Teddy, the Kid from Chappaquiddick!
W. B. Heffernan, Jr.

I enjoy all the articles. Glad that I found this website. Thank You.

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