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Pet Names

On February 4, this below item appeared in “The Daily Grind” and a good fishing friend, Jameson Campaigne, called it to my attention:

“A CRUEL AND UNUSUAL HIRING: ‘Oh, tell me will you darlin’, why you look so bad tonight? They’s bags around your eyeballs which is red instead of white.’ Is that what Roger Ailes was singing when he hired Greta Van Susteren for Fox? (The lyrics are from ‘Temptation (Tim-Tayshun),’ a number one song of 1947.)”

The song was recorded by Red Ingle and the Natural Seven, featured Cinderella G. Stump on vocal (a.k.a. Jo Stafford), and sold over 3 million copies in a time of 78’s and when a sale of over 250,000 was called a hit.

I was tickled to see this comment, since Red Ingle was my father. For your information, Bear Family Records re-issued 28 of Red’s Capitol recordings in a CD several years ago and it is still available as TIM-TAY-SHUN: Red Ingle and the Natural Seven.

I must say I concur with your comment about Greta Van Susteren re: CNN. Our local cable company does not carry Fox News so I will have to wait to see if your description fits her skin tuck, but thanks for the lyrical way of vicariously describing what you’ve seen. Now for the voice!
Don Ingle
Editor, “Michigan Forest Magazine”

In listing all the contributions the South has made to this nation, Mr. Shiflett left out putting man on the moon. The NASA program to land on the moon was a product of Huntsville, Alabama, known as Rocket City.
Earl McLain
Huntsville, AL

Good morning!

I love your website! The articles are wonderful! I laugh out loud!

I am a CHs (if you ever want to form a club I can be the recording secretary) and as such I knew immediately upon hearing the Buddy had been killed in traffic that my suspicions had proved my psychic abilities are off the chart.

Going back in history, do you remember when Janet Reno was in all sorts of hot water and she went to the White House to meet with Clinton? They had a closed door meeting in the Oval Office for an extended period of time. I have heard rumors of up to three hours. There were no other people in the room. I think Buddy was under the desk taking a nap. After the meeting Janet Reno kept her job but she never went back to the White House! Buddy knew too much!

Keep up the wonderful work!
Mary McMahon
A Conservative in Tennessee

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. — I love this guy!! Never miss an issue of the “American Spectator” or the “American Prowler” articles on line. Thanks for the laugh this gloomy February morning.
Gerri Smith
San Jacinto, CA

Great site. I’m glad Mr. McCaslin pointed the way. You’ve fleshed it out quickly. You are, of course, guilty of “equal and opposite” force for the mainstream, and will therefore be labeled as “right wing.” Good job.
Mike Ryan
P.S. Loved this: “And this just in: Senator Edward Kennedy, the Hero of Chappaquiddick, has a dog that he named ‘Splash.’ Is the thing possible? Do any of our readers want to speculate on the names of other ill-starred pols’ pets? Let us hear from you.”

• John Kerry’s Vietnamese pot-bellied pig “Innocent Villager”
• John Edward’s pet catfish “Bottom Feeder”
• Robert Byrd’s …oh that’s just too easy
Kevin Hudson

A few come to mind:
• I can see ex-KKKer Bob Byrd with a black Lab he simply calls “Boy”;
• Tom Daschle is devoted to his dog “Gridlock”;
• Surely the self-important John McCain would call his dog “John
• Jim Jeffords: “Benedict” (as in Arnold);
• Pat Leahy: “Eddie Haskell”;
• Joe Lieberman: “Old Whiner”;
• Joe Biden: “Plugs”
Enjoy your emails on this one!
John Shirvinsky

This is too obvious: Monica L. — dog named Spot
B. Grant

What about Jesse Jackson’s Chocolate Lab, “Shakedown”?
Eric G.

I’m not sure about names of other ill-starred pols’ pets names. But I do understand that in the same morbidly ironic fashion, Jimmy Carter’s Range Rover bears the vanity plate: “DESERT 1”.
Chip Halstead
Long Beach, CA

Excellent article. Keep ’em coming
Francis Dancer

The most recent presidential election for which I was able to walk into a voting booth without holding my nose was 1984. Mr. Sager’s article explains why. God help us.
Bob Lee
Goodyear, AZ

Let me start by saying I’m getting the new, Gilderized “TAS” and enjoying it. But it’s not the “TAS” I subscribed to back when Bill and his lovely wife Bruno were in the Melanin-Deficient House. So the reincarnation of that original “TAS” as “” is to be applauded. I’m adding it to my regular daily Internet rounds.
Kevin M. McGehee
Coweta County, GA

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