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On the Offensive

Re: The Prowler’s Ready for Primetime:

I am perfectly willing for PBS management to make whatever decisions they want about what they show or don’t show as long as they go out and get somebody to pay for it voluntarily. Any chance of using this absurd situation as a lever to kill taxpayer finding of PBS?
Jay Van Nostrand
Winston-Salem, NC

These PBS types are really showing their true colors. Keep up the pressure on these anti-American goons.
— unsigned

PBS — the people who bring us “DIVERSITY” with our tax dollars — except they don’t. Oh well, 2003 and another $350,000,000 tax dollars to keep the lefties off the unemployment lines.
Mike Horn
Tracy, CA

Re: The Prowler’s The DNC’s Dirty Disk:

Howard Kurtz of Washington Post in his column “Media Notes” quotes from The American Prowler:

“The presentation was made using a White House laptop and the Hay-Adams projection system. There was no disk, because you can’t easily store a full PowerPoint presentation on a disk like that. It’s easier just to store it on a hard drive and use the computer,” says a White House source. “We know the computer wasn’t stolen, so it had to come from somewhere else.”

I don’t know how sophisticated the Hay-Adams hotel projection system is. But, from all I know about Laptops, Notebooks and projection systems, in such a scenario, the projection system is fairly a “dumb one,” merely displaying the received video signal onto the screen. No memory or storage is inherent in these systems.

As to “a full PowerPoint presentation” not being easily stored on a disk, that is both true and false.

True, you cannot store any half decent PowerPoint presentation on a “Floppy Disk,” its size being limited to a mere 1.44 Megabytes. However, when it comes to such presentations, the medium of choice is a Zip disk, which is available in 100 or 250 Megabyte capacity. That should be enough to contain most fairly complicated presentations. In addition to that, one can store such a caned presentation on a CD-Rom, which can accommodate a whopping 650 megabytes. Most notebook computers nowadays easily accommodate either a Zip disk or a CD-Rom.

If the document was prepared by the White House it was a public record. White House officials have no right to be engaged in elections, that is not why I pay my taxes. But if they were engaged in political campaigns any work they create is owned by the taxpayers. Therefore I have a right to see it — unless release of it could damage national security.
Tom Krajewski
Madison, Wisconsin

Re: Jed Babbin’s Top Ten Things to Do About Terror:

Makes sense to me. Can we bring it up for a vote?
Jenny Woodward
Bloomington, IN

Now that we know that not all of the terrorists arrested or held here were temporary visitors. Some of the vermin came as students, tourists etc. to escape this highly objectionable world I take in writers of great learning and erudition. One such writer was Albert Jay Nock. In his Journal of These Days an entry of May 5, 1933, from Portugal includes the following:

“In these days of passports, surveillances, and inquisitions, it seems to me that some country might do itself a good turn by establishing a strict cultural test for tourists, as a measure of self-defense, like our silly formulas for keeping out anarchists and adulteresses. Portugal might set a wholesome fashion by doing this. Suppose, for instance, an American came in for a visa with a passport marked ‘travel,’ the Portuguese consul in N.Y. would say, ‘Sorry, but my government demands unimpeachable evidence that you are a man of high culture, and that you have a specific cultural purpose in mind for coming to Portugal. We are very particular about this, as particular as your government is about moral character and political opinions — we are not interested in those. It is not enough to say you want to go places and see things; we must know specifically why, and all about it. If you satisfy us of this we shall…but if you do not satisfy us, we do not think your interests or ours would be furthered by your presence in our country, and we can not admit you.”

Certainly from a much more discerning and discriminating time.
Edward Del Colle

Jed Babbin has it half right, but all his conclusions are defensive in nature and any student of Clausewitz will inform you that the defense has never won a war. Here is a list of my top twelve methods of stopping terror:

1) Kick the Syrians out of Lebanon. This occupied country is the key to the situation in the Middle East. Kick out the Syrians and the terrorists attacking Israel’s northern border don’t have a base. Plus, this country will regain the initiative we squandered in November.

2) Replace the United Nations with a new world organization that allows Democracies to participate, not dictatorships. Give the Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, and especially the Egyptians and Saudi Arabians the boot. Some of their “diplomats” are scouting targets and funneling in arms and explosives in diplomatic pouches. The arsenal of democracy should not belong to an organization that allows thugs and murderers equal standing.

3) Stop giving foreign aid to Egypt as long as it remains a dictatorship. Perhaps some Egyptians actually like us, but it is no accident that Egyptians are heavily represented in the top echelons of Al Qaeda. A democratic society can never trust a dictatorship.

4) Send the Marines into Pakistan. Al Qaeda is holing up in Pakistan. You are either with us or against us. Pakistan is a dictatorship and its ISS intelligence agency hates America. Why does our government continue to pretend otherwise? When the nuclear weapon explodes in New York, Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, Pakistan will be behind it.

5) Make the State Department shut up and get out of the way when American victims of terrorism are suing terrorist Nations. Unleash the lawyers and sue the bums. Make them pay.

6) Do not allow Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, and other Middle Eastern Islamic dictatorships to fly their airlines into U.S. airspace. Saudi Arabia refuses to disclose its passenger list to U.S. authorities. One whacko Egyptian pilot has already committed murder with his airplane over the ocean. We don’t want one to fly into the White House.

7) Bomb the Afghan militias siding with Iran. Kill them all. Smash them now before our boys get hit by a truck bomb in the barracks. We owe Iran no favors. The State Department might want to cozy up to the Muslim dictatorship, most Americans don’t.

8) Invade Iraq. If Bush the Younger makes the same error his dad made, he won’t be re-elected. Period. I won’t vote for him and many Republicans won’t either. If he continues to cater to the Left at the expense of his constituency, his Presidency is toast. The next time one of his admirals or generals says it’s too hard to invade Iraq, fire them and promote the captains and colonels who say it can be done. I know it can be done. I worked on the plans that are on the shelf today to take out the bozo in Baghdad.

9) Do not allow students from dictatorships to attend our flight schools, colleges and universities. When their backward countries mature from within, we can let them in. Not before.

10) Racial profile. Arabs hijacked the planes of 11 September. And we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

11) Inform the Muslim world that we will annihilate their culture and society if they attack us again. When the Muslim kings murdered the Mongol diplomats, the Mongol army annihilated the Muslims of Central Asia. We were prepared to obliterate the peoples of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Are we not prepared to annihilate the Muslim world now? If not, we have relinquished our Nation’s place on the World stage and soon, all too soon, this country will be destroyed.

12) Toughen up the Armed Forces: When the body armor, shield and javelin that served the Legions so well in the blazing hot sun of Africa became too heavy to carry in the cool green glades of Gaul, the Empire was lost. Most of our boys and girls in uniform are soft. Teach them to hike all day with 100-pound loads on their backs. Teach them to kill. The Marine Corps used to have its battalions hike 25-miles in full combat gear with no more than a 3% straggler rate. My rifle company did it in 6 hours and twenty-two minutes. All rifle companies hiked to the training area if it was within 10-miles of the barracks. They don’t do that today. A battalion might hike 25-miles, but it does not require the grunts to carry all their combat equipment. The flak jackets are usually thrown in the back of a Humvee. Recall Gibbon: The Roman peace was maintained by the terror of Roman Arms.
Mike Slater

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