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Political Resistance and Conversions

Re: Enemy Central’s Super Scoundrel:
“So how does it feel, Enemy Central backers? Are you ready to face a
military tribunal officiated by Krugman-Brock?”

Damn skippy I am! Talk about two folks coming un-armed to a battle of wits…
Gene Smith
Contoocook, NH

Re: The Prowler’s Bicyclers Against Terrorism:
So Greenpeace and the Environmental Defense Fund want to run ads equating use of gasoline to supporting terrorism. Well, what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Someone needs to run an ad that equates opposition to drilling for oil in ANWR as supporting terrorism. TAKE THAT, Environmentalist Wackos.
Ron Olliff
Loganville, GA

It seems to me that if the “environmentalists” start running ads that say you support terrorism if you buy gas, it would be a great time to ask them if we can finally DRILL OUR OWN OIL?
Michael Williamson

Re: The Prowler’s Stood Up by Bush:
In the days following Bush’s signing of CFR, I have heard various speculations as to the President’s choice of foregoing “pomp and ceremony.” Many of them have provided me with much amusement. To a one, they all pass over the most obvious answer: President Bush, concerned with insuring the survival of our Republic, has decided to forego a “battle royal” over an odious, corrupt, hysteria-driven piece of legislation. To the dismay of less cunning conservatives, he did so knowing full well that political allies would march without hesitation to the nearest federal courthouse to begin the process that will result in a sharpened stake being driven through the heart (the most constitutionally insulting elements…) of McCain / Feingold, et al.

Our resolute Commander-in-Chief, in choosing the manner of the signing ceremony, very clearly signaled his contempt for CFR and, more importantly, its loudest cheerleaders. Within the realm of Beltway Land, there are few punishments more harsh than exclusion from a major photo op.

Bully for Bush, I hope the silent slap he’s issued stings hard and long.
Charles D. Ahner

In his “All Hail the Small Ball,” Dave Shiflett describes himself as a baseball “outsider.” He’s also a keen observer. Because outsider or no, he puts his finger on many of baseball’s enduring charms. Comes close to its essence. In the Column League, “All Hail” is a frozen rope to right (field chosen in deference to American Prowler’s political bent). Baseball aficionados will recognize this as a compliment.
Larry Thornberry
Tampa, FL

Re: Jeremy Lott’s Pope Andrew the First:
A note to Jeremy Lott, who in his commentary on Andrew Sullivan confessed that he’s a Baptist wiggling his toes in the Tiber: I’m a former Presbyterian from a family of Baptists and Pentecostals who is now a happy and enthusiastic Catholic. My invitation to you is this: Come on in! The water’s fine! And if you need any help coming in, there are plenty of us converts around who are at your service.
Paul Thigpen
Savannah, GA

I do not know what kind of Baptist Jeremy Lott is but no born again, Bible-believing Baptist would ever consider joining the Roman Catholic Church. Rather than “dipping his toes” in the filthy polluted waters of Romanism Mr. Lott should read the Bible more thoroughly. It will show him how to get saved as well as how to locate the right kind of church. Furthermore, it will show him how the doctrines and practices of the idolatrous RCC contradict the Word of God.
Pastor James Barker
Bible Baptist Church

Sullivan is not a Catholic. Having “cast off all restraint” and chosen
the homosexual abomination, he is self-excommunicated.
Steve Schaper

… There’s a lot of noise being generated about “reparations.” Doesn’t it seem fair to look at the political party most identified with slavery for some sort of reparations?

I mean the Democrat Party. For sure it is THE political party of chattel slavery in America.

Founded with slavery, fought for the death of America for slavery, and supported it past the Civil War.

Those guys in the white sheets were never Republicans.

And while we’re at it, it was the Democrat Party that made racial segregation in the South.

… Is there some kind of reparations we should expect from Democrats for their starring role in American slavery?

BTW, a Clintonesque apology won’t fly here. Especially since we know he was named not for Thomas Jefferson — he’d have been the only white of his generation so named — but for Jeff Davis.

Thanks for all your good work. The new page looks fine and the content’s excellent.
Doug Williams
Detroit, MI

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