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More Clinton Facilities

Re: Reader Mail’s Clinton’s Plumbers:
There could be no more appropriate room for the Boy President than, and it must be rendered in a traditional Southern pronunciation, the “Lie-Berry.”
Ric Manhard

In response to your question regarding what part of the DNC structure should be named after Bill Clinton, why must we name a part of the building after Clinton? I would like to see a [restroom] named after Ronald Reagan. The few Republicans in D.C. who are obsessed with naming things after Reagan would finally wake up and realize we don’t think he was the saint they make him out to be.
J. Bauman
New Rochelle NY

We do not need to name anything else after Clinton. There already exists the ideal thing that already bears the Clinton name and it is in New York State to boot!!! It is:

Clinton Correctional Facility
Box 2000 (Cook Street)
Dannemora, NY 12929

What better than a prison in New York State to bear Bill’s last name?
Jim Riley
Dumfries, VA

How about naming all the china after him? Then when he gives it away, Terry can buy more with his Global money, and Bill can give that away too, and so on and so on.
MaryAnn H.
Freedom NH

An appropriate building: A Home for Old Drugstore Cowboys somewhere in Arkansas with a “lazy bench” out front for telling endless boring lies about endless insignificant programs and policies.

I’m sure this one is worn out by now: The William Jefferson Clinton Women’s. Or The William Jefferson Clinton Snack Shop.
Kenny Scagel

After reading the replies so far I think the simplest move would be to rename the “john” the “Bill.”
Robert Theisen
Fort Worth, TX

The William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Jar of Free Condoms for the Kiddies.
Kevin M. McGehee
Coweta County, Georgia

The William J. Clinton STD Laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control.
Rich DeCamp
Laguna Beach, CA

Rather than honoring ol’ BJ Clinton by naming something after him, I recommend that all the lavatory cakes in this new facility be emblazoned with Clinton’s picture. If I’m not mistaken, some enterprising person already sells these!
Gene Smith

Re John Corry’s In Defense of Foreign Aid:
So Jesse is going global in his old age. Under the influence of Bono, a multimillionaire rock star, Senator No has become Senator Yes. This is not compassion. but crass politics. The AIDS money is creating drug resistant strains of HIV, making the epidemic worse in the long run. U.N. peacekeepers are spreading AIDS but the U.N. doesn’t test its own troops for HIV. Save the Children and the U.N. itself say U.N. personnel are demanding sex from refugee children in change for foreign aid, thus spreading AIDS to the most vulnerable. Speaking of debt relief, will the government forgive my mortgage payments?
Cliff Kincaid

Re: The Prowler’s The NRA’s Liddy Problem:
I live in a district that has maintained a socialist Democrat in office on one issue only, gun ownership.

The voting record of Karen Thurman in Congress looks as bad as any that ever came down the pike, but NRA spent lots of money to boost her re-election campaign.

I canceled membership in NRA last election cycle, and will save my vote and what little money I have for proven Christian-principled leadership in the future.
Richard Power
Brooksville, FL

RE: Reid Collins’ By the Windshield’s Red Glare:
Reid Collins wrote:

“But of the 26,334 remaining, it was found that nearly twice the percentage of blacks as whites were speeders in the 65 mile limit zone. The percentage of violators by race was nearly the same in the 55-mile zone. Speeding was classified as 15 miles per hour over the posted limit, and the higher the speed the greater the racial disparity.”

So the obvious question is: Why are there not more black drivers on the NASCAR circuit?
Bill Llewellin
Littleton, CO

Re: Reid Collins’ Right From Wrong:
Finally, someone with the brains to point out that there is no connection between pedophilia and priestly celibacy, and therefore no solution to be found there. Why are these birdbrains suggesting that there is? The problem, rather, lies in a Church adrift after Vatican II, which left most of the bishops, as well as the faithful, confused and floundering. Spirituality was replaced with pop psychology (there was a fad per week on offer when I was a seminarian in the 80’s). And discipline was replaced with “tolerance.” And even now one may be attacked by the thought police of the Catholic Left for concurring publicly with the Church’s teaching (on homosexuality, for example).
Mike Walsh, MM

Re: K. E. Grubbs Jr.’s Whooping It Up in Hallewood:
Who cares about Whoopi and the rest? Do we have to put up with this show biz trash even on a political site? No more Oscar ever, please.
Richard Donley

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