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Reader Reactions: Anyone Still Hate Us?

Thanks for “coming back.” You have been missed.
— Billy Watson
Garland, TX

Love your new site. I have it as a “link” at (This is the site for the Montgomery County, MD, Republican Party — yes, we do exist.) Keep up the good work.
— Charles B. Barksdale

I really miss the old TAS publication….Looking forward to your success. Best of luck to you all.
— Mark Rizza (a former longtime subscriber)

I’m so happy to find this site with all my favorite people. I shall check it every day faithfully. Thank you.
— Mary Krik

Delighted to see the old crew back on the web! I have missed the old American Spectator….Bring back the sarcasm!
— Andrew Batten

Glad to have you back in my Favorites Places.
— Evelyn Palmeri
Flagler Beach, FL

Welcome back! We missed you.
— Carlo Schena

Yaaaayy!!! Welcome back!!!
— Robert Jordshaugen

Thank God you are all back!
— John Carrigg
Downers Grove, IL

It’s great to have you back …
— Bob Lee
Goodyear, AZ

Welcome and glad to see your organization on the web.
— Cortes Pauls

Welcome and good luck — from a Lucianne devotee.
— Bonnie Dudley

They’re baaaaccckkk……. And there’s Wlady and John Corry!
— Cecelia
Atlanta, GA.

What good news! Ad Multos Annos, and Ten Thousand Blessings!
— Mike Walsh, MM

The American Prowler looks promising. I discovered it this morning via Hotline Scoop.
— Phil Carter

Congratulations and best of luck. Good to read you again.
— Ira Stoll
The New York Sun and

So happy to see you again.
— James R. Stevenson

Congrats. I was an Am Spectator subscriber for many years.
— Thomas Wilbur

It made my day, and week, and month, when I was sent, by email, the link to your new website. I had wondered what had happened to the many talented people whom I looked forward to reading in TAS, and also wondered if I would see them together again in one place. What a pleasant surprise. My readership of the old TAS goes back to 1971, when I was in college after returning from Vietnam, and it was called The Alternative. In all those years I regarded the magazine as an excellent source of information and always looked forward to receiving it in the mail. When it went online, on each of my computers it was always the first to be bookmarked.

Welcome back, and keep up the fight.
— Stephen Cooke
Major, US Army (ret)

Thank God!
— David Kamioner

I am glad to see The Prowler. I just came across it and haven’t digested it yet, but it has that old familiarity I so sorely missed…. I go back to the old broadsheet days in Indiana and still think that was the best iteration of the Spectator.
— Stacey Lippman

So glad to have you back!! It was a long fall without you guys.
— Kevin Hudson

Look out Newsmax, there’s a new kid on the block! All that a conservative needs on one web sight. You have got it right!
— Rick Henson

Great web site, much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Sto Lat!
— Jurek Kolakowski

What a wonderful surprise this past Monday. I’m glad to have you all back, but especially John Corry and his masterly writing and James Bowman with whom I again have someone I respect to compare movie notes.
— James R. Wheatley

Thank you for The American Prowler. Now if you would only include Ben Stein’s diary you would make me very, very happy. Good luck with the new website. I will be checking in daily.
— Alice Romeo

Prowlers: Get to work. There is much to be done.
— Dave Anderson
Olathe, KS

Oh well, I guess it’s just like the old days (I was a TAS reader since ’77). Good luck and I’ll do anything I can do to help out. The one saving grace is that the climate today is much more welcoming to an alternative voice to the “buzz of the of the Washington hive.” … You should set up a “tipping” point when time allows to provide readers with an opportunity to support the new effort. Good luck and God bless on Ronald Reagan’s 91st Birthday!!!! You could not have chosen a more propitious time to launch your publication.
— Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

First, I’m glad to see the Spectator revived in any form….Second, I really like the organization of the site. Simple, clean, and fast.
— Rick Rostrum

Just wanted to say Welcome and Thanks! It’s 2002 — live, laugh, and be well!
— Gayle Miller
Columbus, Ohio

What great news (pun intended) to find you guys again. Good luck to you.
— Kathryn Dana
Clinton Township, MI

I’m glad to see you and your folks are back on the scene and look forward to visiting your site often for some “fresh air.”
— Mark Dapier

Delighted to see you all back, albeit as a successor to the American Spectator Online. I look forward to your wit and wisdom in the months ahead. Thanks,
— Brian Prunty

I like the new site, but what’s up with that salmon color?
— R. Lewis

Too juvenile a tone.
— (unsigned)

I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I read in the Washington Times about the new ‘Prowler.’ Oh to have EOW to look forward to again! My teeth must be showing.
— Roger Ross
Tomahawk, WI

The articles on your site today looked to be great! I was a subscriber to The American Spectator for a number of years and look forward to you and your staff taking the liberal establishment to task continuously!
— Gene Smith

Welcome and may you long live (I think).
— Bob Zugbug

Congratulations on your new site. I’ll be checking in everyday. I wish you continued success.
— John Vickers Jr.
Lompoc, CA

Welcome back. I truly miss the old ASO, and have added your new site to my daily bookmark list. Good luck making a go of it.
— Greg Richey

Thank God, you’ve surfaced! After years of enjoying everything in The American Spectator only to lose the thrill at the changes to the website…. Bless you, bless you, bless you,
— Lyle Schrag

Welcome back! — you were missed.
— Chris Farrell
McLean, VA

Dear American Prowler: Long time — no see. Great to see you again.
— Charles Faust
San Ramon, CA

Just a note to say it is soooooo good to have you guys back in the saddle again! Looking forward to being a part of the Prowler experience.
— Dan Fendel
Burbank, California

It is excellent to see you fellows back out there. I missed your daily wit and sharp commentary. Once again, I can annoy co-workers by laughing for no apparent reason during the day…
— Robert Wood

Hey, good to see you guys back. Go get ’em, tigers.
— Jon Snyder

We’ve missed all of you, particularly James Bowman’s reviews. Best of luck, and count on our support.
— Mr. & Mrs. William Morgon
Long Beach, CA

I’ve enjoyed the readings of your web site and hope to see a great deal more as you keep improving. I really did miss the old American Spectator. Thanks,
— J. Gedroic
Landrum, SC

Good for you! Finding your site (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal‘s page) was the highlight of an otherwise rather dull and annoying day.
— Jeff Smith

Welcome back. We’ve missed you guys.
— Jack Archer

I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve missed you!
— Mary Yonts

I was very (very, very, very…) sad last year when TAS Online went offline, leaving me with NRO as my sole source of excellent conservative commentary online. Thank you for finding a way to get your group back together…
— Robert Bauer

Boy, have I missed you guys.
— Tim Macoritto
Sarnia, Ontario

Welcome back from cyber death. I have already placed you at the top of my favorites list in the position once held by the American Spectator Online. Can’t wait until the full site returns us all to the wondrous days of yesteryear.
— Mike Nolan

Good start. I’m glad to see something like the old American Spectator Online coming back with many of the same people. I look forward to reading it regularly.
— Michael Lonie

Thank Goodness you’re back! Please begin to post “Ben Stein’s Diary” as soon as possible. And please remind the world on occasion what a disgrace Bill Clinton was — 9/11 would not have happened but for his incompetence. And Enron is his scandal. He should never be let off the hook for the mess he made of things, because a forgetful nation might one day put his wife in the White House.
— Marv Laughlin

You will be a permanent bookmark. Best of luck!
— Wayne Lehker, a longtime TAS subscriber,
Milford, OH

Thank God you are back.
— Jim Griffis

Hooray! I’ll be reading each day.
— Cherie Anderson

Thank you, thank you! … I am happy to see that so many of the old crew have ascended en famille to this new astral plane.
— Richard N. Burns
Canoga Park, CA

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you are all back online! Here’s wishing you all the best!
— Mary Beth Hebert
Baltimore, MD

So long as James Bowman continues to review movies for you, you can count me as a subscriber in perpetuity.
— Fred Wall
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks for returning. The online version of the American Spectator was my favorite morning reading. I look forward to an improvement in my mood since the Spectator left.
— Terry Maloney
Youngstown, OH

Dear Friends: Please know how delighted I was to see you back online. I have been reading the American Spectator for years and thought its online version was superb.
— Charles W. Waring III
Charleston, SC

Congratulations! I’m happy again.
— Jim Simpson

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