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The Wages of Sin

Re: The Prowler’s King’s Ransom:
No, no, no! The WATSON to his HOLMES…..
David Taylor

Reid Collins’s piece on Ted Turner being named Angler of the Year by “Fly Rod & Reel” magazine makes me wish I had a subscription to that mag, just so I could cancel it.
Kevin M. McGehee
Coweta County, GA

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell’s Communism With a Conscience:
Hertzberg writes like a Barnard girl. Splendid response by Tyrrell.
J. Coyne

Re: Wlady Pleszczynski’s Comintern Conservatism:
A Frank Rich type at the “New Yorker”? I call this progress; a decade ago he would have been defending Communism — now he uses it as a club to beat his favorite enemies. It corresponds to “one step back, two steps forward.”
Richard Donley

Re: Wlady Pleszczynski’s Simon on the Rise:
I prefer Dave Letterman, but I think it is generally agreed that he has finished below Nightline on a fairly consistent basis. His show is more profitable because it draws a much more desirable demographic.
Hunter Baker (love the website, keep going)

I just got done voting for Bill Simon in the primary, and I am wondering about this:

“But those aren’t the issues at the top of voter concerns this year, in which the main matter remains Gray’s anemic leadership on energy and an out-of-control, deficit-riddled state budget.”

Think so? That’s what people will say to pollsters, sure. But to anti-aborts, though, abortion is about life and death. To pro-aborts, abortion is about their freedom, their privacy, and, last but certainly not least, their sex life. There is simply no way that either group (and everybody, regardless of what they say to pollsters, is in one group or the other) thinks that energy policy is more important than this.

Simon MIGHT be able to convince pro-aborts that he is anti-abort but he doesn’t really mean it and certainly won’t actually in any way interfere with their unremitting self-indulgence. Remember though that that’s what Riordan tried and it is awfully hard to fail to present the image of selling out the unborn for political gain when that is actually, in a technical sense, sticking to factual correctness, doing.

He should not try to “defuse” anything. Rather, he should say “Yep, I am pro-life. I won’t go beyond what the Supreme Court allows, but I certainly will work to get rid of partial-birth abortion and pass laws protecting children who are born alive. Wanna make something of it?” This would put him on the receiving end of unceasing demonization from the media, but the only way to avoid that is to intentionally lose the race.
Roy Koczela

Re: George Neumayr’s Cardinal Mahony Exposed:
Cardinal Mahony is not exactly popular with conservative Catholics. As a Catholic I deplore his activities in favor of illegal immigration not to mention his political associations. By all intents and purposes, these folks stand for everything the Church is against. Last but not least, the Cardinal’s letter to Clinton asking for pardon on behalf of a drug dealer is something that is incredible. Now the pedophile priests issue, presumably with the Cardinal’s knowledge. The American Catholic Church is going through dark times.
Haydee Pavia
West Hills, CA

In George Neumayr’s column, “Liberal Catholicism’s Just Deserts,” I would take a less pointed stand equating the current Church scandals as a problem stemming from Liberalism only. I consider myself a “traditional” Catholic (age 43) and have been attending the traditional Latin Mass in Boston for seven years. Please note, allegations of sexual scandal have also recently rocked two traditionalist priestly congregations, namely: the Society of St. John and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Historically speaking, such scandals are as old as the Church. This is not as question of Liberalism vs. Conservatism. It is a supernatural battle playing directly into Man’s fallen nature. Satan attacks the Church, period. He will use our lack of Grace to his advantage.

There is no question that Post Vatican II approach to ecclesiology and collegiality have severely weakened the governance and discipline of the Church. Admittedly, I am a product of Vatican II who has spent his young adulthood “picking up the pieces,” while living in Massachusetts (we’re not all Kennedy Liberals). Please consider the parallels in the largely secular culture, which have had a profound effect on Catholic culture (and no lack thereof, in a country that never was). I would dare say that the secular culture has more day to day influence on the hearts, minds and souls on the average Catholic than the Church herself. This is indeed a sad state of affairs — and this is “Renewal.”
Rob Quagan
Boston, MA

Thank you for George Neumayr’s article, “Liberal Catholicism’s Just Deserts.”

My doctoral dissertation, “Person Centered Counseling: A Critical Evaluation of its Ideology and Use in Psychotherapy,” was concerned with the incompatibility of “non-directive” or “person centered” counseling of Carl Rogers with Catholicism. I used a phenomenological design and illustrated the incompatibility of Catholicism and “Person Centered” counseling. Both Rogers and Coulson regretted the negative impact they had on the IHM nuns in California. That religious community was completely wiped out in two years, after Rogers and Coulson were called in to “facilitate…” The damage was devastating and the after-shock is still clearly visible. Mr. Neumayr’s article is very accurate and to the point. Thank you.
Rev. M.J. Pomilio

FYI: The Jesuits I know are devout, God-fearing, hard-working men who would never condone a “do whatever feels good to me” attitude. My wife Ann and I named our third child for our dear friend Jim Lambert, SJ — he has been a stand-in godfather for her for the last 23 years. We consider his almost saintly unselfish works to be an inspiration to our family.

Good heavens, what a nasty American Prowler article! And how clever to imply that the poor (some might say seriously disoriented and immoral) Mr. Sullivan thinks like, acts like, and has an agenda like the Jesuits.

By the way, what is your agenda? Why do you hate the Jesuits? Could it be that they speak out for social justice and that they refuse to allow themselves to be bought off by big business?

Peace be with you,
David Trigg, MD
Whittier, NC

Great article by George Neumayr about liberal catholicism and it’s just deserts. This liberal and “progressive” theology has been very destructive to the Roman Catholic Church. Thanks for printing it.
Pat Brown

Re: Jerome Carter’s Gamblers Ridiculous:
Perhaps the American Trial Lawyers Association will have to get involved with all the betting going on between politicians, with most of the wagers being surrounded by high fat foods. We can’t have all that bad fatty food being mentioned in the press. God forbid, people might eat bad foods and get sick or die, thereby creating another mother-lode of future DNC contributions. Yeah, I can’t imagine Teddy boy eating all of that custard. Then again, maybe he did?
John Dineen
Bayside, NY

As a former subscriber to TAS I missed the biting wit of the old. Thank God it’s back again in the Prowler.
Charles Dana

Dear Bob, Wlady, Ben and the gang: Forgive the familiarity, but The American Spectator was an honored guest in my New York City abode for many years, predating the Clintoons (the rapist, the PIAPS and Web’s kid.) You shared many meals, cups of tea and fevered notes passing copies to friends….A casual look at one of my newsgroups with a clipping of a Tyrrell article led me to the new website and general rejoicing.


PLEASE get the word out on the search engines (like Google and Yahoo), and websites and Lucianne.

Once again I am honored to have you all, in your newest incarnation
( guest in my home — now on my computer!

Sincere best wishes for your success,
Donna Cusano
Roosevelt Island, NY

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