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History and Hysteria

Re: Wlady Pleszczynski’s The Ashcroft Sandwich:

Your column on some conservatives being upset by the actions of John Ashcroft brings to mind the oft proven statement that the GOP “eat their young” in fighting the opposition.

It now appears that Mr. Norquist et al. are pursuing that same tack and of course the “enemy” as exemplified by the New York Times is gladly seizing that tendency with “above the fold” headline treatment. The same treatment I watched them use to “assassinate” Barry Goldwater.

With friends like Mr. Norquist, who needs enemies?
Kenneth E. Wyman

I too, of course, read the latest installment of “Get George Bush” in the Times. Yeah, Grover Norquist, found hip-deep in a Wahhabi woodpile in our glorious Old Dominion, and Paul Weyrich, a blow-hard has-been, are indeed indicative of all of us conservatives. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Neil “Howl, Jr.” Lewis had bothered to interview some other conservatives? John Ashcroft has been GWB’s most-inspired Cab choice. He couldn’t give a rat’s behind what the Washington Post and the New York Times think about him and he’s more than pleased to play the role of “bad” cop.
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

Re: Dave Shiflett’s Virginia Reels:

Way back when I learned my firearm habits, we used to laugh about the idiot hunter who took “sound shots,” shots into the bushes when he heard a noise. I kinda think that shooting at a chopper or any other suspected terrorist before proof positive is proof enough that someone does not have a right to bear his arms. This guy needs to be kept away from any machinery more complex than a spoon for the rest of his life.
Gene 6-Pack
Palo Alto, CA

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Government to the Rescue:

It was refreshing to read this. My Dad always said Congress is the best part-time job in the history of the world for two reasons: (1) You live like a millionaire and become one as soon as you retire; and (2) you need not be able to actually do anything, just be able to criticize what achievers accomplish.

I think he has certainly described the majority of those who would be king.
— unsigned

Re: George Neumayr’s Kill the Rich Politics:

With respect to George Neumayr, Bill Simon’s main problem is that he is a lousy candidate. At least I think he is; has he started campaigning?

California Republicans could have had a well-known, experienced candidate in former L.A. mayor Richard Riordan. While Riordan could be faulted for not running a more aggressive primary campaign, the fact is we are stuck with Bill Simon because conservatives opted to stick with their “principles” and nominate a “pure” conservative.

We had a “pure” Republican on the ticket four years ago named Dan Lungren and Davis trounced him. This election, Davis has a bad record and high negatives; it should be easy for a Republican to at least be competitive with him. But Simon is nowhere on the radar screen. Mr. Neumayr attributes this to the media, but it seems that Simon and his team have made plenty of missteps.

Davis just signed a ridiculous auto emissions bill, it was the hot topic on talk radio. Simon should have appeared on those shows — he would have received a friendly reception — but he was nowhere. He castigates Davis for raising taxes to reduce the budget deficit but does not identify where he would reduce spending . And if you want a right of privacy, stay in private life. The very controlled non-release of his tax returns just gave Davis more nails to pound in to him.

I hope California conservatives learn a lesson when we all needlessly end up living under Davis for another four years.
Tim Bacon
Wrightwood, CA

Re: Jed Babbin’s Tell It to the Marines :

Babbin needs a history lesson.

“We remember that in April 1983 Hezbollah suicide bombers killed more than 250 U.S. Marines in Beirut by ramming a truck past a guard post and detonating a bomb against the Marines’ barracks.”

The U.S. Embassy in Beirut was attacked on 18 April 1983, killing 63, one of whom, Corporal Robert McMaugh of Manassas, Virginia, was a United States Marine. The BLT headquarters at Beirut International was attacked on 23 October 1983 killing 241 Americans: 220 United States Marines, 18 sailors and 3 soldiers (www.beirut-memorial.org)./

No excuse for getting the facts wrong.
Gregory J. Burcher
Aurora, CO

Jed Babbin replies: I do apologize for getting the date wrong. But my error cannot cloud the guilt of the U.N. Its actions are an affront to everyone who wants to defeat terror. I, for one, cannot understand how our government can ignore this. It is a matter that is of sufficient severity that the President and the Secretary of State should become involved personally, and no one in Lebanon — Hezbollah, the U.N. and the Syrians — should be allowed to rest until the Hezbollah are destroyed or driven out.

Re: Jed Babbin’s Tell It to the Marines :

Your column “Tell It to the Marines” brings back memory of the Korean War in which my fellow Marines started carrying small American Flags in their packs and displaying them as they took new ground.

Why? The U.N. protested the flying of “Old Glory” by our forces and our politicians gave in with a “no display” order to our military. One Marine just back from Korea said that he and his buddies were no longer fighting for our country but just to stay alive. If that feeling is re-born today, we have a problem.

Semper Fi,
Ken Wyman
Huntsville, AL

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