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Edwards Clinton

Re: the Prowler’s Dick, Hillary and Harold:
Regarding your item about Hillary and Gephardt: her candidate for 2004 is Sen. John Edwards of NC. Sen. John Kerry also has another surprise in store: Teddy Kennedy happens to be partial to Edwards. Kennedy sees Edwards as his protégé. Ickes is simply trolling for work, and Gephardt will have plenty of money to spend. Apparently Edwards already has a big New York insider charting his course through the Big Apple: former Lazard Freres honcho Steven Rattner, who’s wife is the DNC finance chairwoman. And this is without even mentioning Bill Clinton’s own fond feelings for the NC Senator. Like I said, John Kerry is in for some big surprises…
— A reader.

Re: The Prowler’s The NRA’s Liddy Problem:
The NRA Board of Directors does not vote on candidate endorsements. Instead it is the NRA Political Victory Fund (our PAC) Board of Trustees who determines endorsements, support and contributions to candidates for federal and state offices. As an ILA division director — director of Federal Affairs — I serve on this body which makes our political decisions.
Chuck Cunningham

The Prowler replies: The story stands — NRA board members have been actively debating whether Elizabeth Dole should receive the NRA’s endorsement, regardless of how this endorsement is formally handled.

Re: Jeremy Lott’s Pope Andrew the First:
The Catholic Church needs to say “the Boy Scouts are right” and get about implementing that policy. Andrew Sullivan will have as much influence on church policy as an ant on its hind legs trying to stop an oncoming train.
Annette Cwik

Re: Jerry Carter’s Mail Fraud:
Funny stuff! I, too, return the left’s solicitations but with a twist. My return includes a bill for the use of my name and address. Alas, nothing is ever paid. And nothing ever will — until we are allowed to copyright our names, addresses, and most especially, our Social Security numbers. At least, then, we’d collect our share of the pie, or maybe even make them think twice about bothering us.
T. Mikelson

Re: Francis X. Rocca’s What Do You See When You Read?:
The empty lot behind our house was where Vladimir and Estragon would sit every day and wait for Godot. They’re probably still waiting there to this day. I thought I was the only one who imagined literature like this. Good one.
Rose Porter

Re: Jerry Carter’s The Nickname Hall of Fame:
Of course you missed a few nicknames — one of my childhood heroes was Bobby “The Mouse That Roared” Richardson. There’s no way to name them all. But what I want to call attention to is not your omission but the absurd inclusion of your comment that the previous Pudge Fisk was a better catcher than Pudge Rodriguez. What game have you been watching?
Bob Staples

Jerry Carter replies: I agree with Mr. Staples regarding the relative merits of Pudge Fisk and Pudge Rodriguez. Fisk is not far and away a better player than Rodriguez, as I originally asserted. In my defense, I plead temporary insanity. It worked for John “Taxi Driver” Hinckley, didn’t it?

Re: Francis X. Rocca’s Caddi-lack Chic:
My BMW was the lousiest car I ever owned (bought new before they became a fad), so, if you never had one, count yourself lucky.
Jack Frost

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Emotional Emptiness:
I happened across the enjoyable essay whose title is the subject of this note after glancing at the following headline from the Drudge Report, “WHITE HOUSE ANGER AT CNN ‘MILITARY NOT READY’ REPORT. ” Emotionalism, unfortunately in my opinion, seems not to be a product on which Hollywood has a monopoly. “American Idealism” receives praise from some quarters but is this not the mental framework of children? Isn’t the task of a parent to teach the child to articulate its emotions rather than simply emote? Hollywood and other mass manipulators benefit from emotionalism. I agree with your view, sadly.
Dave Lewis

Re: K. E. Grubbs Jr.’s Whooping It Up in Hallewood:
Regarding all the brouhaha and flapdoodle over Halle and Denzel, I’m sure that the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. is now resting easily that the great bastion of racism Hollywood is finally enlightened. Surely peace and serenity in the Middle East is not far behind.
Ric Manhard

Re: Reader Mail’s Clinton’s Plumbers and More Clinton Facilities:

If you can stand any more of these, I offer the following: The William Jefferson Clinton Mudroom. The William Jefferson Clinton Dumbwaiter.
Susan Kelly

To preserve both his legacy and an historic landmark at the same time, may I propose: The B.J. Clinton Mustang Ranch Brothel & Presidential Library — Sparks, Nevada?
Tom Van Dyke

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