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Short Cuts

Every so often I read something that “flips on lightbulbs” for me. “A Light Unto the Reindeers” by Judd Magilnick was one of those rare articles that in some small way redefined me upon reading it. It took all of the conflicting, chaotic feelings I’ve been experiencing lately and focused them into a single beam of light. I have emailed this link to everyone who I feel might be receptive to it. Thank you for posting it on your website.
David Minkin
Northridge, CA

Re: The Prowler’s Ed Rollins Is Back!:

Thank you for informing the rest of the nation about Mr. Rollins coming on board. The S.F. Chronicle could only refer to him as a “veteran” consultant who comes with “baggage.” His record of success sends a message to the GOP base (and the Dems) that this race is big time serious. Gray Davis and his punks (Garry South-Bob Mulholland) are wetting their pants. Thanks.

Re: Jed Babbin’s Air Force, USA:

I wonder if you have ever seen the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin as your article oozed with pride just as Steve’s character demonstrated when his son caught a fly ball at a Little League game.

Your editorial was a pleasure to read. I would like to pass along my congratulations and well wishes to you and your family as I also now look forward to #4’s graduation.
Michelle Heisler

Thank you for the reminder to remain steadfast in our confidence that our country and future are in good hands. Your article brought a tear to my eye. And, thank you, sir, for providing in your son the solid foundation needed for an honorable future in the “brotherhood of arms.”
Lee D. Lowrey
USMA 1975

Re: Mark Goldblatt’s The Children of Israel:

The Children of Israel would make a great 4th of July act. Let’s see.. who has an opening?

Mike Horn
Tracy, CA

Re: George Neumayr’s The Latest in Liberal McCarthyism:

To American Prowler: I just wanted to say thank you for telling people about how Bill Simon is leading Gray Davis in the polls. I’m from Los Angeles, and for some odd reason, the L.A. Times hasn’t even mentioned anything about Simon’s lead in the polls. If it wasn’t for this website and some Washington Times reporting, I would have thought Simon didn’t have a prayer.

Thanks for keeping us informed.
Emma Toth
Los Angeles, CA

I misread the title, thinking it said “find a way to link Bill Simon to
George Jones, …” and thought to myself “since when has that been bad? So Simon wears big sunglasses and plays guitar…”
Kevin Hudson

Please, please, please remove Indiana from your subheading. Thanks!
Jenny Woodward
Bloomington, IN

Re: The Prowler’s Faith Tested:
Didn’t Gov. Keating and his wife accept money for their children from some wealthy guy? I seem to remember something smelly like that; maybe that is why he is out in the cold. Can anyone tell me what “Uncle Bob Bennett” is doing on the Catholic committee that is supposed to keep the bishops in line? That Clinton apologist who went after the reputations of the women accusers of Clinton.
Annette Cwik

Re: Lawrence Henry’s New Jersey Gets a Bad Rap:

My compliments on your essay, “New Jersey Gets a Bad Rap” on American Prowler.

My wife and I both grew up in Westfield — on balance it’s a great place, though I didn’t think so during high school.
Mark Sofman
Rockville, MD

Re: The Prowler’s Sax Appeal:

After the way the Clinton Bureau of Indian Affairs treated the American Indians, what possible incentive could any tribe have to give a sioux, I mean, a sou, to the Pantless Wonder?
Ric Manhard
Ashburn, Va.

Re: Dave Shiflett’s Locked and Loaded:

Nothin’ to fear on The Banks. The al Qaeda Navy’d never make it through Diamond Shoals and if they did and got sidetracked south we’d pen ’em up in the Spanish mustang corral on Ocracoke Island off whose shores another infamous pirate, Blackbeard, met his fate. And if that wan’t enough, when a good SW breeze is a’blowin’ the greenhead flies’d make ’em wish they’d never crawled out from under the rock from whence they came.
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

Re: George Neumayr’s Judge Not:

I am sure Mr. Newdow’s precious daughter hears God’s name used in vain every day, probably in the schoolyard. Additionally, he may have picked the right court, but I don’t believe he picked the right time. Prior to 9/11 this decision might have gotten only a mild reaction.
Jenny Woodward

Re: Sara Rimensnyder’s Living Large:

Right on, Sara. Thanks
Reta Tallman

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