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Signs of National Health

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Rainey Day Reflections:

A very well thought out reflection. Since Justice Thomas’s first day on the national scene I have been amazed at the nature and vituperation of what liberals and the black civil rights establishment say about him.

My friend and colleague Frank Mankiewicz, a old-fashioned liberal, who is otherwise a real gentleman, truly believes that Justice Thomas is one of the most evil men in America!

All of Justice Thomas’ works, whether written or spoken, have been impressive in their thoughtfulness and humanity. More than being a superb jurist, his is a voice to be listened to on all matters affecting our society and the way we live.

I clearly remember, right after being graduated from high school, the horror of the Mississippi murders. I remember Rainey, his cheek bulging with chaw, smirking about the murders. Yet he and The Reverend Jackson and others of his ilk, share, as you point out, a frightful symmetry in that they both believe that blacks must know their place.

I enjoy the Prowler. Keep up the good work.
Jeff Raleigh

I thought the column was well written until the personal attack on Jesse Jackson. Just as I believe it was wrong for Belafonte to attack Powell on his politics, I believe it is wrong for you to do the same to Jackson. I thought that the age of the “politics of personal destruction” were over?

Read my Poem and be sure to share it with Jesse and Colin, may help you all:

What is black?
A way of life
Do certain things
Raise children our way?
Which way,
The old way,
The new? …

What is Black?
Is it Jamaican
Is it Haitian
American ,
Is it African?
Is it Democrat
Is it separatist
Is it communist
Is it everything
Is it nothing
Is it just a skin color?

With Best Regards,
Garfield Jones

Re: Jed Babbin’s Post-Election SGO:

Once again, Mr. Babbin has penned a spot-on evaluation of the changes the Administration needs to apply to our military with his essay, “Post-Election SGO.” His insights and recommendations reinforce the desires of many of us that our military remains not only the finest the world has ever seen, but rises to new levels of greatness. Indeed, let’s not only get rid of the rust, but hone the point of the spear to even greater sharpness. Faster, please.
Lee D. Lowrey
Atlanta, GA

Mr. Babbin writes: “The approved war plan apparently takes the best of the fast air and spec ops-dominated plan many — including yours truly — have been advocating, and follows those forces with the massed ground forces that Tommy Franks wants.”

What I find interesting is that this war plan has been not only developed, but is being carried out as we speak. One doesn’t need to spend too much time on the Internet to find stories of massive shipments of equipment and restructuring of personnel.

Or to find stories that Northern Iraq is held by anti-Saddam forces of Kurds similar to, but more powerful and effective, the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. I’ve read reports of super-double-secret-special-special ops (hmm, who leaked that? LOL) from the U.S. and Britain playing footsy in Southern Iraq. Our pilots are not only just patrolling the No Fly Zones, they are actively training on bombing runs and target acquisition. The propaganda and psychological war on Iraqi soldiers and officers continues unabated.

And once it is given the full, publicly acknowledged go ahead, a new domino theory will come to pass as Iran falls, Syria is shaken, Jordan expels terrorists, Lebanon runs for cover and the House of Saud gets their Neiman Marcus credit cards canceled!

Boy, ain’t it great to have a real President again?
Greg Barnard
Franklin, TN

Thank you, Jed Babbin, for your insight and intelligence. Also, for your service to our country.
— unsigned

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Landrieu in Trouble:

With respect to the Louisiana Senate Election, I would suggest that if the members of the Louisiana GOP politically stop eating each other, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu will become an “Ex.”
Ken Wyman
Huntsville, AL

Re: Lawrence Henry’s The Next Old Big Thing:

Did Lawrence Henry read the election returns from Oregon? Single-payer health care flamed out 79-21 — in woodsy Oregon, of all places.

There’s no way the Dems will push such a big-tax, big-regulation loser nationwide. Look for them to try to add bits and pieces to Medicare and Medicaid. Prescription drugs, anyone?

BTW, I’m a Henry James fan, so I liked the reference in the story about Edwards. I don’t think the Master ever made his way to Pakistan and Afghanistan, though.
Casey Abell

Mr. Henry offers as good an unifying issue as any for the DemocRATS, but it is one that Republicans need not fear. Why? You can’t make a good commercial about it. The ‘RATS can show as many “other-abled persons” as they want getting turned down for medical care, but everyone knows that would be patently untrue.

Numerous studies have shown that most people who do not have health insurance do so out of choice. They play the health lottery that they won’t get sick so they can spend the money on real lottery tickets. Here in Texas, the overwhelming majority of children eligible for CHIP are not enrolled. Why not? Does anyone seriously think that mom or dad can’t come up with $18 per month? Of course not. Instead, they choose to not fill out the required paperwork, make appointments, etc.

Secondly, Medicare/Medicaid/SSI is so pervasive that just about everyone is eligible.

Thirdly, hospitals are required by federal law to find appropriate care for everyone who comes within 100 yards of the facility. (For us, this was quite problematic since a major highway is about a half a block away. Fortunately the bureaucRATS have not pressed us on this.) You can’t turn people away.

Fourth, everyone realizes that getting the federal government involved will only make it worse. Sure, we may be scared, and we may be looking to the government to protect us, but we’re smart enough to grasp reality.

Let the ‘RATS choose this issue. 2004 will still be the Republicans’ to lose.
Andrew J. Macfadyen, M.D.
San Antonio, TX

I hope the Democrat Party promotes Universal health care once again. It was proven as an unworkable system 7 or 8 years ago (in Oregon this year) and the fact that socialism fails every time it is tried, shows me what the Democrat Party wants to do. Mr. Henry may be assuming things are different from the last time, but I would counter that the American electorate is much different now. Liberals lost huge in ’94 and they would lose bigger this time. Socialism doesn’t play well in this country. Freedom and security are the issues of the day. Nice try by the socialist, Lawrence Henry.
Mike Hollaway

Re: Patrick J. Michaels A Hotter and Greener Gore:

I agree with Mr. Michaels that the green/global warming issue will be in the campaign in 2004 for various reasons. (1) The administration will make significant strides on both the security and economic fronts. (2) Softer issues will prevail as America continues to age. Republicans can turn this issue to their advantage once and for all. Make energy a security/economic issue. If the Middle Eastern nations see a reduction in their overall wealth they will become increasingly insignificant to the rest of the world and their ability to fund terror will decline.

We should make the case to the American public that an overall plan for homeland security requires abundant and relatively cheap energy. This plan should have short term and long term goals. In exchange for opening the Alaska oil fields we will start a “NASA” type crash development program to develop alternative energy sources. We will fund this with a national per barrel tax on oil per that will go toward development of alternative energy sources and a economic based conservation campaign that strikes on multiple fronts.

1) Tax credits for economical cars.
2) State grants for renewable energy sources.
3) Legislation to reduce litigation on pebble bed reactors.
4) Tax credits for converting vehicles to electric/gas or natural gas.
5) Legislation to reduce lawsuits on siting of alternative energy sources (think of windmills off the coast of California).
6) Tax credits for home fuel cell installation and operation.
7) Tax credits to transportation companies (to spare truckers, air and rail from the tax burden).
8) Research grants.

This approach gets around the stupid argument that if there is global warming, man’s activity is the cause of it.

By having a Republican administration co-opt this issue, it will leave the Al Gores of the world with little to campaign on except hanging chads.
Jerry McLaughlin

Re: Wlady Pleszczynski’s Hugo Chavez Is Huge:

Dear Mr. Pleszczynski:

I am a Venezuelan citizen, and I have read with great interest your posting, last April 19 on The Free Republic, about the Venezuelan situation.

I am relieved that the misinformation campaign set-up by the Chavez regime, cannot “fool everybody, all the time,” like Pres. Abraham Lincoln said.

In fact, the Venezuelan people (especially the poorer slice of society), is a VICTIM of Chavez’s regime, and NOT Chavez the victim of obscure-aimed plotters.

The Chavez’s regime is NOT a democracy. The only democratic form here, is that he was democratically elected, but his actions in power, are very much arbitrary and un-democratic.

From a hijacked judiciary power (including the Supreme Court), to tax-funded paramilitary groups (the infamous “Bolivarian circles”), to widespread corruption, mismanagement and ties to international terrorist organizations, to threats to journalists and the media, this regime is going to destroy what is left of Venezuelan institutions.

And abroad there are still people that think of Chavez as a sort of Mother Teresa, threatened by military guerrillas, in place of seeing the truth: “A democratically elected president who is becoming a tyrant.”

It is very unhappy that the Bush administration is becoming obsessed with Iraq, and is not paying enough attention to the grave implications to the national security of the U.S. that is growing in the “American backyard,” i.e. South America.

Please, Mr. Pleszczynski, help us inform the truth! May you re-post this to other places?

Best regards:
A Venezuelan citizen
(Sorry, anonymous for security reasons)

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