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More Dogs and Jocks

Re: The Prowler’s Jockeying for Power:
Before the White House gets too excited about Tom Brady, perhaps they should know he has already agreed to headline an upcoming large fundraiser for John (Liveshot) Forbes Kerry (JFK to you). He’s a good kid, but Kerry got to him first!
Lloyd Coffin

You may want to de-emphasize somewhat Mark Chmura’s GOP bona fides considering his recent quite unsavory legal troubles involving a teenaged girl, a hot tub party, and it would seem, predatory behavior worthy of the master Bill Clinton himself.
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

Why forget Jack Kemp? Roger Staubach, also, is a Republican.
F. Elia
Sarasota, FL

“Of course when it comes to athletes, Republicans have had a strong
presence:… Mark Chmura in football.” Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!! Although acquitted of the sexual assault charge, the circumstances around the alleged incident hardly make Chmura a poster child for any party — prom or otherwise.
Rick Osial
Arlington, VA

Re: Reader Mail’s Name That Clinton Dog:
Sorry I missed [Wednesday’s] contest post, but looking at the reader suggestions, I think some of them may have been trying too hard. In honor of Monica’s dress, only one name for Bill’s new dog is possible: Spot.
Jon Fulbright

The dog should be named Old Blue.
L.B. Mason

It is said that dogs tend to resemble their owner. If this is the case for Clinton’s dog then the traditional canine name “Rover” would be quite appropriate.
Douglas Chandler

Name that dog — “DOOMED”
Winston Lyons

How ’bout “Sweet Lips”?
Lake Jackson, TX

How about, Ora Lee?

— unsigned

How about naming the dog “Legacy,” since the former POTUS seems to be concerned about what his legacy will be.
Sheila Rehbein

If the dog is male:

– Masochist
– Stephanopoulos
– Carville
– Begala
– Dodger
– Johnson (in honor of his babe detector)

If the dog is female:

– Janet
– Sucker Mom
– Muggee
– Monica
– Babs
– Daterape
Gary H. Gamage

If Teddy Kennedy can name his dog “Splash,” why can’t Clinton name his “Stain”?
Bill Abely
Alpharetta, GA

Gee, I sure hope it’s not too late to submit a moniker
for the new Clinton cur — how about “Speedbump”?
Preston Dane

My suggestion is “Zipper.” Then he could command “Down, Zipper!” and no one would be sure what he meant when a new aide stops by.
Sarasota, FL

How about “Bubby”? That would be a cross between “Buddy” and “Bubba.”
Peg DeLong
West Union, OH

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s White Sheet Summitry:
Great idea but only if we make the concept universal. Unfortunately, as the media parent of the suicidal David Brock your idea would make you eligible for the death penalty!
P.T. Garrett

Re: Wlady Pleszczynski’s Bad Night vs. Good Knight:
You use history to support your idea that Bob Knight would have won against Maryland since he had never lost a championship game. Fair enough. However, you cannot ignore more recent history (the past 11 seasons) that would support the fact that Knight wouldn’t have made it to the final game in the first place. As an avid Indiana University fan and a Knight (and Davis) supporter, I really think that Knight’s firing was good for IU and him. You can tell he has been rejuvenated at Texas Tech. I was very upset about the sordid manner with which he was dismissed, but I think it worked out for the best for both parties.

I also like your thoughts on the inane people who riot after sporting events.
Larry Cox

I am writing to congratulate you on your absolutely fabulous article entitled Bad Knight v. Good Knight (American Prowler, 4/2/02). Not only was it very well written, but it was a thorough and honest analysis about the reality of the Indiana University basketball situation. Mike Davis has been exalted as a fantastic coach, when really he walked into an amazing program and was handed the position. As a fan of basketball generally, and one who has acutely studied the unique Indiana situation, I think it’s safe to say that Mike Davis has clearly not distinguished himself on the level that national sportswriters would want us to believe. He has publicly stated his wish to move on to the NBA whenever he can, something his predecessor would never dream of doing. Whether that is good or bad maybe debated truthfully, but as a particular matter, for a sitting Indiana coach to openly express this wish is beyond repugnant.

Another significant point is that Jared Jeffries (JJ), the putative Indiana Star and media darling, said before Bob Knight was fired that he came to play for Bob Knight. His Mom said that he came to play for Bob Knight. JJ said last year he came to Indiana to play for Bob Knight, and then Mike Davis makes the statement that JJ wouldn’t have come to Indiana had it not been for Mike Davis. JJ says the same thing. Well, doesn’t it seem odd that Jared Jeffries came to Indiana because of an assistant coach who at that very time was looking for a head coaching job? JJ committed to Indiana and Mike Davis could have very well been gone before JJ stepped on the court. Mike Davis was actively seeking a job. So why would JJ come to Indiana to play for an assistant coach who was looking for another job? Unless of course JJ and Mike Davis knew that Bob Knight was going to be gone and Mike Davis was going to become the coach.

Regardless, your article was excellent and your final point was correct. IU would not have played like that with Bob Knight at the helm.
Sean M. Solis

Obviously this writer has not been brainwashed by the prevailing national pundits. It is refreshing to find a sportswriter with a functioning brain. I was particularly impressed that he knew of Bob Hammel. It would appear that basketball is also known, which is refreshing. I will look forward to reading this writer in the future. Thanks for a balanced view.
Bob Hargreaves
IU Alum
Indianapolis, IN

Bob Knight would have never reached the Final Four and his claim that he would have won 60 games with this team is laughably absurd.
— unsigned

I just had to drop you a line. I just read your article where you stated you think IU would have won this years NCAA Title if Bob Knight was the coach. I agree with you 100%. This was his team. This is a team BOB KNIGHT assembled. And using his tract record in NCAA Title games, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Everyone is ready and very prematurely, putting Mike Davis in the Hall of Fame. Before anyone passes judgment on Mike Davis, (whether positive or negative) lets see what he does when the ENTIRE team is made up of his recruits. Remember what happened to OSU after all of Gary Williams kids graduated. Randy Ayers ran the program in the ground.

Wlady, it was just a true pleasure reading and article where the writer had the guts to stand up to popular opinion in the media and tell it like it is.
Dave Weirick

I have no idea where you are from, where ever that may be they didn’t teach you about basketball. I am sure that you did not see Indiana play very much, if at all this year. The way that Indiana played that first night of April is how they played most games this year, it is the way that they played to reach that final game. The way Indiana played defensively was the only way they could play and still be in the ballgame. How many teams held Maryland to under 70 points in a game this year?

Indiana could not get their shots to fall mostly due to really good defense on Maryland’s part. Maybe if some more shots would have went in and Indiana would have made some more free throws you would not have an argument at all.

I don’t see where one could assume that Knight would win that championship game let alone get there with that team. Knight-coached Indiana teams had not been very spectacular in the last few years.

Simple fact that some people need to realize: Mike Davis just coached an Indiana team to a National Championship game. He deserves all of the credit that comes with doing so. Another Fact: Knight does not coach at Indiana anymore, get over it already.

Maybe someday Knight will get to the final game again with his own
team someday. I hope he can.

I know that you write an opinion column, but you should be more informed on the subject you write about. A lot of people are writing about this particular subject these days that didn’t see the development of the Indiana team this year and really have no clue what they are talking about. I have a feeling that you are one of them.

Thank you for listening. An Indiana fan,
Bruce Wood

Knight said when he got to Texas Tech he had more talent there then the last seven years at IU. Bobby likes to talk out of both ends and is a walking contradiction. Maybe he would of done a better job than Williams or Davis in the final game. The point however is he can’t get past the first or second round anymore so we’ll never know, will we?
J. Wyrman

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