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Clowns and Frowns

Re: The Washington Prowler’s A Rocky Republican Finish:

Let’s take a step back on the “boob” remarks about Wayne Allard, please. Try checking out the NRA rally that’s going to be held here in Denver this Thursday, October 24th, and see whether or not Allard has support. Better get there early, it’s going to be overwhelmed with very fired-up voters.

In Colorado Springs a Republican is campaigning with giant billboard signs declaring himself to be a “Reagan Conservative.” Colorado Springs is very conservative and can overwhelm, in a statewide race, the Denver inner-city vote.

Mr. Allard is not a boob, nor are his mis-steps in naming the price of a stamp or the head of North Korea a gaffe — Tom Strickland, his opponent, missed the same questions. Why didn’t you report that?

I don’t know who you have reporting on Colorado. Whoever they are, fire them. They’re wrong about Colorado, and they’re wrong about Senator Allard.

Bonnie Ramthun
Erie, CO

The Prowler replies: Strickland missed some answers, but not on the same questions. The key point is that Allard, a seasoned incumbent, should have been ready.

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. The Shadow of His Smile:

I believe Carter smiles at inopportune time because it’s at those times that he is “lusting in heart” for someone in the audience.
Jon Connolly

Has anyone ever noticed that when Jimmy Carter smiles with his mouth, his eyes never smile? It’s just the goofiest smile I have ever witnessed. I love this website.
Peg DeLong
West Union, OH

Why does Jimmy Carter smile? Perhaps he has gas pains.
Bob Johnson
Bedford, TX

Re: The Washington Prowler’s More Gore:

The Prowler reports: “Gore intends to sit down with ABC News’ Barbara Walters in mid-November. He’ll give her a tour of the new home he purchased down in Tennessee, and discuss his failed presidential run and presumably more personal matters, such as his weight-gain, his bloating problem, and so on.”

And I’ll bet you $1,000 she doesn’t bother to ask, or will Gore offer, the history of where he bought his new, $2.2 million “home” in the Belle Meade area of Nashville.

I would suggest a Google search for “Belle Meade Mansion” and read away! A wonderful plantation owned by Gen. Harding. His support of the Confederacy is famous (he gave them $500,000 in cash — a lot of money for the 1860s) and there is a great story how his wife, toting a gun, wouldn’t allow Union soldiers into the house where they helped wounded Confederates!

Now, I love our Civil War history, don’t get me wrong. It’s just funny to watch a Democrat get a pass on the issue when we all know Barbara Walters would probably lecture and get belligerent with a Republican Presidential candidate who lived on an old Southern plantation.

Just thought I’d bring this up again to The American Prowler!
Greg Barnard
Franklin, TN

Re: John Corry’s Worse Than Maureen Dowd:

On your piece concerning the Times and its “journalism”:

Check the Atlantic Monthly archives around 1896-98. You will find an article arguing conclusively that the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Same nonsense over 3 centuries.
Walt Johanson

Re: K. E. Grubbs Jr.’s The Triumph of the West:

Thanks, Mr. Grubbs. for your historical and memorable update on the Angels! It gave me chills of joy. (I miss the big A with the Halo.)

However, you failed to mention that Orange County voted for Bush. Twice! A badge of honor for those of us who are political outsiders in this crazy state, and of interest to other “Prowlers.”

As an Orange County native (Dodger fan, too) living in northern California, this is a dream series for me. Mickey Mouse defeats Willie Brown, who would ever imagine? Mickey has already eviscerated Mr. Steinbrenner. Can it get any better?

During the Yankee series there was a sign in the stands:

Yankees — #1 in Payroll
Angels — #1 in Heart

Sam Haynes
Elk, CA

K. E. Grubbs Jr. replies: Thanks for your comments. I also neglected to mention that we’ll win this for The Gipper, who launched his political career in Orange County.

Re: Dave Shiflett’s The Whole Trooth:

I imagine that poor Mr. Shiflett has already heard from a multitude of people that it is telephone poles not polls (unless I missed the joke). As a person who has spelling difficulties myself I have found it a very slippery slope to criticize someone’s spelling (and English and punctuation for that matter). However, I enjoyed the article very much. My sympathy.
Drays Parrish
Newcastle, WY

Re: George Neumayr’s Clinton’s Cuban Spy:

More Clinton bashing. NONSENSE!!!!!
Bill Guentner

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