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Affections and Elections

Re: The Prowler’s Climbing Hoyer and Hoyer:

“Hoyer’s bitterness about losing to Pelosi is a bit of mystery.” Pelosi, nee D’Alessandro, comes from what was Baltimore’s most powerful political family. Both graduated from D.C. area colleges in the early 60’s (Hoyer from U. Md. and Pelosi from Trinity College in D.C.). Hoyer was immersed in politics even then and it’s inconceivable that any good Democrat could advance in Maryland politics without blessings from the D’Alessandro’s. So Hoyer had much contact with young Nancy D’Alessandro and his current resentment may have roots in male ego. He probably tried to date her and she laughed at him. Just a guess.
Rodger Schultz

Re: Mark Goldblatt’s Shrum Rap:

Mr. Goldblatt’s column was right on the money, except for one tiny thing: Bush v. Gore was settled by a majority decision of 7-2, NOT 5-4. The “fact” that the decision was 5-4, with the names of the “Republican” USSC justices usually provided, is ANOTHER of the DNC’s Big Lies about Election 2000.

Thank you for your excellent online journal,
Jennie L. Taliaferro, Private Citizen
Dallas, TX

Right on! It’s about time someone shed some light on this miserable mess. I’m a retired lawyer, and believe me, it truly boils down to “it all depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” Only, in this case, it isn’t “is,” it’s “vote.”

Robert E. (Bob) Johnson
Bedford, Texas

There is a much simpler answer to all those Democrat screamers who say Election 2000 was stolen: If Gore had carried his own state of Tennessee, he would, at this very moment, be President of the United States.
Judy Beumler
Louisville, KY

Re: George Neumayr’s Roger the Artful Dodger:

I guess the author doesn’t mind lifting the phrase “Roger the Dodger” right out of pro football history for his own use to describe something and someone pretty disgusting (Roger Mahony) and if you didn’t know, but us Dallas Cowboy fans do, Roger Staubach is also a good Catholic, so you are insulting him twice. PLEASE!!!! DO NOT refer to this phrase again, it is offensive to us who know where it comes from.
T. Lett
Wichita, KS

I applaud these lines of yours: “Nothing will change fundamentally in the American Church until the modernist mismanagers in the episcopal ranks resign.”

And they are “mismanagers” precisely because they are “modernists,” which, being interpreted, means they are not truly Catholic, which means, given the opportunity, a traditional Catholic like myself, rather than addressing them as “eminences” might be justified in kicking them in their fat behinds and eschewing any and all loyalty or obedience to them.

I have come to that place. Cardinal Mahony is a lying, deceitful, hypocritical heretic. Cardinal Law is a joke, a disgrace, who is not above attempting to share blame with a six year old and his parents for acts of molestation carried out against the child. And on it goes. These men are no more deserving of my support as a Catholic than would be Bengarius or Arius… or Luther, or Thomas Cranmer, or any number of other heretics and Church dissidents one can name.

Re: Jeremy Lott’s Vaticinium ex eventu:

I am so delighted to read this young man’s column. I so often despaired for my church over the years and the direction it seemed to be going in. So often older people (I am 70) look around and think the world “is going to the dogs” but with young men such as Jeremy Lott I feel differently. I feel as though we’ve been thrown a lifeline. God bless.
Annette Cwik

Re: Enemy Central Bill Bored:

Shame on me for reading this hilarious Enemy Central just before my Saturday golf match. Oh well, at least now I’ll have an excuse should I three-putt as I’ll undoubtedly be savoring this all weekend.
Bill Harrison


Good site, excellent articles. Your color scheme needs work. The dour brick red and mauve are cringe-o-genic. Something in shades o’ blue would be easier on the soul.

Still, best wishes. . .
Jeffrey S. Erickson
Slide Collection
Davidson College
Davidson, NC

Just a note to say I’m glad to find you guys back in business. An article in the Washington Times referred me to your site. As a long-time reader of the old American Spectator, it’s good to read your irreverent, humorous insights on today’s events.
Clint Hamm
Cincinnati, OH

After years of subscribing to The American Spectator, when it changed its focus and style I canceled my subscription. I also missed the daily on-line Spectator and its writers. Months went by until I decided to do a search to see if Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder were still writing their column and where it might be available. To my joy I was led to The American Prowler, where I found all my old friends and their columns. Keep up the good work, sirs and madams. Will you be starting a print version of The American Prowler?
Andy Grego
Richland, WA

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