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Turning on the Heat

I was excited to hear R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. announce on C-Span the return of The American Spectator magazine. When the change occurred, I gave serious consideration to canceling my subscription. I felt like I would give the change a little time to shake out, but really never liked the new format. I am thankful you are returning to the previous format.

Gary Lowe

Re: Dave Shiflett’s Hot Enough for You, Einstein?:

The indispensable Dave Shiflett has me choking on my coffee again this a.m. with his latest installment of “The Virginian.” As one who is friendly with more than one big-shot enviro-whacko Cassandra, I found his piece a needed antidote. A lifelong Virginian myself, I’d also encourage readers to visit the website of another noted Virginia contrarian — state climatologist Pat Michaels — at greeningearthsociety.org. The problem with the Gorian gloom-and-doomers is their basic premise. The Earth’s climate has undergone constant change throughout time and long before the footprint of homo sapiens appeared — asteroid impacts, volcanism, solar eruptions, and perhaps most tellingly the wobbling of the Earth on its axis, a.k.a. the Milankovitch Cycles. Yes, we should try and not pollute as much as possible but let’s not throw the baby of the economy out with the bathwater of CO2 emissions. Last, but not least Dave, as a lifelong Purple fan — how ’bout them Vikings? We ain’t been the same since we abandoned the frozen tundra of the old Met for that monstrosity that is the Metrodome.
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

I’m all for it. I live in Montana and I’m tired of cold winters. If Miami (or San Francisco) sinks into the ocean, so what?
Tim Pfister
Billings, MT

Re: Ben Stein’s The Daddy Trap:

My wife and I are lucky to have William (7) and Bailey (4). Ages when they smother you with attention-getting antics, stunts, messes, and problems. Ben Stein’s article hits right to the heart of it, God lends you children for a brief period of years. Enjoy them!
David A. Craddock, CPA

Good God, Ben, this is pathetic stuff. Your kid is trying to establish a sense of his own identity, and it is not going to be easy when he has been so smothered by billows of unconditional love. Your love for your son is a wonderful thing, but get a grip on yourself. He is not you. He has his own life to live. For heaven sake, allow him his space if you want a good relationship during all the many years to come. Over the years it has been excruciating to me to read your brutally honest descriptions of how you brought up the boy, and think there is no way this will come out well.

Let’s hope I am wrong. Kids need rules, expectations, boundaries, not and endless self-indulgent lavishing of affection which is more about the parent feeling good about himself than it is about the kid’s developmental needs.

God Bless You, and good luck!
Bill Modahl
Santa Fe, NM

Ben: So good to hear from you again. I have three, and know exactly how you feel. Best wishes and happy belated Father’s Day.
Wayne Coots

Re: John Corry’s Carter Pro and Con:

Expressions of “liberal” or “conservative” persuasions in literature are validated depending on the quality of their contrivances. In an otherwise interesting and well written story line, the convenient constructs toward the end of The Cider House Rules leaves the reader feeling manipulated.

Mickelsson’s Ghosts too suffers from an overabundance of cut-and-paste subplots and suffocating imagery designed to advance its agenda.

I look forward to reading The Emperor of Ocean Park thanks to your insights, Mr. Corry, and not those of the publications you mention.
Barbara J. Ankrom

Re: Enemy Central’s Sacrificial Lambs:

How fitting, since the man (?) showed his true colors by going to work for the Clinton Administration and lasting a nano-second in political time; he has been nowhere, now he says something useful to the leftists and “can’t we all just get along” crowd and he is a hero, heck, even Ann Coulter took a shot. Actually that as well as the EOW attention is far more than he deserves. He and that other guy who documented the Arkansas State Police “escort” and “dating service” for the former Prez. Both deserve so much less.
Roger Ross
Tomahawk, WI

Wimps! Wimps!

Ted “Israelis are terrorists” Turner has earned Permanent Enemy status. Even Jane has left him. How can you not give him what he has earned?
Jim Stevenson

Any “tax cut” saving should be directed at saving the Israeli children by eliminating the Palestinian thugs. There is no place in this world for any more delusion about [them]. Act civil or die. Enough. The lunatic child must be forever disciplined. I will not let the Islamists take over the world.
Tim Pfister
Billings, MT

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