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Without a Prayer

Re: Lawrence Henry’s The Next Old Big Thing:

Algore must read the Prowler …. OK, even I don’t believe that, but how else do you explain your being so spot on in predicting where the left would go for an issue?

Care to recommend some stocks for the rest of us???
Brad Bettin
Melbourne, FL

Re: George Neumayr’s Peacenik Bishops Are Back:

Hooray for George Neumayr !!!!

I’m a Catholic who is embarrassed by the Bishops’ idiocy. One Bishop did rise to say that decisions on war should be left to the civil authorities who have the competence to discern what is needed. Two others also objected but were disregarded.


I take e-mail in hand to waste a few minutes of my time commenting on the USCCB and their statement on Iraq. A waste of time, because the U.S. bishops, for the most part, are the Walking Dead, and they don’t know it. Nobody cares what they have to say about Iraq, any more than anyone is today poring over their pastoral letter against Reagan’s plan to topple the Soviet Union or the equally forgotten pastoral letter condemning Reaganomics.

The U.S. bishops are simply a nonentity in our society now. They will not have their credibility back until long after this generation has passed away.
Vincent Fitzpatrick

Thank you, Mr. Neumayr, for your knock-out punch article “Peacenicks Bishops are Back.” I am Catholic and, like so many other Catholics, I am beside myself with frustration at the Bishops’ blinding arrogance and apathy about the destruction of our beautiful Church. They are making such fools of themselves, yet, like Clinton and others like him, it is apparent they have no clue as to their foolishness. If Jesus walked the earth today, they would crucify him, again, because instead of knocking over the moneychangers tables, I think he would blow up the new L.A. Cathedral and stuff. And he would call the Bishops fools and vipers to their faces instead of being intimidated by them and paying them false respect just because and for no other reason. They are dead weight.
Mary Grace Miller
Tacoma, WA

Your recent article on the Catholic Bishops approach to war with Iraq is exactly on the mark and shows these idiots for what they are. Not only are their efforts misdirected the USCCB put the ultimate whacko in charge, “cardinal law.”

Is there a way your organization could send your article to all the “Bishops” for their information and education? I am a 68-year-old Catholic and these guys should be run out of the Church and new men with some backbone and brains should replace them.

Thanks for the article and for sharing your thoughts with us.

I would like to send your article to all the bishops if that is allowed. It is wonderful to read your work.
Gene Brennan
Chatham, MA

Re: Enemy Central’s A Bad Case of the Crazies:

In the course of Friday’s Enemy of the Week article, the writer suggested that the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was not about oil, to contrast some of the speculative comments about our pending war in Iraq.

Actually, the attack on PH was about oil. We, the USA, had imposed an embargo on Japan (if memory serves) because of Japan’s alliance with the Axis nations.

Japan (a country about two-thirds the size of the state of California, with about six times as many people) has very few natural resources and thus has to import much of what it needs. So, at the time, the U.S.-imposed embargo was huge.

To say that Pearl Harbor was not about oil is misleading.
Brent Eldredge
Highland, UT

Enemy Central replies: Unlike Mr. Eldredge, we always take the narrow view. Our point was that opponents of any U.S. attack on Iraq fear for Saddam’s oil fields and the use to which they allegedly will be put by Texas oil interests. By contrast, lovely Hawaii had no oil reserves for imperial Japan to exploit.

Re: Michael Craig’s How to Lose $3 Billion:

“Edgar Sr., in the early eighties, parlayed an unsuccessful takeover run at an oil company into 20% ownership of DuPont, which was to chemicals what Seagram was to scotch.”

Scotch? Am I to take this that the Canadian Club and VO that I have been drinking all these years is really scotch?

Pete Brittain
Sandpoint, ID

Michael Craig replies: Ya got me. I’m a lightweight drinker who doesn’t even know the difference between scotch and whiskey. But if you imbibe of products that used to be owned by the Bronfman family, at least make sure it’s Seagram’s-produced whiskey and not 30-weight Conoco motor oil or whatever the lab boys at DuPont have cooked up to make diapers adhere better and make missiles explode more quietly.

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