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Such Hostility

Re: Editor’s Note, Kerry On:

I’m a resident of San Diego’s coastal community and must say I find the mental picture of John Kerry surfing quite amusing. I think the problem lies in his characterization; what I think he didn’t want us to know is that he’s so stiff his friends simply used him as their board.
Steve Wells

Re: George Neumayr’s From Stockman to DiIulio:

I read Mr. DiIulio’s letter to Esquire and rather than pining for a return of the Clinton years I believe he was lamenting that the Bush administration is not the happy medium between the Clintonistas and the current administration. The quotes you cite were part of a long criticism of Clinton, that he and his gang were all policy, no humanity in direct contrast to GWB, who, Mr. DiIulio stated, has more feeling for the common man. Unfortunately for Mr. DiIulio, he has provided juicy quotes that can easily be taken out of context by liberals desperate for something to whine about. He should have known better.
–Edward T. Callahan
La Habra, CA

Re: John Corry’s For Women Only:

This action on the part of women against Augusta National has nothing to do with the game of golf. It has ONLY to do with the beating down of male bastions. They have succeeded in infiltrating the Boys (and Girls) Clubs, The Elks lodges, VMI and the Citadel, Boy’s (and Girl’s)Town and numerous other places where men were free to gather and discuss male subjects without interference from the weaker sex.

There are many women-only golf courses in the USA; try to get your son into Wellesley College or the Daughters of the American Revolution.

In short, this is another move on the part of the feminazis to make manhood irrelevant, and until this end is gained, the war will continue.

To the membership of the Augusta National Golf Club, stand fast, don’t be cowed into compromising your principles in the name of diversity, or correctness, or whatever label will be attached in the future.
Mike Minahan
Camillus, NY

It surely took Wyman a long time to find out that there were no women members. Wasn’t he a 25-30 year member? Wasn’t he also the big cheese at CBS (who has televised the Masters for decades). Apparently clueless. Or gave up after repeated bruisings from the “better half.”
Tim Pfister

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Report From the Promised Land:

What is never mentioned in discussions of the de-facto Middle Eastern war is that Israel possesses thermonuclear weapons — that is, hydrogen bombs, not those weenie little A-bombs the U.S. used to end our war with Japan.

That fact, coupled with Israel’s solemn pledge “Never again!,” should give pause to the less irrational of Islamists.

Were Saddam or another sandy megalomaniac to attempt the destruction of Israel, Israeli H-bombs would rain on major Muslim cities throughout the region, possibly beginning with Mecca and Medina, which would be eradicated, possibly permanently.

The very possibility that this scenario could eventuate should prompt Muslim leaders everywhere to restrain those attempting to impose on Jews a more final solution.
David Govett
Davis, CA

Re: Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder’s An Arabian Nights Tale in America:

Bravo, sir. I have been pro-Israel since age 14 (that year the jukeboxes featured “Hava Nagilah” and the theme from Exodus). To me the Jews have always been the good guys: my Christian Bible is 77 percent made up of the Hebrew Scriptures. I have known of you since you (reputedly) insulted Ed Sullivan. In college my roommate and I collected news photos of Gen. Moshe Dayan. Yes, I’m Catholic and I oppose the Vatican’s unfortunate evenhandedness. But this article about our “friends the Saudis” is masterful. Just how hard is it for us Americans to realize that this is a religious and cultural clash, and to say to the Muslims, “Damn your eyes! We don’t want to live the way you live! And to prevent that from happening we will fight you to the gates of Hell!”
Herb Allen

Re: Michael Craig’s A Time to Live:

Arizona must be too far from NYC not to know US magazine is the hottest Mag in town!
Paul Delaney

It would appear that Michael Craig has things exactly backward in this piece. Rather than AOL “whacking” some of Time Warner’s assets the shareholders of this company should realize where the true value is and demand that the much-vaunted at the time merger be undone by spinning off AOL with its schlocky, junky web interface and horrible email program so it can be acquired at a reduced premium by a player in the field where the entire industry is headed, namely cable/DSL. As things currently stand there is no way AOL Time Warner can be fairly valued with the AOL white elephant tied around a once-proud brand name.
Bill Harrison
Arlington, VA

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