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No More Insults

Re: Enemy Central’s Nixed Doubles:

Enemy Central started off just great, but then it deteriorated into personal insult. Too bad.
Paul Kellogg
New York, NY

Re: The Washington Prowler’s This Bash Won’t Be Fun:

Jim Moran’s behavior is nothing new — just the feigned outrage by his Democratic fellows in the Congress. They will go to any lengths to excuse anti-Semitic or race baiting by one of their own. Whether it’s Al Sharpton, Jesse “Hymie Town” Jackson, Robert “The Grand Dragon” Byrd, Democrats become extremely tolerant when one of their own waves the bloody shirt of bigotry. Does anyone doubt that a Republican Congressman would be spinning on a spit if he or she has uttered the same crude, thoughtless remark concerning the state of Israel? One hopes the Republican Party can find an alternative to this ignorant cipher next year. The sad truth is most of Moran’s constituents would vote for a Democrat if he stood at the polling place with a sheet on.
Chris Healy
Hartford, CT

“Moran is now claiming that one reason for saying what he said was that his district has one of the largest numbers of Muslim and Arab-American voters in the U.S.”

So Moran insults the Jews to curry favor with Muslims and Arabs? Yeah, sounds like the typical garden-variety Democrat.
Paul Higdon

What I don’t understand is Jewish support for Democrats in the first place.
— unsigned

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s The Last International:

It’s a bit unfair: now that we, the people of Switzerland, are finally fully integrated in the UN (we’ve had the privilege of paying much money for UN activities for a long time, but we were not a full member), you’re telling me that the party is over. Mind you, in our country it isn’t up to a few politicians to say “hey, let’s join that club,” we had to coax a majority of the electorate into spending that extra international money. So we’re irritated.

Having been skeptical for half a century ourselves, we can understand your disdain. I suggest that the USA step out of the UN, the organization be re-established in Paris so that our delegation could save on travel expenses.

In your absence, you could read up on the meaning of veto. It was introduced to bar any action envisaged by others just in case that one member had a serious problem with it. Not easy to swallow for those who would rather go ahead, but an important way of showing respect for minority positions. You blew it. Now everybody around the globe knows that you don’t respect the rules.

The French are not easy customers. Neither are the USA and many others. From now on — that’s your message — countries are free to do whatever is in their power, unrestricted by the law.

I wish the coalition soldiers success with Saddam Hussein. And the
Kurt Schori
Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

If you will excuse my lapse into the American vernacular: “WOO-HOO!”
Peter Phelps
Canberra, Australia

Re: Mark Goldblatt’s Minstrel Show :

“It’s possible, perhaps, to reconcile the two conspiracies by imagining that the United States is confronting Iraq in order to conquer the entire Middle East and turn over its oil fields to Israel. This is just the sort of paranoid delusion that percolates on the so-called ‘Arab Street.’ The fact that a New York City Councilman cannot see through it calls into question not only his own sanity but also the collective sanity of the district that voted him into office.”

It also calls into question the sanity of one of the UN Security Council’s members, France. Because I’ve heard the exact same argument from bartenders, taxi drivers and people-in-general all over Paris.
— unsigned

Re: George Neumayr’s Nervous Bullies:

The Vatican’s “diplomacy” in the Iraq affair is driven by a desire to enhance the Chaldean Catholic community in Iraq. In other words, it’s politics.

Tariq Aziz, whose opportunity to be the new Talleyrand may have been cut short by a daisy cutter, got an audience with the pope because he is a Chaldean Catholic and Rome wants to encourage that community’s growth.

Solicitude for one’s co-religionists is all well and good. But cloaking it with pious piffle about peace and God’s will is dishonest.

It seems Departments of State are the same everywhere. Maybe we should bring back the Papal States so the Vatican can measure words against responsibility.
Bill Roughton

Re: Lawrence Henry’s The Great Imposter:

Interesting, I knew the real Roger Cook in Nashville. He died a few years ago while I was living there. He was a true Brit and a great writer, who could play his songs well and had wonderful stories to tell. Some of my favorites were about Jimi Hendrix who rehearsed with his band in a room in the evenings at Roger’s publishing company in London.

Roger died with his guitar in his hands — his wife said he’d just told her he was going out back to work on a melody.

Small world,

Re: George Neumayr’s Self-Inflicted Tragedy:

The death of Rachel Corrie is hardly a “tragedy.” If her death requires a label, I’d call it a “fool’s death.” Rachel Corrie lived the life of a fool, then died like one. Her parents and professors must be very proud.
Tillman L. Jeffrey
Manteca, CA

Unbelievable. This women was murdered. By eyewitness accounts they reversed back over her body. Neumayr is a heartless s——, plain and simple.
J. Mathews
Studio City, CA

Back when I was a school principal in Oregon, I attended a conference on alternative schools at Evergreen State College in Olympia. This was my first and certainly my last visit to that toxic waste dump they call a campus. To be in the middle of a gaggle of latter-day hippies and drooling, knuckle-dragging lefties was indeed a personal culture shock. At a large open air plaza there was a ring of folding card tables staffed by the hairy and unwashed activists touting all sorts of anti-American programs and begging for dollars. In just a few steps one could buy an armload of commie crap like bumper stickers, hats, shirts and the like with their logos plastered all over them. I declined totally to make a single purchase or even engage one of the resident creatures in conversation lest I be labeled as one of “them.” What caught my attention were the clouds of marijuana smoke I walked through. Why the college officials, who certainly knew what was going on, would give tacit approval of the violation of our drug laws is beyond me. Also, why didn’t the cops bust up the smoke in? My use of tobacco was truly out of place.
Al Martin
Depoe Bay, OR

Re: Bob Johnson’s “Gender Locks” letter in Reader Mail’s The Evergreen Syndrome:

The simple fact, which Mr. Johnson refuses to acknowledge, is that the gender gap — which is a correlation of partisan voting behavior based on the gender of voters, and a perfectly valid way of predicting said behavior if the data supports the conclusion — vanished from the Big Media radar screen once the 2000 election was completed. Big Media didn’t suddenly start characterizing the gap differently, they simply stopped talking about it. I think a true Big Media skeptic would have to draw some kind of conclusion from this.

I remain convinced that Mr. Johnson is assuming that George W. Bush “repelled” women voters in 2000 simply because up ’til then that was the predictable conclusion from Big Media’s previous description of the phenomenon. And I have no doubt that if Mr. Johnson were right about this we would still be hearing about it from Big Media. But we’re not. Where once talk of the gender gap often drowned out substantive issues, now there is silence.

Since all the latest figures I have seen now show that women are more open to military action in the war on terror — a tendency that contradicts what Big Media used to say about why the gender gap existed — I am fairly confident that in any case the voting behavior of women can no longer be predicted as facilely as Mr. Johnson attempts.

Besides, has anyone seen any survey data indicating women’s overall assessment of Mrs. Clinton? I haven’t, and until I do I don’t think it’s valid to say that women are drawn to her, any more than to say they’re repelled by the President.
Kevin McGehee
Coweta County, GA

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