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Re: The Washington Prowler’s Moseley on Down:

I think the Prowler must have missed the news of several weeks ago, that Donna Brazile was planning to recruit high-profile black candidates to run as “favorite sons” (and daughters) in order to deny Al Sharpton delegates.
Jameson Campaigne
Ottawa, IL

Donna Brazile’s involvement with Carol Moseley-Braun’s campaign for president has Clinton’s fingerprints all over it: Al Sharpton would siphon off many African-American votes, which are the majority of the Democratic constituency, so how better to block Sharpton than with Moseley-Braun, another African-American, who then would turn her votes over to the winner of the Democrats primary with a promise of some high profile job “befitting her regal attitude.”
Cari Gravellinini
Boston, MA

Interesting article about Moseley-Braun deciding to run for president rather than Senate. It seems to me the obvious answer to the why of her decision is three-fold. First, it has probably been made clear to her that she would have little chance in a Senate race and would not be receiving the necessary financial backing; second, she will get more media exposure running for President and she has always seemed like a person who craves that; and third, probably the most important and the reason Brazile is advising her, is to dilute the black vote going to Al Sharpton. By splitting the black vote, neither even gives the appearance of being a viable candidate. Can you imagine the mess the Democrats will find them in if Sharpton wins some of the primaries when the rather large field splits much of the white Democratic primary vote? I don’t think that is an unreasonable prospect, particularly in some Southern states. Just a thought.
Lynn Holman
Black Mountain, NC

The next presidential election represents an opportunity for the Democrats to prove their devotion to blacks and black issues in America. They have two surprisingly strong and popular candidates, Al Sharpton for President and Carol Moseley-Braun for Vice President. There is still much hatred of blacks in the party and these two fine folks would have to overcome that to win. Further, there might be some merit in the argument that the Californians will raise about reversing the order. I do hope the Democrats won’t simply reject this strong ticket out of hand simply because these Americans are black.
— unsigned

Re: Reid Collins’s Thank God for C-Span:

Reid Collins’s column asks why the Washington peace rally’s podium program went unreported. I have been searching all over the Internet for a transcript of the speeches. I’m amazed — I can’t find one. Why doesn’t someone do this?
Larry Boeskool

There is no God to thank for C-SPAN — only the liberals who program it. Without C-SPAN, Americans would not only get fair and balanced news and events, it would be a better place to live. I say Thank God for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News.
Jill Lawless
Canyon Lake, TX

Re: George Neumayr’s Phony Pacifists:

Strike one: Saddam attacks Iran when he perceives that they are vulnerable. Several million men die.

Strike two: Saddam attacks Kuwait when he perceives they are defenseless. Only God knows how many died.

Strike three: …wait, this ain’t baseball. No strike three for Saddam.

If anyone thinks this man is not dangerous just look at his history. He has proved over and over that he is dangerous to his neighbors, dangerous to his own people, dangerous even to his own family. The U.S. should take him out now before he perceives that someone else is vulnerable. Let Le Carré et al. squeal about oil. They are fools, who should be politely listened to, patted gently on the head, offered a cup of tea and sent on their way.
— unsigned

Re: Mark Goldblatt’s Keeping It Real:

Your article, “Keeping It Real” is one of the most vile, despicable attacks on African Americans I have ever come across.

Your country enslaved African Americans for hundreds of years. Your country also created an apartheid system for these unlucky people until only 35 years ago and you have the gall to disrespect the pain of a people living in a country that defiled their humanity by enslaving them and then instituting inhuman, apartheid laws against them under Jim Crow.

I am only 35 years old. That means I was born exactly when your majority people freed their former slaves from the Jim Crow apartheid system. You expect them to wipe from their collective memory crimes that are still so fresh?

Shame on your arrogance and your stupidity and blindness and lack of charity. I don’t expect African Americans to forgive you the massive crimes you committed against their ancestors if you are so vile as to continue insulting their pain and collective memory.

Your President, the idiot Bush, the man who himself benefited from the affirmative action your system has kept in place for stupid, rich white males, just a few days ago opened a fresh wound on the scarred, shell-shocked memory of the African American community by attacking affirmative action as a “quota based” system. With people like yourselves and your president attacking every step African Americans take to regain their humanity, no wonder so many young people in that community wish to commit unspeakable acts of violence their former slave masters. Your writers attacks on African American culture is no different than the lynchings committed by former slavers.

Your horrible website has no shame or memory.
— Horrified reader.

Re: Paul Beston’s Life and Death on ‘The Late Show’:

What gorgeous writing by Paul Beston. This is a TV critic who gets it — TV’s rare moments are worth celebrating.
— unsigned

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Looking for Mr. Bigmouth:

Most of us got word by now about the Democratic National Committee’s plan to blow a half million hard schmoozed bucks toward developing a liberal bent host to balance out the Rush’s and Hannity’s of talk radio.

As Buddy Holly sang: “It’s So Easy.” Not!

See — the left got their undies in a wad because (apparently) — their pals Dan-Peter-PBS just aren’t getting the message out. And that might have a ring of truth. If so — it shouldn’t be long before they start shelling out even more bucks for development of a DNC-controlled newspaper chain. I mean — if their broadcast buds have been missing a few free throws — then it figures that starters on the ink side haven’t been hitting enough left of the key jumpers either. And we know how Spike and Hillary hate them clankers.

Truth be known — the reality of unfiltered info to The Great Unwashed just doesn’t sit well with Terry & The Pirates.

So far, there’s been chatter of trying Mario Cuomo again, but frankly he’s just too dull. And Tom Daschle? Too pasty. Of course, there’s always Patty Murray — but she’s been a little busy these days trying to get Osama on the phone.

Actually, what the Dems need is someone who can not only deliver ‘da message, but do it with … CHA-RIS-MA!

I’m thinkin’, forget the Cuomos, Daschles and the rest. What they need is someone who can grab an audience, present the product and then go for the gizzard! And to that end, I propose … RON POPIEL.

Wait! Come back! Think about it. Who’s better at pitching stuff than the man from Ronco I mean, if the guy can convince you that a six-blade pocket knife — converting to a handy fishing pole while fitting snugly in your pants — is something ‘ya gotta’ have (that and the joy of making your own dried fruit roll-ups), who better to pitch for higher taxes on the rich — more free stuff for illegal immigrants – plus the concept of commuting to work on a camel? (Diamond lanes for two or more per hump.)

Man, I’m visualizing Meet The Press: “That’s right, Tim, a new tax increase on THE RICH. And if they act now, they won’t send $1,000, not $2,000, not even $3,000 dollars. No sir! With the new DNC-sponsored tax brackets, THE RICH will pay your federal government an extra $50,000 per family in new eeeeasy payment (clap-clap-clap). Yeah, how ’bout that folks? And there’s more. If you send it all in before April 1st, we at DNC will send you the all new IRS Kitchen Cookbook: ‘Chicken Lips — The Meal Stretcher.'”

Now, in case your wondering, my suggestion’s already been submitted and rejected by DNC officials. I’m not sure what the snag was – but I’m gonna assume they’re holding out for “The Juiceman.”
Dave “Dusty” Morgan
Elk Grove, CA

Getting your message out seems to be a problem with Democrats and Saddam Hussein. It has taken over ten years for us to get the message that Iraq does not like inspections and foreigners telling them what to do. Bush needs to get this war over quickly before folks like James Carville figure out the mechanics of the miscommunication and use it to counterattack the Republicans.
Danny L. Newton
Cookeville, TN

Re: Jed Babbin’s Who Is John Kerry?

The Massachusetts Kerry is a lot more dangerous to this country than has been let on by the mainstream media. He quite readily displays a mindset only the Klintonites could love.

However, one side-issue correction is appropriate in the article about The Weenie:

Lt. Calley, the My Lai killer, did no prison time as a result of his conviction. His actual punishment amounted to confinement to his civilian residence, with regular shack-job visitation rights; confinement was for a very short period of time. Richard Nixon — not always noted for a true sense of justice — orchestrated the deal, obviously via the Justice Department (yes, even back then).

Like several of Nixon’s so-called deals during his presidency, the military paid the price. Calley’s crime deserved a firing squad. Nixon claimed he did not want to have the “military pay for Calley’s crime,” so he greased the skids to wipe the episode off the front pages. His seriously flawed rationale also served to virtually erase the sentences of the soldiers who committed murder against an elderly PapaSan in the Bong Son area, RVN. These were members of another unit; the incident occurred in a different area, a year or two before My Lai. Having investigated this crime “in country” was far less difficult than the impact of the then commander-in-chief’s interference with justice later pursuant to the Calley courts-martial.

Nixon’s highest degree of deceit, however, took place in 1973. The weakling of a human being — not to mention Henry Kissinger’s traitorous role in it — sealed the undeserved fate of some 200 plus GIs the Communist N. Vietnam government held for ransom. The men we left behind …

One wonders how many more unjust commanders-in-chief of this ilk are in our nation’s future…. Unfortunately, Sen. Kerry seems to have the ingredients.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit longer than intended.
Art Brogley
San Antonio, TX

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