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Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s It’s the Humidity:

When the humidity in DC gets tough, the tough take a holiday in Spain, stiff the waiters, then ponder the European aspects of the phenomenal world-wide rise of anti-Americanism. WWPS? Probably you wouldn’t want to know but he would likely have a good laugh about the notion that “ordinary” Spaniards would disagree with their eggheads (and waiters) about invading and occupying Iraq.

Weep not for all the anti-Americanism you seem to be taking personally, but shed a tear for the real cost to America for our Iraq folly. That is the increasing daily KIA/WIA and the $3.9B per month taxpayer obligation (that is $5.4M per hour) in pursuit of all those rapidly vanishing pre-war illusions, delusions and dreams about an unnecessary and easily avoided war.
P.T. Garrett

Re: Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder’s The French, The French:

Jackie Mason, Raoul Felder:

Excellent. A tissue of lies. A caricatural description of my country. I’m more and more anti-American when I read that.

Tout compte fait vous êtes de pretentieux abrutis!
J. Paul Brun

The Democrats should assemble an “ethics” committee to probe potential White House lies over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Sen. Ted Kennedy could drive the investigation, Sen. Hillary Clinton would safeguard the war records, Sen. Joe Biden would pull the lid off any cover-ups and Bill Clinton could expose any malfeasance.
Stephen G. Walsh
Stratford, CT

Re: George Neumayr’s Gray Hounds:

Recalling Davis is wrong! A new governor without a new majority in the legislature accomplishes nothing. The day a new governor takes office the old time, ultra-left wing, extremists liberal media will immediately shift all blame for everything to the new guy. The brave Republican minority now holding Davis’ predations at bay will take immediate fire. For what? For failing to pass the massive tax increases that will put the state deeper in the hole! The Democrats will never agree to cut spending or reduce state union jobs because they’ll agree with the media that Davis took all the blame with him. This silly recall is dumb and gets the Dems off the hooks in many areas, local and national.
— unsigned

Re: Enemy Central’s Nobility Prizes:

Old Hungarian Proverb: With friends like these, we don’t need enemies.

Why take the trouble to damn Savage and Coulter when the left will do it for free. Let all of us who want to rid the nation of the tyranny of socialism stand together. We only add fuel to the fires of liberalism with the carping attacks on our own.

Savage wished ill on an obnoxious caller, stupidly I admit, but he didn’t call for the great unwashed to rise up and kill (Henry Hyde and his family) as Alec Baldwin did on Conan O’Brien’s show in front of a much larger audience. Put it into perspective.

As far as Ann Coulter goes, her prose is a bit vivid, but so what? She’s telling the truth.

Let’s pull together if we don’t want Madame President Hillary in charge next year.

Re: Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder’s Trust First Impressions:

Mason & Felder’s comments on the attire of Jimmy Carter — brown socks and blue suit — reminded me of when I enrolled at Penn for graduate work in 1959. After settling in at Penn, I made my first trip to New York City to see my dad, after he and my mother split up. Hoping to impress him in my new chocolate brown suit, the color of which was all the rage at USC, in Los Angeles, where I got my BS degree, my dad’s first comment on opening of the door of his apartment was: “What’s with the brown?”
Pete Brittain
Sandpoint, ID

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Left Behind:

The Democratic Black Caucus thinks it can slap President Bush in public and then complain that the president never asked them to go to Africa — wahwahwah! The CBC never sees the positive only the negative of this President. So why should President Bush find himself in the company of perennially negative people when he is trying to deal positively with the problems of Africa?
Cari Gravellinini
Cambridge, MA

Yes, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Black New York City Council members have a wealth of experience in African affairs. Perhaps the CBC could fill President Bush in on their support of Robert Mugabe. That would provide the perfect segue into why they also love Castro.

With Daily Amazement,
Marvin Hill
Lewisville, NC

CBC had to accompany the Clinton contingent to have blacks represented. President Bush has Dr. Rice and Sec. Powell: people of real influence who can help Africa.
Rich Cook
Schoolcraft, MI

Could the reluctance of the White House to have little to do with the Congressional Black Caucus be a result of the desire to not be associated with a fully segregated, no-racial-diversity, group of public employees?
— unsigned

Re: John R. Dunlap’s Theoretically Speaking:

Whenever I tire of reading the misspelled, miswritten, and generally illiterate notes my kids’ teachers send home, I go back to the late Richard Mitchell’s decade long assault on “educationists” for solace. You can too by going to Enjoy.
W.L. Roughton
Fairfax Station, VA

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