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Political Duds and Explosives

Did anyone else hear Sen. Miller on “Imus in the Morning” (Wednesday, May 14th)? Man, was he great! He is a real Conservative Democrat. He said he’s disgusted with the Democratic Party’s refusal to allow an up-or-down vote on the nominated judges; he’s all for the President’s tax cut; he is a full supporter of the war on terror; and he even called those who complained about Dubya’s Aircraft Carrier landing “small and petty.” Geeze, I wish either one of my two “Republican” Senators from Maine were even half as conservative as Sen. Miller!
Scott Wright
Poland Spring, ME

Re: “Mr. Knick” in Wlady’s Corner:

Brings back memories of my senior year at West Virginia University: As a transplanted New Yorker (as many WVU graduates are) studying for finals — readying physically for the Officer’s Basic course at Ft. Benning (3.2% beer couldn’t hurt you, right?) watching that game, cheering for Jerry West (WVU’s finest), cheering for my “home team,” the Knicks, drawing the ire of everyone at the bar in Morgantown, West Virginia (no “Sports Bars” in those days — just an off campus dive called “Sleepy’s” owned by Don Knott’s sister Mildred).

Many fans will miss Dave DeBusschere — those too young will have missed an era, a basketball game that no longer exists and a true gentleman of the sport.

Great tribute.

Thanks, “Wlady.”
Mike Horn

Re: “One Last Haymaker” in Wlady’s Corner:

Gossip column material, but I just can’t help but wonder if Bennett was outed by the “Washington neocondom” after fellow Empower American Jack Kemp fired off a column denouncing Newt Gingrich’s attack on Powell and the State Department. Certainly, that quote by David Brooks is rather harsh. I think Bennett is a phony because he passes of the work off ghostwriters as his own, but I never mentioned anything about Satan.
C. Bowen

Re: Jeremy Lott’s Green Eggs and Spam:

If Jeremy thinks that email is getting cumbersome now, wait until the government comes along to help him out with it. 🙂

BTW — there are some very simple tricks to dramatically improve filtering of publicly-displayed email addresses: talk to your webmaster about it (if they don’t know, replace ’em).
Tom Frost

Re: Chris Edwards’ Small But Potent:

Chris Edwards missed the biggest reason that the tax cut will not “blow a hole” in the budget. Big tax cuts increase government revenues.
Don Lyle

Re: Jed Babbin’s May SGO:

Looking for a one-star to be the new Chief of Staff? Try a guy who isn’t even in the Army anymore: LTC Douglas Macgregor, author of Breaking the Phalanx.

You rock, dude!
SGT Richard Lee Johnson, USA

Re: Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder’s Democratic Duds:

I always love to read Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder….

So, yes, the Duds are making the same mistake with Bush that they made with Reagan. Maybe it’d be good to look at it all as a simple game between fans of Leviathan and fans of Minimal government, and transcend the specific individuals playing the major parts, presently, on each of these teams. For Libertarians, such as I, a “Bush” only matters to the extent he holds back the Extreme-Left-Wingers and mostly to be rooted for, actually rolls them up, and smokes them! In a football analogy, keep developing the skills and power of the actual players, the coach, and the owners (the American people, for now — all of humanity, ASAP). Then, in the ever-happening game, at least keep the Extreme-Left-Wingers from scoring, and work hard on scoring as much as you can, on them. After over seventy years of the roll-on, since FDR started his Mega-State (didn’t Communism only last about seventy years in the USSR?), like a pendulum that reached the end of its left-ward cycle, and has started to come back toward the center, on the way to the right side, in this game the goal is to not just keep the leftists from scoring, but to actually push them back, on each play.

So, let’s welcome the challenge, in the form of the Nine Nitwits, as they line up for each day’s play, and use all our righteous power to plug the gaps, and pile on the ain’t-got-a-clue mouthpieces, while the piling on is so propitious! Make hay while the sunlight of truth shines on these losers!
— unsigned

The so-called Democratic presidential candidates are such low shelf weenies that Jacques Chirac would poll better against them.

John Kerry is a liar, period.

Joe Lieberman is following in Walter Mondale’s footsteps as the losing VP that will lose as the top of the ticket.

Bob Graham is so far behind he’s about to commit treason and should be immediately removed from any list giving him intelligence access.

John Edwards is more like a badly written character in all the badly written John Grisham novels. I expect to see either Susan Sarandon or Sandra Bullock next to him at any moment.

Dick Gephardt does so many 180’s every election cycle he should be used to generate electricity for homes in St. Louis. Everything he was “for” in his 1988 run he is now “against.” I wonder if he changes his mind on the shape of the Earth every two years.

Howard Dean is, well, Howard Dean. So he’ll get the left-wing, earthy lesbian vote. Big deal. At least now there will never be a need to do a sequel to Howard the Duck.

Dennis Kucinich makes Lyndon LaRouche look electable. At least in 1984 LaRouche, on a 30-minute paid spot on CBS called Mondale/Ferraro, “that neo-Nazi and his slum lord running mate”. Kucinich looks more like an “after” picture for Hair Club For Men.

Al Sharpton and Carol ‘Mostly a crook” Braun should both be in prison. The only good thing about Sharpton is that he’s a thorn in everyone else’s side.

And there is always Fern Penna (Who? D-NY) who bravely states on his website, “I have a vision to make America a safe and peaceful place to live. That’s why I am running for the U.S. PRESIDENCY in 2004.” Yeah, it’s an Afghanistan out there. He also states he will “secure Social Security for good.” I’m not sure if that’s a policy or he’s fighting the Dark Side of the Force.

And George W. Bush is going to spend $200 million to beat one of these guys? I think he can do it for 20…cents!
Greg Barnard
Franklin, TN

Re: Joe Flower’s letter in Reader Mail’s Federal Cases:

I wonder where Mr. Flower gets his information on journalists? Probably from CNN since he feels that it’s OK to sit at a table with a Viet Cong leader in order to get a story, but not at a table with the President Of The United States. Wasn’t it CNN who swallowed their ethics — such as they were — in order to get stories from Saddam and his family?
Bob Johnson
Bedford, TX

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s The Liars’ Club:

Well, this article was certainly honest, and appreciated for it being so. It’s getting harder to find honesty nowadays, but not as badly as in the past.

I have only been immersed in American Politics for about two years, but in that time I have seen changes in the behavior of the conservatives. It is definitely for the good, good for them and for the voters.

When I first began searching for answers regarding how the American political system works, I was quite astounded at the liberal bias in the media. I quite quickly learned that they were the top guns, the ones who set the standards, the ones who would show bias at the drop of a hat, the ones who would simply omit any news that might hurt the liberals in any way. I remember thinking, “How could a conservative ever win with this type of situation in the media?”

The changes have not been a gigantic sweep of the liberal media changing, in fact the opposite is occurring in that area. They will grab any small item to bash the president with, as the flying the plane to the troops and manufacturing a fantastic photo-op. It does not occur to them it could just be a president who is proud of his troops and wanted to say it so the whole world would know how proud all Americans should be over the Iraqi war. They seem to be desperate to find anything that would hurt the president.

However, when Fox, the Internet and the ever there giving their views Rush and Bill came together to bring the truth of what was being said and done, being positive about the war, the troops and even, gasp! the president they brought some balance, somewhere to go to know the reality of what really happened and not the liberal message alone shown by the liberals.

It is wonderful to see them fighting back, fighting to send out the truth as best they can, supporting the president, not with exaggerations or bluff, simply the facts. It is really all that is needed for them to show, the facts speak for themselves, there is no need to speak while carrying a big stick, or to lie, exaggerate, omit or twist their words as they do not need to do this.

That is the fantastic part of all this, they can simply tell the truth and let the voters be aware of the truth.

The Internet brings us many conservative websites with articles that show the conservative part of an issue. If people continue to read these articles and learn it really is quite simple to make decisions on the different issues that are being played out in Congress.

The only thing left is for the conservatives to continue to spread the facts, the real facts to the voters; they will be rewarded for it on election day.

Now if I could only vote!
Alberta, Canada

The lies may have been exposed, however they will remain in print in perpetuity, there for unsuspecting school children and journalists to reference as fact.
Kitty Myers
Painted Post, NY

Unbelievable!!! That is the only word that could describe the incredible sanctimony coming from the likes of R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. regarding media fabrications.

Do you have no shame? Do the terms, “Arkansas Project,” “Troopergate,” or “The Real Anita Hill,” ring any bells?

You, Mr. Tyrrell, clearly are a delusional fruitcake. You have the gall to actually write an article about media fabrications from within the confines of a publication that elevated lies and fabrications to an artform during the Clinton Presidency, a presidency which, I might remind you, was determined, not by the Supreme Court, but by America’s voters (more of whom also voted for Al Gore than “Governor” Bush).

Speaking of Clinton. Why don’t you just give it up? How much more capital (and I say that in both senses of the word) do you expect to wring out of rehashing old, tired, worn-out and discredited Clinton “scandal” stories?

It is time to move on. You’ve been discredited a long, long time ago. Most intelligent folks have little use for the bloviating, sanctimonious windbags that constitute this country’s so-called moral arbiters — the conservative right.

Peace out,
Anthony Barnes
Roxbury, MA

How come Clinton’s lying about his sex-life makes him a “recognized liar, ” but Reagan’s lying about Iran-Contra doesn’t get the same treatment? Seems to me the “politics of personal destruction” have up on both sides of the center in the last couple of decades.
Robert Enders
Lexington, MA

That the N.Y. Times promoted Jayson Blair after his factually challenged work was apparent makes the Times complicit in Blair’s betrayal of readers.
Dick Melville
Ozone Park, NY

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