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Why Not McClintock?

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s introduction to Drug Fix:

I don’t care what Chuck Fowler said. I wouldn’t dispute that a .30 Weatherby can shoot, and kill effectively at 1200 yards. It’s just that a mediocre (or person of modest ability) shooter couldn’t hit the proverbial broad side of a barn at 1200 yards no matter what kind of scope or rifle he/she was using (except perhaps if the rifle were bench rested on a no wind day). If they could, they wouldn’t be mediocre!

Military snipers usually don’t feel comfortable past 800 yards and only the best can get a 2 inch group at a 1000 yards. Twelve hundred yards is a challenge for the top marksmen in the world (with a .30 caliber). We’re talking about hitting a target that is almost 3/4 of a mile away! A small amount of variable cross wind at that range is going to totally prevent a person of “modest ability” from hitting a human-sized target.

I recommend you retract your implied definition of “mediocre/modest ability.” I think those are the words that have so many shooters’ pantyhose in a bunch.
LCDR Paul H. Doolittle, USNR

Re: George Neumayr’s The Invigorator:

Mr. Neumayr, unsurprisingly, speaks truth when he questions why “rank and file Republicans” should support a party that exists “only to raise a white flag.” I trust Mr. Neumayr implicitly to enlighten and inform me as a California conservative — that’s why I’d like some further analysis.

Arnold didn’t “do” it to the GOP. No, he’s not conservative. But, as Ann Coulter points out this week, he’s not Gray Davis, either.

In my last letter to the Prowler months ago I bemoaned the rise of “Kindergarten Cop” and his new after-school entitlement. I want McClintock — I just don’t know why no one in the party speaks for him, donates to him, promotes him. He has an articulately expressed, common sense plan.

After all, McClintock voted against the budget Senate Minority leader Brulte “negotiated,” raising my car tax in a very un-Republican way; that, after threatening each and every Republican in the legislature with censure and active anti-campaigning should they vote for a budget that — well – raised the car tax. And increased spending last year by more than $2 billion.

My question, then, Mr. Neumayr — how did we get this way, and how do we fix it? Do we shun Arnold, support the 4%-ers in the polls, then lose to Mr. Bustamante, a genuine leftist with $8 billion in new taxes he’ll admit to? While my boss packs the plant for Arizona?
Lee A. Tichenor

So what if Schwarzenegger reaches out to Tinsel Town? Are we to wait for the grassroots populists to figure out who to champion? Don’t hold your breath.

McClintock has better credentials than anybody — but where’s the support?

Ronald Reagan was the people’s candidate. But he damn well didn’t turn down the money and influence of the Hollywood machine.

Sometimes action has to precede motivation.

Quit quibbling. Let’s win for a change!
Stephen Fuchs
Chatsworth, CA

P.S. By the way: Barbecues are a lovely thought, but there are less than 50 days until the election.

George Neumayr said it right when he said, “A party that abandons its agenda ‘to win’ will have no agenda to promote once it does.”

California Conservatives have a great candidate, Tom McClintock. (TomMcClintock.com). If only the media would include his name along with Schwarzenegger!!
Richard Davenport

Mr. Neumayr is right. Absolutely right. I cannot believe some of the people I see on television who are supposed to be conservatives, or neoconservatives, or whatever we call ourselves now. Arnold is the only person running in California we can claim to? You have to be kidding me! That guy is about as much a Republican as he is faithful to his wife. the only thing that is satisfying about the whole bunch of nonsense is that Ahnold and the Democrats in California deserve each other. What is most sad about it is there are a lot of good people in California that don’t deserve either.
Mike Webster
Dallas, TX

Re: Reader Mail’s Not Buying:

I have to agree with Richard McEnroe and think Darlene Lager is shooting the messenger. Fortunately for President Bush the DemoRATS are beholden to the same interests who are exporting the jobs overseas and thus can’t use that stick. Erskine Bowles tried using that stick against Elizabeth Dole and was promptly reminded that his wife exported thousands of textile jobs overseas. But the jobs issue could gain critical mass in future elections. The jobs issue isn’t just ordinary BS!
Diamon Sforza
Fayetteville, GA

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Drug Fix:

When you compare federal employee health costs to Medicare, you need to consider the age of the insured. Older people need and get much more care. People (including Tommy Thompson) think preventive medicine saves money, when it actually only defers costs. Organizations paying for the insurance of employees do save money if they can avoid expenses until the employee is eligible for Medicare. Eventually these people will get sick and die at even higher prices than today. Because of the idiotic attacks on all HMO’s, they will become obsolete even for the young employees. I think market-based insurance can save some money, but not the vast amounts implied in arguments such as yours.
Robert Jones
Burlington, NC

Unfortunately, the only thing Mr. Tyrrell and Teddy Kennedy have in common appears to be Wild Turkey. I would be willing to bet that Kennedy’s medicine cabinets are filled with it. Bush has yet to learn the hard lesson that when you attempt to find middle ground with liberal Democrats, you wind up with the ground being owned by the government. And turned into a park. Owned by the U.N. Liberals will never rest until socialized medicine is here. A pill for everyone and a doctor for no one.
Mike Webster
Dallas, TX

Re: Mabel Rockwell’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” letter in Reader Mail’s Not Buying:

In regards to the reader mail on James Bowman’s review of Open Range, I’m sure Mabel Rockwell and her husband in Huntington Beach, CA are wonderful people. They at least read The American Prowler.

But I always have to take someone’s definition of a movie as “great” with a grain of salt. This term is overused by so many movie lovers. Where does this leave truly great films like Gone With the Wind or Citizen Kane or The Godfather? Stupendous? Fantastic? Absolute nirvana?
Greg Barnard
Franklin, TN

Re: Bob Johnson’s “Stateless” letter in Reader Mail’s Not Buying:

Mr. Johnson writes from Texas that he suspects Larry Eubank of being a fellow transplanted Californian, “doomed to live in another state” (Indiana, not incidentally, my home state) because of California politics. I am forcibly reminded by his choice of words of those hyphenated Americans (African-Americans, Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans, etc.) who are “doomed to live in another country” (the United States, not incidentally, my homeland) because of the inhospitable conditions in their country of preference. Or should I just give Mr. Johnson the benefit of the doubt and assume he really meant to say “privileged to live in another state”?
Jenny Woodward
Bloomington, IN

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