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LISTEN UP, ONE AND ALL: Dust off that old VCR! Break out a fresh tape! Or, for you “rich Republicans,” plug in your TiVo.

C-SPAN, as part of its “Road to the White House,” is broadcasting Sen. Kerry’s 1971 testimony before Sen. Fulbright this Sunday night (6:30 & 9:30).

Just as significant, the following Sunday (March 28) they will be showing the 1971 Dick Cavett Show’s John Kerry and John O’Neil (anti-war) debate.


So, stock up on your favorite adult beverage (we are all going to need some “fortification”) and break out the popcorn. On second thought, that may not be such a good idea, as I’m sure that most of us will probably feel ill from what we see and hear.

BUT DEFINITELY, get the word out to one and all. These two shows, I hope (dare I add “and pray,” or is that no longer permissible?) may very well lead to a Sen. Snake “implosion.” Let’s see him try and “deny” his own testimony!

All Ye “Real Brothers,” Keep The Faith, and God Bless!
Michael Johnson
Burlington, Vermont

Re: George Neumayr’s The Treason Temptation:

This morning I slept in late. Rolled over, saw it snowing again. I am an old Nam Vet. Days like today I really hurt. Finally nature made me get up, and afterward I sat down to my computer, which Mum had already warmed up. “The Treason Temptation.” Right on.

I personally am offended by all this attention paid to other nations in this world. Just because other nations still have out houses and trenches doesn’t mean we have to. Just ’cause other nations drive Saabs, Toyotas, Volkswagens, and Kias, doesn’t mean we have to. Yes, I am comparing foreign made cars to outhouses. Back when I was a kid, Chevys and Fords and Mercurys were about it. Plus an occasional Stude or Henry J.

Year after I graduated from high school, ’63, some ass threw God out of the schools. That is one step that the anti-God people took that really stands out. Since then, they let satan in, and therefore all the attention to the other nations of the world. Most of these Democrats who have fallen in love with the other nations are a product of our school system, which has promoted a godless lifestyle, allegiance to the perverted whims of Hollywood, and the fads of the rest of the world.

As for me and mine, we vote Republican, believe in God, fly the American Flag, along with some others, POW/MIA for one, and believe in the Constitution. We keep our guns clean, our Caddy washed, and make sure our BUSH bumper stickers are in good order. We stand by Israel.

We really couldn’t care less what Vietnam, North Korea, or China thinks of us, what we have, or who we vote for. Course America has seasoned itself over the years. We find it easier and easier to accept treasonous activities. I ain’t very fonda Jane Fonda, or Kerry either.
Martin N. Tirrell
Lisbon, New Hampshire

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Binge College:

I am a 45-year-old ex-investment banker returning to school to get my teaching certification. I can assure you that vacuous is a generous description of my fellow students. There is virtually no intellectual curiosity at all, and the lack of general knowledge is astounding. You would be interested to know that Martin Luther King was president during the Vietnam War. And that the only democracy in the Middle East is France! I don’t think that the drinking is as prevalent as when I was in school in 1980, but ignorance is surely on the rise.
Pete Toal

This interesting column, I picked up from

Retired after 33 years as an economist at University of Texas at Arlington, I can relate to your comments but could not express them so well as you do.

Your off-topic introduction summarizing the Oil scandal at the UN is also straight to the point and good to read.
John B. McCall
Coppell, Texas

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Obamarama:

The only way the Democrats could not win Peter Fitzgerald’s Illinois Senate seat back would be if Carol Moseley Braun won the Democratic primary again. Her embarrassing Senate performance is the only reason Fitzgerald was elected in the first place. Illinois only went for Bush 41 barely against Dukakis 51%-49% in what was a national landslide. Barack Obama is a great candidate, but Jesse Jackson Jr. would probably also win if nominated. Illinois has become a Democrat stronghold. I’ve recently escaped to Indiana.
Dennis Genetski

It might be fair to explain that Obama, an African American, earned 80% of the black vote by virtue of his race.

He had almost no coverage outside of Chicago and Cook County. He will have a tough time defeating Ryan when he becomes well known downstate.
Harry Ground
Princeton, Illinois

I seriously doubt that Mr. Hull spent $40 million in the Illinois Senate primary.
Bruce Bartlett

Re: Dr. Patrick Rosa’s letter (“Chilled Bordeaux”) in Reader Mail’s Games People Play:

Dr. Patrick Rosa states that “Europeans have been the aim of terrorist attacks for the last 30-40 years, so we are used to it.” Dr. Rosa then goes on to indicate that we should “just sit back” while they (Europeans) will “have solved it”. Why would anyone want to state that they have become used to terrorist attacks? If these attacks have been going on for some 30-40 years yet in some way will be solved, I am wondering for how long we should expect to sit back and wait? True, terrorism did come to the doorstep of the US on September 11th, however I would sincerely hope that we (Americans) never become “used to it” nor tolerate such attacks for “30-40 years”. Possibly, Americans, not having the long term history and civilization found in Europe, do not think about terrorism nor react to it in similar time frames. I will go with expediency.
W. Meehan
Vienna, Austria

In your Reader Mail section, Dr. Rosa responds to Jacob Laksin’s “Europe Talks Terrorism” by scolding the United States in saying: “Europeans have been the aim of terrorists’ attacks for the last 30-40 years, so we are used to it, and we know a whole lot more about it.” He goes on to assert that we will still be fumbling in Iraq when they’ve solved it.

Admitting that Europeans can’t solve a terrorist problem they’ve been working on for 40 years isn’t just fumbling, it’s pathetically incompetent.
Tom Reynolds
Wharton, New Jersey

Dr. Rosa proudly states, “Europeans have been the aim of terrorists’ attacks for the last 30-40 years, so we are used to it, and we know a whole lot more about it. So if you’re not happy with the way we deal with it, just sit back and watch.”

Ironically, tragically actually, Dr. Rosa believes that our taking action “accordingly,” when we’re attacked, is inferior to their getting “used to it.” Does he not understand that getting “used to it,” or sitting back and watching, is an entirely unacceptable avenue for Americans?

Less than three years after we were unceremoniously dragged into the fray, we’ve set 50 million souls on the road to freedom, while Dr. Rosa wonders why we’re not happy with the way they’ve been dealing, or avoiding dealing, with it for four decades. This is “Twilight Zone” material.

Dr. Rosa, we don’t roll over for decades when we’re attacked, why do you?
Mark Hessey
Belmar, New Jersey

The writer from France, an academic of course, fails to realize the difference between the terrorism of the Algerians in the ’50’s and the present day Basques in Spain. They were and are seeking independence from what they perceive as a colonial occupation. The terrorists who struck the “twin towers” declared a different war manifesto. They seek nothing but death. It is the purpose of the Muslims to eradicate every single person of every other religion in the world.

This is a war that can only be compared to the Hitlerian war against the Jews. There is no end to the killing but the eradication of the whole population targeted. The entire non-Muslim world.. How does one appease this? Of course academics, especially Europeans, who have demonstrated their ability to “appease” down to the last American soldier twice in the last century, are willing to do that again. They hope not for victory or even survival, but merely that by staying still in the water they will be eaten last by the hungry shark that patrols there.

Cowards die a thousand deaths, brave men only one. America, and Great Britain be outposts of heart and courage. Fight on!
Jay W. Molyneaux

Let me see if I understand this correctly: Europe has been dealing with terrorist attacks for 30-40 years; knows much more about it than we ever could, and will soon solve the problem for us? Hmmm .… why haven’t you solved it already? Is 40 years not long enough? Is a solution anticipated by 2044? Or perhaps you plan to solve it the same way you solved the fascism problem in 1940? This nuanced approach is, I regret to say, too sophisticated for us American rustics. Perhaps it would better if the learned Doctor just sat back, kept his white flag by the window, and continue to let others do his fighting for him. After all, it’s the French way.
Dr. Michael McClellan
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

I had to laugh at Dr. Rosa’s letter and his comments regarding Jacob Laksin’s article,”Europe Talks Terrorism.” He say’s that they have been the aim of terrorist attacks for the last 30-40 years and basically we need to just sit back and watch how they deal with it. That is their problem in a nutshell. They have just sat back and watched it happen without doing a damn thing about it! Talk is cheap and the terrorists know it Dr. Rosa. Neville Chamberlain wanted to do nothing but talk to the Nazis, but it was force of action and the lives and blood of brave men and women that saved your intellectual behinds during World War Two. Thirty to 40 years of your fellow Europeans being murdered by terrorist cowards, and you are telling the U.S. that we need to follow your example? Give me a break!
Greg Goff
Casper, Wyoming

Dr. Rosa: I read your response to Jacob Laksin’s letter with a bemused expression on my face because you obviously share a problem we have with lots of Hollywood types in America: you believe your own press too much. Our “understanding” of terrorism is a little different than yours, since we tend to pair “understanding” with decisive action to protect our people and interests, when we have a national leader who faithfully carries out the duties of his office as President Bush does. You see, Dr. Rosa, we do have a little history with terrorism … do you remember something called Pearl Harbor, perhaps? I realize your own history books may not have much information on that event, since your country was busy collaborating with and surrendering to allies of the country that attacked us. I may be just a simplistic American, but I think terrorism is, on the whole, very simple: stop those who want to attack you before they can attack, and find/kill them if they succeed. As for watching Europeans deal with terrorism, I suppose I should pay closer attention to the business sections of the newspapers, where I’ll be able to read about the DEALS you folks tend to make with people who kill innocent people rather than deal with their grievances in a civilized manner.

Our “strategy” in dealing with terrorism seems to me to be pretty effective; search out and locate those who commit acts, those who support terrorism, and with trustworthy allies, eliminate threats. Just talk to your Libyan friends about that — I’m sure they can explain their reactions to our policies and intentions more effectively than I can.

By the way — do you have a fair amount of room in your city or town square … large enough for a statue? Looks like we need to ship the Statue of Liberty back to you — I think you need it, and what it represents, more than we do.
Bill Proctor
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Let me see if I get this right. In a little less than 3 years the U.S. has overthrown 2 dictatorships, marginalized Yasser Arafat, made Qaddafi blink and cough up his WMD, wrestled Kim Jong Il back to the negotiating table while ceasing blackmail payments, sent two-thirds of Al Qaeda to meet the angry god they worship, encouraged Iranian dissidents for democracy, made the Syrians extremely nervous, captured Saddam, brought the Iraqi paramilitaries to the brink of defeat, all but stamped out Abu Sayyef and prevented additional attacks on U.S. soil; yet we are to take lessons from Europeans that have endured terrorists attacks, in Dr. Rosa’s own words, “for the last 30-40 years,” with no perceivable end in sight.…

The Europeans couldn’t even quell Milosevic in their own backyard without our help or muster enough vertebrae to stand up for the Rwandan slaughter. Now they presume to lecture us on how to wage our own wars? Dr. Rosa, Europe has nothing but 30-40 years of FAILURE, APPEASEMENT and MORAL COWARDICE. Quiet please while adults are talking.
Rik Killeen
Sunrise, Florida

Did Dr. Patrick Rosa read his letter before he sent it? I started laughing as I read it. He says “Europeans have been the aim of terrorists’ attacks for the last 30-40 years, so we are /used/ to it, and we know a whole lot more about it.” Then he says “So if you’re not happy with the way we deal with it, just sit back and watch. You’ll still be fumbling in Iraq while we’ll have solved it.” When — in another 30-40 years? Dr. Rosa is quite laughable himself. When one has to dissolve into condescending and invective language, one has already lost the debate.
Mary Myers
Fort Myers, Florida

Yes Doctor Rosa, the world has just seen a case study of Europe’s terrorism solution in Spain. We in the USA already have experimented with this solution technique applied to crime. It is clearly illustrated in New York, New York circa 1980s.

We are different than Europe because we don’t want to get used to terrorism. So Europeans should get used to it.
Diamon Sforza
San Diego, California

Aside from Dr. Rosa’s arrogance (which is understood since he is European), I would take issue with his assertion that we will “still be fumbling in Iraq when we (presumably Europeans) will have solved it.” In the last 200 years of History, Europeans have solved virtually nothing! Their repetitive inability to defend themselves, relate peacefully with one another country to country, successfully modernize their economies, judicial systems, and military establishments, coupled with their supercilious treatment of the United States, a nation which has propped them up in many different ways is so blatant that it becomes laughable. My uneducated but quite perceptive father would tell the good doctor that Europe and Europeans couldn’t find their posteriors with both hands and a flash light.
Joe Baum
Newton Falls, Ohio

Only a Frenchman could point to 40 years of terrorists’ attacks as proof of Europe solving the terrorist problem.

L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace. Stick to chemistry, Dr. Rosa; logic seems to be beyond your grasp.

But as he said, “it is good to have something to laugh at in these times.”
Hugh A. L. Dempsey

Re: Kevin McGehee’s letter (“Foxettes”) in Reader Mail’s Games People Play:

Though reluctant to engage in such a debate, I must correct all concerned. Yes, not all the Fox Newsbabes are blonde. Much more importantly, the most beautiful woman in the world is certainly Kiran Chetry, Fox Headlinebabe. I refuse to entertain any contrary opinions. Well, pilgrim?
Jed L. Babbin

Kiran Chetry is babelicious.
Tim Claus

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