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Instant Confusion

Re: Jed Babbin’s July SGO:

Mr. Babbin sounds like a cheerleader for war in his article.

We’ve got to hit those Syrians — we’re going to block Iran and when we’re finished Bush will be our man!! World Peace!! World Peace!! Rah..Rah..Rah.

We’re going to invade these countries with our already tattered and thinly spread forces? What would this cost — another half trillion and several thousand lives?

Oh yessss, occupying three countries will be a challenge but if we all pull together and hold raffles/bake sales I think we can pull it off — with a modest addition to the deficit.
Don Smith
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Dear JED BABBIN: Your attitude makes me want to cry. How could you be so closed minded? How could you write such deceitful hateful things? You are a small man with a lot of fear in you, stuck in the depths of mindless and arrogant politics and defense. What kind of mind-droned bull***t are you propagating to the masses? Will you ever stop to think about your actions, or question your allegiance to our current administration? The best things about this country is that we are the ones that can look after the rest of the world, we have the means to be saints, but people like yourself (money hungry power grubbers) are keeping us from letting the world see that we are a good country with good people. You, my dear editor, defense retard, are a bad bad person. Shame on you and the finger to ya. Stop spreading your crap.

Re: Neil Hrab’s Everything Old Is New Again:

I believe the writer is missing a key point. As long as we continue offshoring our “brain works” we become more and more a captive to service industry. There is no real advancement, either scientifically or economically, in a service economy. As long as the market dictates quarterly profits, our most intelligent people will continue to be put out of work. Cost cutting almost always begins with experience and knowledge and ends up with selling furniture!

Mr. Hrab’s article is very good on the basis of the economics cited. But outsourcing limited only to the economics of the issue is of limited value. I would suggest that Mr. Hrab is a free trader. As such all materials, personnel and capital should have free access to the global market. All well and good.

Then I would suggest an acid test for Mr. Hrab’s postulate. He should enlist the aid of a newly minted Computer Science major of American nationality from MIT. I further suggest he have this person file for a work visa (aka an Indian H-1B equivalent) in India.

To save time, the results will be that such arrangements are not available for an American citizen in India. The marketplace is closed in India for such a person. And that is the rub. For all its supposed Fair Trade aspects touted by most U.S. administrations, little if any reciprocity is engendered overseas. I can only conclude that in the spirit of equity Mr. Hrab needs to utilize his influence to open the Indian IT market in all its aspects to American citizens.

To do otherwise is not Free Trade but a Free Ride.
John McGinnis
Arlington, Texas

Re: George Neumayr’s Kerry’s Conceptions:

I am deeply disheartened by the things that John Kerry purports to believe and not believe. His ironic inconsistencies, his theatrical Catholicism, and his hypocritical “support” for the military are enough to make any sane person react. What is far worse is the huge number of people who, knowing who and what this man is, will still support him in his quest for the highest office in the land. I cannot even allow myself to speculate on what this country will become during and after a Kerry presidency. Many years ago the Democratic Party left me as it lurched blindly leftward. Now I fear that my country is doing the same thing. I can’t believe that this man is sincere in any of his beliefs. How could he be?
Joseph Baum
Newton Falls, Ohio

Re: Ralph G. Reiland’s Moore Premeditates:

Michael Moore is in a league unto himself within the “blame America” crowd. He is making a profit on the backs of the troops sent to defend our freedom abroad with an anti-American, anti-Bush, pro-Taliban, pro-Saddam Hussein propaganda piece – all the whilst maligning capitalism and their Commander in Chief as the enemy.

Would that he was not so ignorant as to recognize the TRUE enemy — evil Islamofascists who wish to take over the world, sawing off our heads one at the time if necessary — NOT America, nor President George W. Bush.

Moore can rest assured, however, that even after the true enemy chopped off his head — given the chance — they would surely continue to promote his muckumentary.
Cathy Thorpe
Columbus, Georgia

Prof. Reiland rightly pegs Moore as someone who will do or say anything, irrespective of reality-and in spite of the truth-in his 24/7/365 hatred-driven crusade against Mr. Bush and America.

He also punctuates how important the opinion of non-Americans is for the likes of Moore and others who appear to loathe not only themselves but also America. Didn’t presumptive Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry make a big to-do about being endorsed by unnamed foreign leaders-and, if elected, going to the feckless U.N. and some European countries to grovel before them, begging their forgiveness for America having sullied its international relations and refusing to give up its sovereignty?

It’s going to backfire for the Democrats to be so represented by Mr. Moore and his latest mockumentary. It’s unbelievable, though sadly predictable, that none of them have had the conviction to condemn Moore for his lies, distortions and anti-Americanism.

He certainly seems to be right, though, about some Americans being a few slices short of a full loaf. He told the London Daily Mirror that Americans “are possibly the dumbest people on the planet.” For sure, somebody’s going to his movies in the U.S., enough to make him a millionaire. And it sure seems that many folks, including politicians and pundits, agree with his “analysis” and his point of view about how terrible America is.

I guess their choice represents one of the cherished freedoms we have: In a country in which dissenting voices can be heard-though seditious ones should be held fully accountable for their treason-it’s permissible for people, regardless of their schooling and experience, to be ignorant, stupid and gullible.

At least there’s a cure for ignorance, though.

But when will there be one for the hatand its people by the leftists, Hollywood, the partisan news media, some liberals and America’s clone of Nazi-propagandist Leni Riefenstahl?
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Should such an ignorant professor have a class to teach? The Kuwaiti incubator HOAX that you refer to was put on by the same people who have been crying “WMD’s in Iraq!!” (which there are none found nearly one and a half YEARS since we’ve been there…hmmm) and was dispelled quite some time ago.

Instead of blatant misinformation, how about asking hard questions, like why is VP Cheney still not being investigated for his obvious links to Halliburton, or anybody questioning the administration for what was said in the film, or doing any fact checking on their own? Oh, yeah, don’t bother me with facts, I have my mind made up already….
Dennis Gring

Although Ralph makes a good, albeit trivial, point about whether or not Iraq ever “murdered” an American — is this guy really saying that that lone cited incident (from 1985 no less) of murder justifies our invading a sovereign nation? Besides, he began his article by repeating a long discredited lie about Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait.

Here’s a little tip Ralph. If you want to put out an article where you call someone else a liar, it is not a good idea to lie in your lead paragraph. You kind of lose credibility before you can make your point, if you even have one. It’s kind of like George Bush; He built up the war on Iraq (which he intended and planned starting 2 weeks after the inauguration according to Paul O’Neil) based on a fundamental lie: that Iraq had tons of chemicals and missiles and nukes and stuff and they were coming to get us.

You see how such lies can undermine one’s credibility, don’t you?
Michael Parker
Archer, Florida

If Ralph R. Reiland would do his homework instead of repeating Mr. Rove’s talking points he would know that the story of Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators in Kuwait is a lie. It never happened. It was another Urban Myth put out to suck us into the first Gulf War. I almost forgot to tell you to go f— yourself. If it’s good enough for Dick, it’s good enough for you.
Colby C. Black

Great record-straightening regarding Michael Mooronic, but, one little correction. It has been proven, without doubt, no babies were thrown on the floor from incubators in Kuwait. All else written by Mr. Reiland is on the money!
James DeSantis
Erie, Pennsylvania

Re: Shawn Macomber’s Sore Losers:

As a registered Republican, I have to ask what’s so bad about a candidate who shows “distaste for Kerry, McAuliffe, the Clintons and the rest of the Democratic establishment”? Dean’s surliness and the Deaniacs’ refusal to accept defeat are part and parcel of the sense of entitlement Democrats in general feel when it comes to knowing what’s best for all Americans. Bipartisanship can be defined as what occurs when benighted Republicans are finally made to see the light and work with Democrats in Congress.
Jenny Woodward

Shawn’s article about the Deaniacs and their obsession with “Der Leader” comes close to saying what this is all about. These people are fascists, pure and simple. They have the fanaticism and the sadism that propelled Hitler to the top in Germany during the early 30’s. They have the hatred of anyone who disagrees with their vision of the world and their leader. They want Dean as a VP because like in Germany, they believe the same thing is going to happen to Kerry that happened to Ludendorf and Dean will be powered into the number one spot (same as happened in Vermont in 1991). I do not make any accusations of anything but there is a historical coincidence in this. Given that “Howie” has stated, “We will get rid of Bush first, then Kerry next,” the Deaniacs have probably put more into that than what Dean meant because they are so fanatical. Whatever the scenario is, we are witnessing to a degree exactly what happened in Germany during the ’30s. Fortunately, the situation here is quite different than then and the chances of any of this taking place is remote. To one who has studied Nazism and the Holocaust, this shows just how easy it actually was for these people to finally grab power. We are seeing the attempt again today.
Pete Chagnon

There is only one appropriate response to this silliness — Yeeeeehhhaaaaahhhhh!

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell’s Among London’s Farceurs:

Please listen carefully:

1. The reason that the U.S. should not have been in Vietnam is that it was not our fight.

2. The reason that the U.S. should not be in Iraq is that it is not our fight.
Jon Morrison

Re: The Washington Prowler’s The Loved One (Labor Shores Up Its Pride):

Kerry has forced Labor to eat humble pie. John Edwards’ humble pie.
Mrs. John B. Jackson III (Janet)
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

The thing I find most interesting about all of the coverage of Edwards is the idea that he is a moderate. Maybe compared to Kerry, but Edwards is far from a moderate. In fact, he is quite liberal, his whole “two Americas” speech screams of populism and an extremely liberal agenda. Not to mention his background as a trial attorney using the “little guy” to make millions. He will spin this as fighting for the “little guy”, but if he wasn’t amassing a fortune you can bet he would not have chosen another field of law. I am glad he chose Mr. Edwards because this election is really going to be a contrast of ideas, rather then what some Dems call “Bush-lite” like a Lieberman or Bayh. In the end, I think America war on terror and lower taxes for ALL Americans.
James Torrell

Why don’t we just call them Big John and Sparky?

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