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Retired Reserve

Re: John Tabin’s A Mean Mess:

I just read John Tabin’s piece. Lorraine Boles made a mistake in accrediting the OxBloggers. They are way too close to Boston. The DNC should have started with Tim Blair and looked for url’s even more distant.

Jack Risko

Re: George Neumayr’s The Party of National Insecurity:

No argument that the Democrat Party is the party of national anxiety. They never seem to have met a calamity or crisis or bad-news story, in general, that they didn’t relish and then exploit politically and emotionally.

But they’re also the party of national non-security.

And while certainly they — or, at least, their leaders and presumptive presidential and vice-presidential candidates — continue to demonstrate their appeasing nature with America’s domestic and international enemies, I would not use pacifism in any pure or hyphenated form to describe that party. Pacifism has typically meant “refusal to bear arms on moral or religious grounds.” Neither reason applies to the Dems.

A gaggle of contrarians, however, they seem to be.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder’s Religion of Hate:

As a social scientist and a believer of Koran I am amazed at the distortions based on misquoted Koran verses — “Religion of Hate” written by “Jackie Mason, a comedian, and Raoul Felder, a lawyer” on 7/8/2004. Some of the verses quoted (22:19) describe souls in eternal hellfire, not Muslim conduct against other faiths, while others (2:191, 9:5) were displayed out of their context, i.e., a defensive war circa 635 between early Muslims and the encircling army. The maximum penalty of cutting the hand is not for disbelievers, as the writers herald, but for thieves (in desert, effectively murderers). There are countless verses in Koran that command tolerance, good conduct among faiths, praise Christians and their priests. Koran gives Christianity and Judaism explicitly a special “People of the Book” status within a Muslim society. Islam, as President Bush spoke his mind, is a religion of tolerance.

Simply look at the history of Islam and the Near East, the Ottoman Empire admitting persecuted Jews from Spain, establishing tolerance between Christians and Muslims or Christian Arabs practicing their religion for 14 centuries in Palestine, Syria, Iraq or Egypt, until harmony and coexistence were interrupted by colonial expansion in 19th century. Surely had there been any such corrupt interpretations such as advocated by Mr. Mason and Mr. Felder, from Austria to Ethiopia there would have been no “People of the Book” left in a thousand years.

I believe you will be fair in granting a right to answer with an article to show that not only Islam is not a religion of hate but also the Koran holds the key for the cooperation of the three faiths towards peaceful coexistence and defeating terror forever.
Hakan Ozkaplan
Istanbul, Turkey

Re: George Neumayr’s Kerry Conceptions:

Let’s see, Kerry “opposes abortion,” but he can’t impose his views by voting for pro-life judges or pro-life legislation. However, he can vote for pro-abortion judges and pro-abortion legislation, so I guess it’s OK to impose views that he doesn’t believe in (?) What am I missing here?
George Ferguson
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Re: Shawn Macomber’s Amoral Hazard:

I propose trading the U.N. headquarters in New York for our troops in Europe. The U.S. military is allowed to “thicken” it’s troops without recalls, the Europeans get to bicker among themselves on the new U.N. location (which is really a European institution anyway), and New York is allowed to develop prime property.
Diamon Sforza
San Diego, California

Shawn Macomber is exactly right. But, world class ingrates are not limited to Europeans and NATO. Japan and Korea are just as bad. The Japanese constantly bellyache about our naval air forces creating noise and pollution, and Koreans have resented and demonstrated against our presence there for 30 years now. I say enough! Let’s re-deploy all our troops in Europe and the Orient to Iraq and Afghanistan, and when they kick the asses of the Muslims, let’s bring them home. If we need to project power, our fine Navy can do that.
A. A. Reynolds
Chula Vista, California

I agree with Shawn Macomber. Nato is just a waste of money. Find one person who can give me a good reason to remain in Kosovo when a real war is going on. I say screw the Europeans; they’ve been screwing us for
G. Adam Condo

Shawn Macomber is right on in his indictment of our European “allies.” However, his statement that “enlistees are assured that they will only be asked to make such a sacrifice in a World War III-type scenario” is a perfect example of the all too common trivialization of our war on terrorism. Until we as a nation wake up and realize that we ARE in the middle of World War III, we are doomed to fail. Politicians and the liberal left who politicize the situation only serve to embolden our enemies. This treasonous behavior has got to stop! WAKE UP, AMERICA!! WE ARE AT WAR!! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO QUIBBLE OVER PARTISAN POLITICS!! WE MUST STAND UNITED!!
Brian Wood
Pueblo, Colorado

I think Shawn Macomber has misread things.

The announcement (and subsequent follow-on coverage) indicated that those being called up were from the Individual Ready Reserve.

These are not “retired” personnel. They are soldiers who did their minimal service commitment (something less than 8 years), and were put in the IRR to complete the remaining years of their 8-year commitment.

We all had that happen to us, and some of us (in prior wars) got
recalled to complete our remaining time. It is one of the
“privileges” of being a U.S. Military veteran.
G. J. Feig
Havre, Montana

“…recall thousands of retired soldiers.”

They are not retired soldiers. They are on the Active Reserve.
Robert P. Kelso, Sr.

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