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Losing It Big

Once again, all but one Swift Boat Vet served America well in its time of need.

Thank you, sincerely.
David Govett
Davis, California

Re: David Hogberg’s Electoral State College:

Tuesday night as I stayed up until the week hours here in California I had a print out of Hogberg’s predictions in front of me whilst flicking amongst the news channels, keeping score at home.

It was easy …. All I had to do was to put check marks next to each of Mr. Hogberg’s predictions as they came true.

By 3 a.m. Pacific time I called it quits, and went to bed for a few fitful hours of sleep with only a few check marks left to make.

Getting a state by state prediction 100% accurate surely qualifies as scary smart. I consider myself reasonably well informed and intelligent, but I bow before true greatness in this case.

Well done!
John Horner
Morgan Hill, California

Re: David Hogberg’s Why Kerry Lost:

Mr. Hogberg almost got it right in “Why Kerry Lost.” But he and other pundits have not considered another portion of the American electorate, the reluctant Bush voters.

My wife and I, both registered Democrats, voted reluctantly for Bush. We would gladly have voted for Joe Lieberman.

The Democrats lost the election by nominating Kerry. We remembered Kerry’s Vietnam anti-war statements and his anti-military policies in the Senate. My wife’s brother died in Vietnam. My best friend suffers today from grievous wounds received in Vietnam. I proudly served in the U.S. Navy. We could never support a Democrat with his history.

And, if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton in 2008 and the Republicans nominate any reasonable candidate, we will vote for the Republican.
Nelson Ward
Ribera, New Mexico

Re: The Prowler’s Tuesday’s Dirty Numbers:

I saw the Prowler article suggesting that bogus exit polling data was circulated around the Internet. I have another theory that may explain the real exit polling data being off by several percentage points.

I am working on a story that will appear on my blog site on Saturday including allegations that the locations and times for the exit polling were obtained by Democratic Party operatives (probably Move On). By “packing” the pols at those times, they could affect the results.

Wonkette admits that she was leaked a copy of exit polls from CNN and also posted an internal company memo from Frank Luntz that discussed the exit polls early in the day.

Dick Morris pointed out in the NY Post that exit polls can be inaccurate, but all in the same direction and in all of the swing states.

Any info? Any interest?
Randy Mott
Warsaw, Poland

Question: Why does not anyone mention the fact that Warren Mitofsky of the media’s “exit poll” pool, Mitofsky International, worked for CBS. In fact he was the executive director of the CBS news election unit. He was also the executive producer of the election night broadcasts for CBS. He (Mitofsky) also was a founder (1975) and director for 15 years of the CBS News/New York Times Poll.

Joseph Lenski of Edison Media Research also worked for and with Mitofsky before going out on his own. Were these exit polls biased?
Carol Macris
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Re: The “Long Divisions” letters in Reader Mail’s Hogberg Nailed It and George Neumayr’s No Dividing the Red Sea:

Whew. As witnessed in your “letters to the editor” section, the Liberals’ bile and hate against Conservatives and George W. Bush has kicked into hyper-drive. I didn’t think the level could get any worse, but man, was I ever wrong. I thought this kind of ranting and raving would be confined to padded cells.
Chris Norman

The country’s divided because of people like you. Why don’t you quit demonizing people who don’t believe the same as you. This is America and we’re all Americans. You’re no better than me or any other free-thinking person. Your time will come. Jerk.
Steve Hansen

Get over it you liberal crybabies!! YOU LOST!! The only thing divided in this country is your agenda from the mainstream of society. We are not divided as the election DOES show. President Bush received more votes than any other president in HISTORY!! So face facts, shut up, and be grateful if Bush lets you participate in anything!!
B. Stephens

So many on the left were asleep in their civics classes that they have become frightened by George Neumayr’s opinion piece. They are still represented in Congress and have some power. Picking up Senate seats as well as House seats has made President Bush a more formidable power. Our system has all kinds of checks and balances so they can relax a bit.

Mark York is a strikingly arrogant California liberal. After just about driving his own state into the ground he wants to lecture people that manage their affairs quite a bit better than him. Most of us aren’t looking for advice from people who elect politicians like Gray Davis. Give me Sam Brownback any day.

It seems funny that Mr. Merryman is not gay but I’ll take his word for it. Possibly he can remember President Clinton having a mandate and never getting a majority of the votes. He’ll get over this defeat and the fact that he is apparently from a family of racists. I think he should keep lecturing his parents and grandparents until they leave blacks, browns, Catholics and Jews alone. Families like his have created a lot of mischief.

William Seaton is unaware that Jerry Springer is one of his leftist brothers. Springer’s show is one of the many examples of liberal culture that is thrust on the us by those that live in the “heart” of the country. I don’t know about the rest of you but he is a little tiresome with his pointing fingers and passing judgment on all of us (all done from an atheistic point of view like Stalin or Hitler).

I would appreciate it if Mr. Neumayr would not poke fingers in the wounds of our liberal brethren so soon after the election. Give them a few weeks so they put their heads back in the sand and return to watching reruns of “The West Wing.”
Clif Briner

I just had a chance to read the responses to George Neumayr’s article, “No Dividing the Red Sea,” and I have two points I’d like to make.

First, for all of those liberals who think the “bi-coastal” vote was near unanimous in going for (still) Senator Kerry: Untrue. Just look at the numbers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Votes for Bush were up significantly for him in 2004. In no way did (still) Senator Kerry win those states by a landslide. The “coasts” now include a growing population of citizens sick of liberalism. Second, directly in response to someone who said “I have never read a bigger piece of Right Wing propaganda. “No Parting the Red Sea” — what a joke, nothing but a bunch of inbred, Bud drinking, pick-up truck driving, illiterate rednecks who rush home early to catch the latest installment of Blue Collar TV.” That is also untrue. As a resident of NJ, and a practicing Catholic, I voted for President Bush. I do not drink Budweiser, do not drive/own a truck, I am college educated and am not “in-bred.” People who make statements such as this are themselves ignorant. This country is at the edge of a big “wake up call” where citizens are now (not getting) sick and tired of the (im)moral assault on the family — from oversaturation to sexual content (at all ages), teen pregnancy, abortion, media bias, media hype, material want, etc.

Liberals, especially those from the “if it feels good, do it” generation, are in the minority now and better get used to more of the same (election victories by conservatives). It’s only downhill for them from now on unless they wake up.
Chip O’Brien

I’m curious as to what planet Ms. Booth is inhabiting. She says: “This nation IS divided. The election is clear, undeniable proof of that. Bush narrowly won the states he did. Is Neumayr’s blind? Insane?”

A quick review of the red/blue election result map shows that Bush won:

5 states with 65% or more (one of them over 70%),
8 states with 60% or more, and
8 states with 55% or more of the popular vote.

That leaves only 8 that he won by a margin narrower than 55% of the popular vote. A simple average of the plurality among the states he won is 58.7% to Kerry’s 40.1%. This fits a definition of “narrowly won?”

She further states: “He is no journalist — he cannot even acknowledge simple facts. As such, he has no business critiquing others. This entire website is embarrassing to our country.”

The simple review of the map demonstrates that it is Ms. Booth who lacks a grasp of the facts. She sounds like a typical loser in denial of the truth. When Clinton is elected twice with less than 50% of the popular vote, he has a mandate and the country isn’t “divided.” When Bush is reelected with a majority of the popular vote and a 2+% margin, the nation is deeply divided and doesn’t have a mandate.

Maybe this website is an embarrassment to the Euro-clique of this country and the rest of the world since they don’t like the truth when it conflicts with their beliefs.
Robert P. Ward
Bonney Lake, Washington

To Mr. Seaton and all of the other childish, leftist ranters that, just like they probably did in kindergarten when they didn’t get there own way, throw temper tantrums. Grow up! As for the rest of the world. If you can’t be well liked, be well hated!
Greg Goff
Casper, Wyoming

George Neumayr, in “No Dividing the Red Sea,” asks “If the country is as divided as they eagerly assert, why don’t the Democrats control half the branches of government?”

Let’s see … maybe it’s because we have an Electoral College, where winner takes all in most states? And because the winning party can appoint the members of the judiciary; can use their positions (especially in the Executive Branch) to set agendas that indirectly help members of the same party; can use their positions to directly help members of the same party; and can use their positions to communicate daily if not hourly with the public?

Remember, a “red” or “blue” state theoretically could have an almost 50-50 split.

Also, the popular vote for President did not show that the country is not divided; quite the opposite. It’s close to 50-50.

The likely reason Kerry lost is that was not a good candidate. Far from being liberal, he was Bush Lite. Democrats failed to reach out to real liberals, people who, like our Founding Fathers, do have problems with faith-based government.

Save Mr. Neumayr’s editorial for when the Republicans have something approaching 75 percent of the popular vote.
Brian J. Foley

I do not agree with you that this country is divided, but rather the liberal Democrats are divided. Until they realize this, they will continue to lose. This is the second time and they still do not get it. Zell Miller tried to tell them and they would not listen.
Rudy Mercado

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s The Wages of Hatred:

This article is so “right on the money” so to speak. Thank you so much Mr. Tyrrell. It is so accurate, if I could write like this — I would write like this!!

Perhaps the Democrats still have not learned their lessons and maybe that will be to our advantage. As they continue to spew hatred they will continue to lose people. If Nancy Pelosi assumes Daschle’s position we will know that they have learned NOTHING.
Ruth Lindemann

As a student of politics, I thought you might enjoy the e-mail I sent to many Chicago area reporters and columnists after two of them wrote columns last week in which they noted that while they disliked John Kerry, they just had to vote for him.

Kerry, before it’s too late.

Remember THAT campaign slogan?

It seems to me that in their support of John Kerry far too many Chicago’s liberals sound exactly like “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak these days.

Like Fast Eddie’s supporters with poor Bernie Epton, most have nothing much good to say about their own candidate.

Like Fast Eddie and his boys, are they also peddling a foaming at the mouth hatred because they feel deprived of power they had come to think they were entitled to?

I am not a shrink, but it sure sounds that way from where I stand.

Perhaps they should consider what all that hate got Fast Eddie in the long run.

So far not one of them has replied saying my comparison of them to an infamous racist is off the mark.
Rosslyn Smith

What happens to Kerry now? Does he fade back into the woodwork and continue his practice of absenteeism from the Senate? Will he have any leadership roll in the party, I doubt it? This nice thing about this is that he has plenty of money and places to hide out. We never heard about him and poor Senate record prior to his failed run for the presidency, and hopefully we will hear little from him again.
Thomas Bullock
West Covina, California

Re: William Tucker’s Lessons for Losers and Patrick O’Hannigan’s Lessons From Tinfoil Hats:

I’d like to express my thanks for William Tucker’s excellent “Political Hay” piece, and have only one other addition to his advice to liberal losers that cannot “reconcile themselves that they are indeed “Living in the USA”: please leave. Plenty of room here in France, where you’d undoubtedly feel more ideologically at home and would simultaneously raise the moral backbones and political purity of both countries. Then as France grinds on to its slow death of Statist implosion (trying to take all of Europe with it), the USA could have the mandate to dismantle the social experiments enshrined in big government by FDR, JFK, LBJ and return to its Libertarian and Conservative roots and preserve a brighter future for our children.

And if any liberal losers are reading this, please let me know about your relocation plans, as I have an excellent house to sell you.
James Ward
Breux-Jouy, France

I am taken aback by the venom with which political conservatives are reflecting on their recent victories at the polls. The delight reflected in columns by William Tucker and Patrick O’Hannigan seem more a product of rage than anything else, using the 3% victory at the polls as an excuse to torture, murder and desecrate the corpse of democratic liberalism in America.

Similarly, I am troubled by Scott McClellan’s statement that “The American people spoke clearly about the agenda they want for the next four years,” implying that “The American people” want a Bush presidency. Forty-eight percent of America simply does not, though American conservatives are viewing their win as a clear mandate from heaven.

Ultimately, I concede William Tucker’s point I and the 48% of Americans who voted for John Kerry are the minority. At the same time, I assert that we are also citizens, and deserve to be treated as such, rather than subjects to hierarchical order. I call on your readers, conservatives at large, and the newly elected Republican majority to make good on President Bush’s promise to earn our trust, by living up to the rhetorical standard of compassion that has been set by your party, and using your power to incorporate rather than castigate our view of what America could be.

Good luck, and please remember that 51% does not a mandate make.
Michael Kimaid
Bowling Green, Ohio

An incredibly uplifting menu of post-election opinions. From identifying the put-offish-ness of the liberal elite’s attitude (exampled perfectly in the slurs the coastal liberals directed toward the heartland in their letters), to the outing of Kerry as a fraudulent poseur during the final weeks of the campaign, the message is clear: The 40-year swing of the pendulum to the left is picking up speed as it leaves the apex of the Clinton years. That W could do so convincingly despite his foibles is proof of this.

Mr. O’Hannigan: May I borrow your line for a bumper sticker next to my “Proud Member Of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”?

How about, “It Doesn’t Take A Village, It Takes A Family.”
William H. Stewart
Boston, Massachusetts

There must be a Democratic brain and a Republican brain. They look the same but the mechanisms completely alien.

In writing, “Pass a law and watch it happen! It never occurs to you that people can pursue these goals in the private sphere — and can accomplish things rather than just telling other people what to do,” William Tucker brings to mind a friend who was passionate about the environment. He reasoned that a degree in mining engineering might be the best way to advance his interest. Another friend had a son with similar ideas, but he was heading off to law school with a plan to specialize in environmental law. Over dinner, I needled, “that’s great, you could get a good job working for a coal company.” He damn near choked.
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I humbly suggest to the pundits of America that the term “fly over country” be eliminated from the lexicon. Or at least rename it “The Republican Range” or “Victory Alley.”
John McGinnis

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