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Re: Ben Stein’s We Shall Overcome:

Ben Stein’s recent essay about Malibu and Hollywood could also describe the ultra left-wing culture of Sonoma County north of San Francisco. When the Republican volunteers came to our street last summer they had only two stops to make — and they travel in pairs. Yard signs for Bush would have been unthinkable. Anyway, great essay!
Don Dakan
Santa Rosa, California

I live in Pacific Palisades, nestled in between the liberal bastions of Santa Monica, Malibu, Brentwood and a little further down Sunset Blvd. Beverly Hills.

I boldly have displayed two Bush/Cheney bumper stickers on my Escalade along with an NRA sticker. I’m not taking them off.

I have recently been accepted into the FBI’s Citizens Academy and passed the course three months ago winning the shooting competition.

I admit I find it exciting to be so counter culture in “West LA.”

Mr. Stein, be on the lookout for me, if I’m not driving the Escalade I’m driving the older style “S” class, it has that oval W 04 sticker on it. Come and say hi.

If anyone is upset with us I say “Bring it on!”
Richard Fields

Massachusetts in 2000 was very similar. Two-thousand four was totally different. Bush/Cheney lawn signs, people (without checking around) looked you in the eyes and said OUT LOUD, I am voting for Bush. Every Bush lawn sign I saw, I whooped. Although there is very little hope this state will ever go Republican (even East Coast Republican) it was a great election year.
Judith L. Miley

Like Ben Stein, I am a red voter in a blue neighborhood. Many of my friends and my top client — upon whom I am financially dependent — are blue, too. But what keeps my mouth shut is not fear, but resignation. The blue people do not know how to listen. While perceiving themselves as brilliant, they are no different than members of the Red Guard, shaking their little Mao books in the air. I keep my mouth shut, because earning their antipathy for no gain accomplishes nothing.
Steve Crews
Chicago, Illinois

I am a conservative gay. You can fully appreciate the reactions I get from other gays when I express opinions from the “other side.” Liberal prejudices and bigotry (and hence, hypocrisy) is evidenced everyday. Believe me, coming out of the closet as a gay man was a lot easier than coming out as a gay conservative. I refuse to hide in ANY closet. To my enlightened (???) liberal friends, I say: We’re here, we’re conservative and queer, get used to it!
Randy Culbreth
Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks Ben. Thanks for standing up to the oh so nice liberals. Why, they wouldn’t hurt a fly, would they.
Chris Renegar

I am a subscriber to American Spectator, and I love Ben Stein. I wish one of your writers would fill in a thought I’ve had for some time now, regarding libs who want to be called “progressives.” They are NOT progressive — they are REgressive. . . back to the Middle Ages. The Regressives treat Big Government like the King, with their activist judges playing the “Lords” and the rest of us, millionaires, corporations, middle-class, etc., as the serfs who do the labor, produce the goods, and then end up giving most of the fruits of our production to the “King.” They are aided and abetted by activist judges (“Lords”) who have systematically dismantled (or tried to) the Constitution and replaced it with the unelected, whose opinions “must” be “right” so that the Regressives can prosper. There’s a column or something in there, somewhere, I believe. Thank God for your magazine, the bloggers, Rush and his colleagues on talk radio (except for that idiot Air America or whatever Al Frankenstein calls his hysterical rants), and the good ol’ folks who make this country work. I loved this latest column from Ben Stein, and I say, “Give ’em hell, Ben! And God bless!”
Marilyn Leiker
DeWitt, New York

Please pass along my sincere appreciation to Ben Stein for comparing Bush supporters to the WW2 French Maquis. Only he would know that the word for bush in French is maquis!!!

I just read Ben Stein’s article about being a Republican in Malibu. I really do understand him because believe it or not this has happen in the belly button of the very states that elected Bush (which was most on them). We had to keep our mouths shut about our political leanings or run the threat of tires been deflated, keyed cars, on and on. It is still going on.

What are they feeding the Democrats? What ever it is it is dangerous and growing because it is America and in the RED, White and Blue if you don’t speak their brand of PC you can lose your relationships of years, your job and be in fear of what comes next. I have become more afraid of my fellow “citizens” than of the Terrorist. I understand now in a very small way how all oppressed people live.

If this isn’t stopped it is going to be very, very ugly come next election cycle.

Barbra Boxer is one of the most hateful politicos I have ever heard. How on God’s earth do you keep her in office?

Thank you, Mr. Stein,
Elizebeth L. Huff

Great article, Ben Stein.

I am in L.A., Yoga teacher, Artist who studies in NYC, Shiatsu Practitioner. All alone here in L.A. voted for Bush. I get Hate Bush email from people who have no idea. I am Jewish, I am a woman. I am all alone amongst my friends who believe George Bush is a “stupid, right wing, evangelical lying dictator” If they only knew. I would loose all my clients. Oh well, Nice to know that I am not really alone.
Shelley Piser

An additional anecdote:

My middle age brother has a pool cleaning business, servicing Beverly Hills, Bel Air etc. He was a huge John Kerry fan. I don’t know how many of his star clients shared his beliefs, probably several, but not one of his peers. He lamented the fact that there was no support for Kerry among his “brothers” in the pool cleaning business. He felt so alone…so sad.
Carolyn Bradshaw
Prescott, Arizona

As a Black female conservative Republican married to a White man and living in a predominately Black New Jersey suburb, I understand what it is like to be an outsider. Here in NJ, we have not yet come out of the shadows. We are barely out among our close liberal friends, who are still incredulous that anyone could believe what we believe. I enjoyed Ben Stein’s article. My grandfather once said that he had the most powerful vote in America because he singlehandedly elected Nixon president. Brother Stein reminds me that we are not alone.
Cheryl Duffey
Rahway, New Jersey

Ben Stein….mmmmm, Better than any Folgers in the morning. Yes, we shall overcome. And Barbra, we are out side you gates.
Mary Fanning
Winnetka, Illinois

I love Ben Stein!
Daniel Desermeau

Re: Paul Beston’s A Libertarian in Boxing Gloves:

Boxing? Of course it must be permitted.

In fact, nobody has ever been able to provide me with a satisfying legal theory in support of the prohibition of dueling. The social costs of this ban are plain — civility lost, snarkiness ascendant.

Best Regards,
Paul Kotik
Plantation, Florida

Morally, I fail to see the difference between letting Holyfield fight till he drops and letting some fat sedate slob, such as myself, slowly kill himself with beer and cheeseburgers.

No one loves to see a good fight more than I do. Mr. Evander Holyfield has had some wonderful accomplishments in the ring that can never be taken away from him. However, if the Evander Holyfield that appeared as a commentator on the Friday night fights last week is representative of the mental acuity he has remaining, then any boxing commission is doing him a favor by suspending his license. He appeared to have all the classic signs of a punch drunk pugilist who has absorbed way too many blows to the head. He couldn’t string two words together coherently and he sounded as if his mouth were full of cotton. I hope for his sake that I am wrong and that he just lacks the type of personality that projects well on TV. To say that the boxing commission would be doing him a favor is not to say that they should be given the legal authority to force him to accept such a favor. Why do I suspect that all the usual “free to choose” advocates would be on the other side of this issue? We are already coming painfully close to having government “fat slob commissions” to regulate our eating choices.

In the spirit of lazy fare I am willing to let any fighter absorb all of the punishment that he wishes. I just don’t want to have to see it. Most fans only want to attend a fair fight. To help assure this, it would be the media’s job in a free country tell us when a fighter’s capacities are diminished and to what degree. Of course, it’s each fans responsibility to decide what degree of maiming he considers humane and then refuse to support the event when it reaches that point. There are fans that would show up to see certain bloody death in the ring. Is there really any other fitting end for a real warrior?

I’ll have that second double cheeseburger now.
Wayne Harriman
Rio Rico, Arizona

Re: Jed Babbin’s The Conservative Backlash:

A most timely reminder from the indispensable Mr. Babbin that preserving an American Socialist Paradise is most definitely NOT one of the reasons we have engaged the global Jihad in an epochal struggle for survival.

The President must — must- leverage his political capital and, frankly, his personal disinterest in future Presidential electoral politics to the critical end of dismantling Leviathan. He can do it. The worst thing that can happen to President Bush is that he not get elected to a third term. As the President himself said, his wife, his family and his dog will still love him. If he does what he ought to in D.C., then so will I.

We must all keep turning the screws on the President and the Republican Congress. We are not kidding about this.
Paul Kotik
Plantation, Florida

As a fiscal conservative myself, I cannot but applaud the thrust of Mr. Babbin’s article; however, the specific suggestions of the piece left me wondering whether either he or the Spectator have any real grasp of our current fiscal circumstances.

As most everyone knows, the three largest expenditures in the federal budget are currently (and in this order): 1. Social Security; 2. Defense; and 3. Medicare — which between them swallow up some 52% of all outlays (totaling $2.15 trillion). If we add in interest on the debt, Medicaid, and other retirement or disabilities monies, then we’re just under 71%. Throw in unemployment and we’re nearing 75%. (For your viewing pleasure, click here.)

If we killed everything else, including the incredibly wasteful NASA, we would still run only a modest surplus, and that surplus would be necessary for the foreseeable future to pay down the grotesque amount of debt we have accumulated. Let us not play fanciful (and ideologically one-sided) parlor games; let us instead get our fiscal house in order. Trim the budget of waste? By all means. Balance the budget by cutting here and there? Unlikely. Why not instead squarely face facts? The Big Three will require cuts.

For my money — and it is my money we’re talking about here — we should reduce the military alongside entitlement programs and pork. Once upon a time (pre-1979), conservatives used to believe in balanced budgets; no longer. The “Reagan Revolution” resulted in deficit spending for fifteen years. The Bush administration is similarly infatuated with spending other peoples’ money. Once upon a time (pre-twentieth century) conservatives used to have a dread of standing armies; no longer. Now we rattle sabers at anything and everything: from Haiti, to Bosnia, to the Axis of Evil (and that’s within the last ten years).

If we do not rectify the current fiscal crunch, and do it now, historians will likely speak of the U.S. in terms of “once upon a time….”
Sean C. Goodlett
Assistant Professor of History
Fitchburg State College
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Re: George Neumayr’s In Service to Inhumanity:

You people are scum, maybe worse.

First of all, where are the facts — how many babies, what were their conditions. No time for facts, eh? Better to start calling people names.

Why don’t you self-righteous [bleeps] deal with issues in your own backyard like the lack of health insurance, the lack of a good education for all, 100,000 Iraqi deaths. No that would make you think. Much harder then insulting others. The Dutch euthanize between 5 and 10 babies a year. Tell me less children die each year in the U.S. because of the lack of health care or nutrition.
Mike Perlman

These people that are murdering babies they deem unfit to survive are the same people that scream that the death penalty is inhumane. The hypocrisy is sickening.
Greg Goff
Casper, Wyoming

Thank you for the excellent article by George Neumayr on the Dutch euthanasia program silencing tiny children published December 3, 2004.

As a Roman Catholic, I am outraged and sickened such perversity is allowed to exist on a country wide scale. Holland had been on a slippery slope now cliff for many years and their “enlightenment” these past 500 plus years has produced disastrous results to both morality and spirituality.

Yes, the Culture of Death is slowly seeping into the mainstream consciousness of the world like an insidious virus really to fell its next victim. All this reminds me so much of the 1930s Nazi euthanized programs on retarded children in which some 100,000 -200,000 were murdered each year. These “undesirables” as they were known then seem to share much in common with the present day spina bifida children.

Is history repeating itself again with the bloodthirsty philosophy Utilitarianism supported and later crafted under the Third Reich’s rule? Are we becoming nothing more than Nazis? Did the S.S. and Germany really lose the war after all? The Nazi ghosts of the past are back along with 7 demons more powerful than before.

May God have mercy on us all.
Patrick B. Lynch

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