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Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Sunday in London:

I think it is hard to convey the feelings on the Mall and in front of Buckingham Palace during Sunday’s 60th anniversary celebrations of the end of WW2. Mr. Tyrrell however did a very good job. I took my two children to the event — parade and then the walk down the Mall to the front of the palace. It was a sunny day and the pomp and circumstance of victory was in the air. It was the right tonic after the moral midgets actions on Thursday. My son who is 12 got to stand next to and take pictures with many vets — chests full of medals. His great-grandfather died in November of ’44 during one of the many Spearhead offensives mounted by General Maurice Rose’s US 3rd Armored Division. It was good for him to see the men who fought alongside his grand-dad as part of the war against fascism and its assault on all that is good in the Western world. There was a sense of pride and unity as we recited the prayers, cheered the Queen and veterans, and watched as flying examples of British and American righteousness flew over us. As an American in London you realize that the U.S. and the UK are really the last bulwarks willing to protect the West from the evil and chaos that those who hide in the shadows wish to bring us.
Ron Pettengill
London, UK

Last summer, on the first Sunday in July, my wife and I checked in at the Thistle Marble Arch and wandered over to Speakers Corner. The usual gathering of lunatics on soapboxes was there but the one that stood out was a stunningly handsome middle-aged man of Arab extraction who said to the large wildly approving (nearly all-Muslim) crowd, in lightly accented English:

“I give thanks to Allah every day that I live in a world and at a time that I get to see Americans beheaded on TV.”

I asked a London cop about it — he shrugged and said the man was a regular, as was the crowd, and that nothing could or would be done.

Why was I not surprised last Thursday?
Carl Palminteri
Monterey, California

Shouldn’t it, maybe, really, be “resplendently” as opposed to “resplendidly”?
Richard Szathmary

Re: Jed Babbin’s Deadly Tolerance:

Maybe these terrorists have learnt that terror pays. As Saudi Arabia is to support of Wahhabism so was (and probably still is) U.S. support of the IRA (aka as NORAID over here). And what did this support and its terror progeny glean? It got Adams and McGuinness appointed as devolved government ministers, a voice for these killers in the Government of Northern Ireland, thousand killed and maimed, and the destruction of the Ulster Constabulary. Both Adams and McGuinness, known terrorist and killers, were feted in the U.S. and their charitable fronts allowed to collect money to support terror. All this was acceptable to the U.S. — it really wasn’t terror after all. It was merely an oppressed minority trying to shed the British yoke. One could argue that this U.S. support was one of the first examples in the post WW2 era of a foreign government allowing (or aiding) financing of a terror group whose aim was to carve out a piece of an ally’s territory. All this was fine in the ’60s through the early ’90s. After all, it did make sense to the Irish Diaspora locked in the Potato Famine mindset, and remember they do vote! Republicans like King as well as the ever present Kennedys tacitly supported these developments. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia didn’t learn a valuable lesson — keep telling the victim that you are really on his side while funding his destruction by terror. A lesson learnt at the knee of Uncle Sam. If the world woke up tomorrow purged of Islamic terror but the “troubles” continued in Northern Ireland, does anyone think that the U.S. would have learnt its lesson regarding support of Irish terror?

Fortunately, the British have been around for a fair length of time. They didn’t succumb and they beat the IRA. About the last thing the British need — or should heed — is advise from the paymaster for the IRA on how to deal with terror.
Kenneth G.D. Allen
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

I have long understood the menace of Islamic extremists. All one had to do was look at Israel. This op-ed piece makes things crystal clear to me and it infuriates me even more. I have wondered whose payroll Kennedy-Durbin-Dean-Pelosi is on. Their rhetoric indicates to me that they are lobbyists for the terrorists.
Clasina Segura
New Iberia, Louisiana

Re: Patrick O’Hannigan’s Flypapers:

I have absolutely no problem with what happened at Abu Ghraib. Humiliation? Our heroes in the Middle East have to hide their Bibles and Crosses! When our female military personnel, who put themselves in harm’s way so double-chinned oil sheiks can live the charmed life, go off base to shop, they must take along a male to shop for them while they stand outside as if it was an American western and they were a horse tied to a hitching post.

If the Arabs are offended by American Christians, look the other way or defend yourselves!
Robert Auskalnis
Portage, Indiana

Evidently, it needs saying yet again: Intelligence is not wisdom.
David Govett
Davis, California

Re: Mark Gauvreau Judge’s What Made Benedict Conservative?:

Mark Gauvreau Judge should learn his German.

Mark Gauvreau Judge replies:
The writer is correct. While researching the piece I called a German friend, asked her the meaning of “Kasemann” then asked her to look it up for me in a German dictionary, which she had handy. In German, kase means 1) cheese and 2) balderdash, codswallop. She deduced that “Kasemann” mean a cheesehead, fool, etc. Kasemann is in a fact a theologian. I stand corrected — in fact, I stand guilty of kase.

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Condoms Over London:

Just read “Condoms Over London” and can’t agree more with your view of the Live 8 artists and their “intentions.” Especially when some of them left their Live 8 performances with $7,000 goody bags.

The only way I’ll ever have respect for a recording artist who is supposedly supporting a cause is when he or she donates a percentage of their future concert and CD earnings towards that cause. Madonna brought home $54 million in 2004 from her concerts. That’s what she got to KEEP!

The people who organize and perform at these types of things do not want a REAL solution to the problem, especially not the solution that you and I know will work. They would no longer have a BIG CAUSE to be angry about. No reason to gather and yell at world leaders for. No reason to look like they are important.
Traci Lunsford
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Re: Barron Thomas’s Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?:

Barron Thomas’s July 6 article, “Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?” is right on target. When the dust settles over the carnage of this coming train wreck, it is going to be difficult not to say, “I told you so.” And like a real train wreck, the collapse of the hyper-inflated real estate of Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas will hit, when it eventually does, quickly. The reason is that once the investors (read speculators) decide we are at the top, they are all going to dump properties at once. Glut. Game over.

Nicely thought out article.
Robert Simpson, Esq.
Irvine, California

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Where Al Qaeda Is King:

I am writing in regard to the excellent article on Yemen by Chris Orlet, “Where al-Qaeda is King.” Yemen is a very strategic country in both the war on terror and the war of ideas. Unfortunately, the Yemeni government is making a concerted effort to push the Salafist agenda throughout the mosques, schools, and in the media. The Salafist agenda includes the decimation of the Zaidi (Shiite) population, as the ethnic cleansing in Yemen’s Sa’ada region demonstrates. The unrelenting government assaults on the independent media in Yemen is an often effective way of concealing the truth from the West. I commend the Spectator and Mr. Orlet for shining a light on a duplicitous and brutal regime too often hidden behind a wall of propaganda.
Jane Novak
Freehold, New Jersey

Re: Ben Stein’s Father’s Day Perspectives:

Please send my appreciation to Ben Stein for his support of troops in his last column and his August 21, 2004, “An Appreciation of American Soldiers’ Wives.” His August ’04 article was well received and shown on my battalion’s September news letter.

That is the most encouraging writing I’ve seen for deployed soldiers and their family. Best of luck in his next endeavors.
Brad A. Barker, 1LT, EN

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