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Re: The Prowler’s In Their Own Words:

Thank you for your article “In Their Own Words.” I’ve been looking for someone to give me a succinct summary of Democrat statements on WMDs leading up to the Iraq War. This is a great “hip pocket” document that I can produce and review when needed.

If you can find more, I would encourage you to continue compiling this record of statements. I might even suggest a prominent and permanent link on your website to this article and its expanded versions, until this message is fully, or at least adequately, understood — similar to Rush’s “Only the Rich Pay Taxes” section at the bottom of his website.

The American people need to fully understand that all of us — Republican, Democrat and in between — had to make a decision based on the information at hand during those frightening days after 9/11, and like the President, that we cannot hesitate to act if the information tells us there is a grave threat.

Thank you again, and keep up the great work.
Steve Spangler
Des Moines, Iowa

Good for the Republicans for compiling this (with, I assume, a nod to Norman Podhoretz), and good for you guys for publishing it.

Now, if only the Republicans in the Senate and the House will take a page out of the Democrats’ playbook and use any and all interview opportunities that come their way to bash the living hell out of the Democrats as the lying, conniving, traitorous scum that they are!

Charles R. Vail
Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Re: Enemy Central’s Seeing Double:

When Kerry went hunting for Geese, Edwards was hunting for Mousse.

Congratulations to Our EOW John Edwards — both of them. The one term and thankfully former SINO (Senator in Name Only) had a habit of being absent from nearly every committee meeting he was invited to, including the Intelligence Committee. Having absented himself from knowledge about Iraq to begin with, I suppose the best excuse the once and (mercifully) former Senator could offer for his being wrong was his lack of intelligence.
Glenn Strong

John Edwards last Sunday, Dodd today on (urban cowboy) Imus’s show. Yes, Bush finally has the Dems doing mental gymnastics to justify the unjustifiable. Yet so many of us in the hinterlands have been screaming for this offensive for months. As many readers have pointed out, all these hypocritical quotes have been there for the picking for years. A high school newspaper editor could have easily chronicled these quotes. The more I watch the Bush White House, press pin cushion McClellan, Senate Reps, and the RNC, the more convinced I am that any third rate hack party boss has better political instincts then all of the aforementioned combined. The history of Saddam and his weapons, including nuclear (didn’t the troops find tons of enriched uranium? Hello Joe?) is an easy sell; yet the White House has failed to hammer home the point. Why the timidity? Does it really require financial pundits to tell the Bush White House to take more credit for the economy and the kick the tax cuts gave the economy even after the natural disasters? Yet still this message goes unspoken, especially at the Capitol. Like it or not, hardball politics and sounding one’s horn every once and a while, is a key part of leadership. Unfortunately, our collective team is woefully inept at it.
A. DiPentima

Fewer than half of the American colonists supported the Revolutionary War. We should be used to sunshine patriots by now. Canada is always an option for them.
David Govett
Davis, California

Re: Matthew T. Mehan’s In Praise of Gold Diggers:

One requires but two words to express one’s reaction to Matthew T. Mehan’s piece “In Praise of Gold Diggers”: utter pap.
Rufus Thompson

“Gold-digging” is hardly an American construct. Though, in America where all things are considered equal; there is John Kerry. In a struggling, brutal, and defiant world, there is Suha Arafat.

Only in Hollywood in general and on the stage of the Dean Martin Variety Show in particular could Gold-Diggers be likeable.
P. Aaron Jones
Huntington Woods, Michigan

Well, that was a truly disgusting article.

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Left to Their Devises:

Lisa forgot to mention the trip made to Syria by Senator Jay Rockefeller to tip them off that President Bush was planning on removing Saddam by force. How do you define treason?
C. Mark Gilson
Seneca South Carolina

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Our SOBs:

With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies? We’re way overdue to stop enabling, aiding, and abetting their vicious fantasy trip.
Martin Owens
Sacramento, California

Christopher Orlet has missed an important point: we HAVE withdrawn our troops from Saudi Arabia. All that was at Prince Sultan Air Base is now either in Kuwait or Qatar.

This was largely because we got sick of the Saudis telling us we couldn’t fly certain missions from PSAB.
Ed Ahlsen-Girard

Christopher Orlet replies:
There are approximately 500 American troops and advisors in Saudi Arabia. The main Army facility at Eskan Village remains open.

Re: Ted Church’s letter (under “Baleful Machinations”) in Reader Mail’s Dwindling Anglicans and Thomas Lipscomb’s The Peculiar Peculations of the PECUSA:

Oh how sick I am of people like Ted Church preaching to us how un-Christian it is to discriminate against perverts and deviates in our church governments. The purpose of the Church is to call people out of sin, not encourage them to stay in it!

Apparently some forget this most basic of all Christian principles.
Orlando, Florida

Re: Thomas Lipscomb’s reply (under “No Church of Mine”) in Reader Mail’s Finding an Audience, Michael Dooley’s letter in Reader Mail’s Dwindling Anglicans, and Thomas Lipscomb’s The Peculiar Peculations of the PECUSA:

Since I believe Thomas Lipscomb and I are really on the same side, I am puzzled at what I could have written in my letter that provoked him to respond to me by name in the Spectator. If I hit a nerve I certainly meant no offense. But the fact that there is no formal organization advocating the “normalization” of heterosexual misbehavior is of cold comfort when respected Pastors and theologians openly instruct those in the pews without fear of being called to the carpet that all those restrictions against adultery, promiscuity, divorce and abortion are just “old hat” and have no force in modern life. No wonder many Christians so easily absolve themselves of any guilt by thinking “Jesus understands” when they cheat on their spouse, leave their spouse, kill their unborn and the unmarried use and discard each other. Why are we shocked to find ourselves in the mess we are in now?
Michael Dooley
Indianapolis, Indiana

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