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Re: Yesterday’s cover photo linking to John C. Wohlstetter’s Deep, Deep:

You were showing a Nash METROPOLITAN, not a Nash Rambler — the Metropolitan a smaller 4-cylinder made in the UK, as I recall.
Quintana, Texas

The editor replies:
Who ever heard of a “little Nash Rambler”? Everyone knew the “Beep, Beep” song was about a tiny, two-passenger Metropolitan racing after a Cadillac. Anything else would have ruined the joke. In any case, it’s likely the word “Metropolitan” was too clunky to fit into a snappy lyric.

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s The Good News Is Good:

Some of the biggest problem that the Democrats of today have are as follows:

1. They are completely devoid of ideas.

2. The snake oil elixir they are attempting to shove down the throats of everyday Americans is impossible to digest.

3. They are basically miserable people who see America as the cause of all of the problems of the world and not the solution.

4. They are all a bunch of cradle-to-grave nanny staters.

5. They are of the opinion that people are not capable of achieving anything on their own. Indeed, they need government intervention.

6. They believe that the military is made up of a bunch of sadistic torturers.

7. They don’t believe in free speech unless of course that speech agrees with them.

8. They believe George Bush who flew fighter jets in the National Guard is a draft dodger, but Bill (the military is loathsome) Clinton is a true patriot.

9. They are against sexual harassment unless of course it occurs in the Whitehouse by a Democrat president.

10. They believe in minority inclusiveness unless you happen to be a minority conservative.

And on and on. The list is endless. In any case, all that’s left for the left is all good news must be presented as bad news.
Jim L
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

The article shows an ugly truth. The Democratic Party, with its insatiable lust for power, is willing to undermine anything — from the war on terror to the economy to truth itself — in its quest political victory. To Democrats, the ends (them winning public office) justify the means (their lies, deception, damaging national security). If the Democrats can’t rule, they will ruin — literally.

Hopefully more people will rise above the dumbing down process many were subjected to in the government schools and see through the propaganda fog of the mainstream media. Then, when the tipping point is reached, the Democrats will receiving such crushing blows at the polls that the party will be forced to either disappear from national life altogether or reform itself so it has at least a semblance of respectability. Either way, the republic will benefit.
Peter Skurkiss
Stow, Ohio

Loved this article, so true, the Dems are living back in the ’60s and no amount of truth will move them forward. They much prefer their heads in the sand and their rears skyward.

What this country really needs is term limits for both houses just like the President has. At least that just might get our elected officials working for what is best for their voters… notice I did say MIGHT.
Elaine Kyle

That was good!
Doug Santo
Pasadena, California

Re: The Prowler’s Knight Writers:

The Knight-Ridder revelation of using reports assembled from left wing groups, and reading an article recently published by Kathleen Parker analyzing: “Mutha Murtha Maurtha (Lieberman) Murtha Murtha!” It has become all too clear that many major news organizations are simply flyspecking faxes from third party agenda groups and doing very little reporting anymore.

Once in a while, one real good story slips by, but it is easily drowned out by the cacophonous suppositions of what a majority of media mavens and their leftwing allies want to believe is real. They’re attempting to create or perpetrate ‘buzz’ rather than news.

In the super-market checkout lane, one can see at least a dozen magazines all carrying the same “Nick and Jessica”(Simpson) saga. Then observing Time, Newsweek, US News, and the dailies all covering political stories in the same manner.

We are merely observers watching dinosaurs on their last legs. But for credibility and honesty’s sake, the new media has to keep its editorials and news stories separate.
P. Aaron Jones
Huntington Woods, Michigan

“Last week, the Senate Democratic leadership allowed third party groups opposing Judge Alito to use a room in the Hart Senate Office Building to provide background and on the record interviews with reporters the groups felt would be sympathetic to their cause.”

I am at a loss why the term Democratic leadership is used, why not Democrat leadership, because there is NOTHING democratic about the Dems. If anyone disagrees with them they are shut out, that is not Democratic.

Judge Alito is just what we need on the Supreme Court to bring back the Constitution as it should be and not what some judge wishes it said.
Elaine Kyle

Re: David Hogberg & James Dellinger’s Here’s the Drill:

The refusal of the cold state legislators to support drilling in ANWR is just another liberal redistribution scheme. Who cares if the price of heat goes sky high if HEAP and other government handouts are there to absorb the increase? No one but the taxpayer! The working stiff will not only pay his own heating bill, but also pay the heating bill of the millions tugging at the government udder. There are people who genuinely need the assistance that is offered. They are not to be confused with those whose need is artificial, and is enhanced by the “spend other people’s money” liberals in Congress. I have been aghast at the hypocrisy of these legislators who preach “energy independence” and consistently vote against any proposal that would lead, even very slowly, to it. I am even more aghast at the conservatives who allow them to get away with doing so. I know that the MSM will never point out this liberal foolishness, just as it will never point out the fact that the Alaska Pipeline, which was destined to destroy the caribou en masse, not only failed to do so, but actually increased the herd without altering the environment at all.
Joseph Baum
Garrettsville, Ohio

If you are complaining about high energy cost, go and thank an environmentalist, it is the controversy that brings in the money to their coffers. Drilling should also be started in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida and over by California, why are they any better than Texas and Louisiana?
Elaine Kyle

Re: Mark Gauvreau Judge’s Margaret Cho: Dingbat:

Having had the misfortune of seeing Ms. Cho in Southern California, I can’t agree with you more.

Between glorifying gays and an interminable story of defecating while driving, Cho left us miserably searching for some tidbit of humor to justify our admission. Sadly with none to be found, we rather rudely stood from the front row of tables and exited. Enduring a few crude comments from the orator, I stole several approving glances from frowning white males obviously wishing to do the same.

Cho’s only talent was being Korean and sounding “white.” She should have stuck with that formula.
Michael Stokes

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Ghosts of Christmas Presence II:

Lisa, it’s another FABulous article. You are LisaFab!

My understanding of the “Establishment Clause” is that it is in line with the First Amendment, since both invite ALL RELIGIONS to be seen and represented in the public square.

Apparently the modern liberal understands the “Establishment Clause” to be opposed to the First Amendment, in that they allow NO RELIGION to be seen and represented in the public square. There is a Sandra Day O’Connor written exception: persons wishing to speak or place their religious words and iconography in the public square may do so if the group places them inside a mish-mash presentation of all religions. This proscription violates the speaker’s “freedom to associate” clause by forcing them to associate with others before they can speak in the public square.

Since it is not the role of the Supreme Court to create conflict within the Constitution and its Amendments, the O’Connor opinion, and all such takings of our civil liberties (freedom to (not) associate, freedom of religion and free speech in the public square) need to be struck down.

Just my $0.02.
Newt Love
Annapolis, Maryland

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s Neither Here Nor There:

Mr. Homnick makes a good point if not clearly. Democrats are unable to ask bold, searching questions because they are the party of huge speeches and minuscule deeds. Bill Clinton is so far the penultimate performer of this theatre. His speeches were filled with million-word, lip biting and almost tear producing, rhetoric. What is he remembered for? Sexual exploits with women, willing and unwilling. He was followed by the indefatigable Al Gore, the putative prince of Tennessee. Mr. Gore was a man of millions of words, and other than being married to a woman who wanted to ban rock & roll, has not a single achievement worthy of the word. Oh yes, I forgot, Mr. Gore invented the internet.

America is a country perfectly understood by one recent politician: Ronald Reagan. He brought to us large challenges and sweeping ideas for reform. He was so persuasive the Democrat-controlled Congress accepted almost all of his legislative agenda. Democrats were always afraid of a third world country with a first world military and they never really believed that American productive and economic capacity could crush the Soviet Union. It took Ronald Reagan to get that job done. Democrats are still afraid of the dictator Castro, unfortunately it seems today’s Republicans are as well. Ronald Reagan ignored his ravings and slapped him down hard when he went adventuring as he now is in Panama.

So Mr. Homnick I offer your point, slightly restated, that Democrats represent small ideas, no ideals, small initiatives, and huge speeches “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Hopefully the vast majority of Americans realize that.
Jay W. Molyneaux
Wellington, Florida

I have felt my blood boiling all week listening to folks like treasonous John Kerry (he did meet with foreign leaders during a war quite contrary to our country’s stated laws), and the likes of Pelosi and the screaming Howard Dean. I wondered after Dean’s mind numbing interview in San Antonio how many cattle ranchers with active cattle prods (if you have to ask about this just use your imagination) met him at the airport to give him an electrified send off! After all quite a large number of military moms and dads are simple folks that know how precious our country is.

When I was a child I once stayed with my grandmother, a lively devout woman that was a pioneer during her day, she helped run several ranches. She was no nonsense and spoke plainly and could not abide fools, as she called certain people. Well, one day while she sewed on an old treadle sewing machine I played outside, like most five years olds were prone to do. Not having any playmates I found various things to keep my attention. My grandmother came outside once or twice to check me and make sure I hadn’t found a Texas rattlesnake or two, for we were in heavy snake country. On one visit to see what I was up to she caught me using a broom handle to hit, rather foolishly at a wasp’s nest. She said, “Don’t ever do something that will later cause so much pain to yourself or others that you regret you did it.” But like the daring five year old that I was I managed on one well timed swing to hit that darn nest. Those angry wasps were all over me like lightning. I never thought I’d hit the nest as I thought it was a game I was playing and never meant to cause those consequences. I learned what playing the fool meant and it was a well learned lesson.

Politics in Washington these days is conducted with no real concern of supporting our country, our troops, or the war effort. In truth these politicians are trying to make political points giving no real thought over how they fuel our enemies. They should be charged with reckless endangerment for any deaths that occur during this time and sued, either in federal courts or Local ones. And I for one, as a former military wife and mother of two that serve will definitely seek a manner to redress if any of mine are injured or killed… they can count on this.

As for my thinking we conservatives need to be like those angry wasps whose home was destroyed, we need to find those who do this and raise what we Texans refer to as “bloody hell.” Maybe then politicians would temper their ill thought comments. It is pass time for us to stand together and say firmly, “ENOUGH! Not in our country during this time that is so fragile in our country’s life.”
Beverly Gunn
Angry East Texas Rancher, former military wife and mother

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Freedom Lost:

Well, well, well! Afghanistan didn’t become the United States of America in two years. Remember the United States of America didn’t become the United States of America in two years. Slaves were not freed, women could not vote, blacks suffered horribly until the 1960’s, etc. Give us a break. These “liberals” in Afghanistan know what the risks are as did those who fought to change things in America knew what the risks were. To say not much has changed in Afghanistan since the war I think is a gross overstatement and one only a fool would entertain that thought for five minutes.
Annette Cwik

Re: James Bowman’s Fighting Words:

Republicans have to be especially sensitive these days to the prickly egos of their Democrat brethren and sistheren . As we have witnessed in recent months, to disagree with a Democrat’s position on Iraq is to attack his patriotism. And patriotism is inseparable from manhood. To counter a Democrat’s call for immediate withdrawal by arguing that the Iraqi forces are not quite ready to fully engage the insurgents, and that such withdrawal would therefore imperil Iraq’s budding democracy, is now akin to calling said Democrat a traitor. Such large chips. Such small shoulders.

Mr. Bowman is exactly right that Democrats have been questioning the patriotism and manhood of Bush & Friends relentlessly at least since John Kerry’s emergence as the Democratic frontrunner in February 2004. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard was portrayed as the ultimate act of cowardice by many of the same Democrats who had praised Clinton’s courage for criticizing and evading the Vietnam War. Some called the President and Vice President “chicken hawks” so often the that term became seared — seared — into the left-wing mind.

There’s no reason for Republicans to use loaded words like “chicken hawk’ or “coward” when debating Democrats. Let the Republicans simply say that they respectfully disagree with their good friends on the other side of the aisle, and reject Peace Through Impotence.
Jacksonville, Texas

I have always heard that the truth hurts, and it must hurt the Dems a lot. They can take offense at nothing. And Congresswoman Jean Schmidt should NOT have apologized, what she said was the truth as written by a serviceman. Someone needs to take a stand and stop apologizing every time Kerry or one of the other lefties get their drawers in a twist. Kerry is up to his old tricks running down our soldiers. Think about the last time someone sent troops in at night to terrorize women and children: Clinton and Reno in Florida taking a small child to send back to Cuba.
Elaine Kyle

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