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Democrats Licked

Re: John Tabin’s Pretty, Pretty Good:

I trust that the author and I weren’t the only two people in the viewing audience to notice the points made in Mr. Tabin’s article “Pretty, Pretty Good.” The word “gift” was exactly what I was thinking seeing the Dems remain seated (and not even applauding at times) for most of the speech and then rise in raucous ovation to herald the fact it was they who stopped Social Security reform. You heard many Dems and pundits say beforehand that the President should offer the “olive branch” of bipartisanship during his speech, yet it was the Democrat side of the aisle that showed their partisanship last night. Another classic “do as I say, not as I do.” I think the President should have continued his thoughts on Social Security reform by positing that some in that chamber may well not want to face that entitlement monster — as a good many of them would likely not be there come 2030 — but that they leave a legacy to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have to face it. As a voter, I think I’d rather have someone who is willing to tackle the issue rather than just sit and do nothing, especially because it might look favorable to the opposition party. Ah well, as Mr. Tabin points out there is probably little likelihood of the GOP losing control of either house of Congress in this year’s elections. While some races will be close, and some may be lost, the Republicans are still running against candidates of a party who have no plan, no programs, no solutions and no security to offer the American people.
Dana Hawkins
Spartanburg, South Carolina
P.S. Someone should remind Hillary Clinton that they do have cameras at these little SOTU affairs?

I saw an incredible political ad for the Republicans last night, and it was a complete gift from the Democrats during the State of the Union speech. As John Tabin mentions, this incredible moment came when George W. Bush stated, “If there are people inside our country who are talking with al Qaeda, we want to know about it — because we will not sit back and wait to be hit again.” The Republicans stood and applauded, while the Democrats, in perfect unison, sat on their hands, apparently waiting for the next attack. I do not think Michael Moore could have concocted a more perfect political image, and no editing required! Our political choices could not be summed up better in last night’s image — if you want to fight to prevent more terrorist attacks in the United States, vote Republican! If you want to bicker and whine about our “lost freedoms,” pick political fights with a President who is trying to protect our country, and sit on your hands, waiting for the next attack, vote Democrat!

As if that image wasn’t good enough to help us make our voting decisions, suddenly, there was the great hope of the Democratic Party, their next presidential candidate, sitting, smirking, and shaking her head, apparently very much against defending ourselves from a terrorist attack. How perfect! The elections are all over except for the voting! Well, I should never underestimate the ability of the Republican Party to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, but I still slept much better last night. Thanks, Hillary.

But now, the next morning, as I shrug off the hangover from last night’s political euphoria, I wonder what was going through Hillary’s head at that moment. Was is really disdain for Republican defense against terrorism, or was she thinking, “Damn, they got us on that one!” If Hillary had the courage to stand up right then and there and applaud the defense of our country against terrorism, she would have stood out in a crowd of seated Democrats, sealing her Democratic nomination for the presidency in the 2008 campaign. Heck, even I would have to think seriously about someone who has the courage to stand up for what’s right, knowing that you would catch a lot of flak from your party. But instead, she further proved one my theories of today’s Democratic Party, especially the angry, bitter ones: they have never advanced beyond high school. They are only concerned with being one of the “cool” people, never capable of standing up for what’s right, and instead doing and saying whatever it is they think will make them more popular with the “cool crowd.” But I digress…
Mike Spencer
Midland, Michigan

I sat in stunned amazement as the Dummycrats rudely interrupted the President when he said, “Congress did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security…” He was interrupted and unable to continue speaking for several moments as they danced with glee.

I agree with John Tabin, (“Pretty, Pretty Good”) that this behavior presented and still presents a grand opportunity for the President and his party. However, this opportunity can be exploited only if the President and Republicans seize the day and use it to their advantage. Sadly this is not what they normally do and I fear they will miss this grand opportunity by trying to appear to be bipartisan.

For instance, I sat on the edge of my seat as the Dummycrats danced about like children. Would the President hit back at them? Would he point out the irresponsible nature of their partisanship? Would he call them on the hypocrisy of their party in catcalling and slamming the President for his efforts, while they refuse to come up with an answer of their own? Instead he continued with his speech as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Had I my way the President would have said something like the following:

“Shame on you, Shame on you all! We have a current deficit of $12 trillion. One day this bill will come due. One day there will be a reckoning. One day your children will be faced with the difficult choice of forgoing the Social Security benefits that they have paid into the system all their lives to receive or forcing your grandchildren to pay taxes at a crushing rate that will destroy this country.

“Let posterity note this historic moment. Let them make note of your actions. I and the Republican Party made an earnest effort to prevent this eventuality while the Democrat Party stood by and did nothing. Indeed not only did this once great party do nothing, they stood up and cheered at the prospect of killing any attempt at reform without offering one solution of their own.”

Now is the time for all Republicans, from the White House to the Halls of Congress and from every district and precinct in this land to come out swinging and make these points.
A.C. Swiger

I was very disappointed border control was not a big part of the speech. He did not point out we would not be in nearly as much trouble over oil if the liberal environmentalist would let us build refineries and drill off the coast and in Alaska. Of course since the Republicans are in charge of both houses, if they had any backbone this could be changed. Another reason term limits would be a good idea, the people we send would be working for us instead of special interest. Wonder if this drilling could be put on a national ballot for a vote.
Elaine Kyle

The one major lesson I came away with after President Bush’s State of the Union address is the definition of the word “class.” In my opinion, the definition of the word “class” is George W. Bush.
Jim L.
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

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