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Going Down in Plames

Re: The Prowler’s Portrait of a Democratic Lady:

In the reporting of “Persuasionatrix-gate,” I am troubled that the identity, picture, peerage, college transcripts, driving record and personal spending habits have not been reported by the Washington Post.

Ah, silly me. If “Persuasionatrix” was a Republican campaign worker, I’m sure we would have known this and much more.
Rick Osial
Montclair, Virginia

As a follow-up to the Persuasionatrix story which we broke Friday at Wizbang Politics, we look at the facts about the fired Cardin blogger Ursula Gruber. It turns out she was not even remotely “a junior staffer” as Cardin contends. The full text of the story is shown below.
Kevin Aylward, Publisher
Wizbang Politics

Re: Jed Babbin’s A Special Place in Hell:

Congratulations to Jed Babbin for his article “A Special Place in Hell.” This article represents the clearest description of the intricacies of the “Plame-gate” media frenzy that I’ve read to date and exposes Richard Armitage and his former boss, Colin Powell as rightful recipients of the Scarlet A(rmitage) award!

Bravo, Mr. Babbin!
Paul Kuehne
Line Lexington, Pennsylvania

“Greater self-love hath no man than to sacrifice a friend’s life for his own.”
— Jed Babbin, The American Spectator

“Big Yawn” & “Big Zero” — that’s how LSMers are referring to PlameGame since Corn/Isikoff confirmed Armitage was the leaker. Oh they are doing “drive-bys” with convoluted timelines that “prove” Cheney, Rove and Libby are still the evil conspirators.

If you are wondering why they want such a quick burial and no wake, Clarice Feldman’s new post at American Thinker presents some clues and links to Jed Babbin’s “A Special Place in Hell” in The American Spectator today. Please read both and don’t allow them their premature burial.

I agree wholeheartedly with everything Babbin said in this column.

Somehow, some way, Armitage, Powell and Fitzgerald (along with some of the culpable underlings primarily at State and Justice) need to be publicly rebuked and condemned beyond the general readership of conservative columns and publications. Obviously the 527 media will not be doing it. I don’t know how we go about something like this, but I would gladly participate in any demonstration to this effect. I know our side doesn’t generally hold demonstrations and demand apologies (favorite activities of both Democrats and Islamic Fascists – what a convergence of mindsets!), but we need some venue with a wide reach to adequately express our disgust at the despicable actions of Armitage, Powell and Fitzgerald. And some sort of pressure on Fitzgerald to drop the charges against Libby. That shouldn’t require a Presidential pardon; Fitzgerald should and must drop the charges very publicly. Perhaps there can be a televised presentation of the “Armitage Award”, vividly explained, to Armitage, Powell and Fitzgerald (in absentia, I’m sure).
Chris Gwin

Finally…someone (Mr. Babbin) has nailed the importance of this whole Plame Affair, and the CIA and Media’s nefarious role in it.

This never was a “kerfuffle,” and I shudder each time I read or hear that word associated with this crime.

It simply astounds me (and I must say concerns me) that, between the Wilson’s, Armitage, Powell, Fitzgerald and George Tenet…not one of them can be said to have committed crime of any kind, let alone a serious one.

Do you agree…or is there something that an ordinary citizen like myself could do? I would love to “frog march” the whole lot of them into a jail cell.
George Lange
Seattle, Washington

Jed Babbin characterizes Armitage’s silence as “supreme disloyalty.” Indeed, the behavior of Armitage, Powell and Fitzgerald in this matter has been despicable, and I can’t help but wonder if all of them could not be charged with obstruction, for they did obstruct; they allowed many others, most particularly Libby, to suffer greatly while keeping the truth to themselves. At a minimum, the charge against Libby should be dismissed, and these three should be required to cover his legal expenses.
John G. Hubbell
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Today’s article about the new Armitage Award reflects my feelings exactly, but I have one thing to add.

Colin Powell is a former general officer of the United States Army. His conduct is unbecoming of an officer and has besmirched the reputation of all general officers. General officers never retire and are forever subject to recall for active duty. They just fade away.

Given this situation, I believe two things should happen. First, Colin Powell should be the first recipient of the Armitage Award for cowardice and duplicity in politics. I dunno what form the award should take but either a 1/24 scale replica of the southern half of a Democratic Mule, or a framed picture of President Clinton would likely do.

Secondly, General Powell should be recalled to active duty, tried in a court martial as a coward and/or liar, conduct extremely unbecoming, be discharged from the service dishonorably and lose his pension. I would remove his tongue to prevent his talking to the media anymore but maybe that is over the top.
George Schirtzinger
Pasadena, California

Bravo Jed. I’ve been waiting patiently for TAS to finally weigh in on this monumental, despicable and deceitful eastern elite political hit job on the Bush Administration. The treachery detailed in your article is truly breath taking and frightening. What you have done is to exposure three years of coordinated efforts among government hacks within the CIA and the State Department, certain members of the Democrat Party and the elites within the MSM. In addition to this politically coordinated hit job, is the fact that an out of control special prosecutor, who knew from the inception of his investigation that Richard Armitage, not Messrs. Libby or Rove, was the original source of the leak to Mr. Novak, remains not only silent as to his actions, but is still in business. Clarice Feldman at the “American Thinker” website, has outlined the chronology of this massive treachery in astonishing detail. This scandal makes “Watergate” look like a church group tiff.

But the full story is yet to be exposed. In addition to the perfidious actions of Messrs. Wilson, Armitage and Powell, there remains the still unexplained role of what Jed accurately describes as “The 527 Media.” Certain elite members of the media, to wit, Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, the NYT and the WP, now appear to have been complicit in covering up the truth that Armitage was the original leak source. Russert and others have testified in front of the grand jury, but refuse to disclose their testimony. Yet for years, these same elites have sanctimoniously excoriated the Bush Administration for their alleged untoward actions, all the while knowing that their accusations were at best, false. One can only hope that justice will prevail here. But I have my doubts, too many powerful elites might have to account for their actions and the political courage to hold them accountable, is in very short supply. Thus far, they remain unscathed and unaccountable for their duplicity. I just hope Jed andTAS remain vigilant. This story is huge.
A. DiPentima

I just finished reading Jed Babbin’s piece, “A Special Place in Hell,” and I wanted to praise him for the hard-hitting stance he took in criticizing both Armitage and Powell.

He didn’t mince words, and they absolutely deserve the contempt with which he treated them in his article. I’m just an appreciative reader, but I would love for you to simply pass on to Mr. Babbin my sincere thanks for his honest and indignant summation of the Plame “story.”
Jackie Mastrelli
Furlong, Pennsylvania

Jed, I enjoyed your “Special Place in Hell” article greatly, but you neglect to ask an essential question. Sure Powell and Armitage are snakes, but what about DOJ? Who do you think Powell and Armitage met with over there? A secretary? A duty AUSA? Not likely! What was Ashcroft up to? This whole thing would have gone exactly nowhere without a compliant DOJ lending a helping hand or two. Corn and Isikoff didn’t think it was important to tell their readers who Powell and Armitage consulted at DOJ, but inquiring minds want to know.

Knave is an understatement: but, it’s bigger than that.

My second oldest son has a gift subscription (from me) to the Spectator and because he is an over the road driver for UPS he has connectivity to what’s up politically. Recently, we both recalled an observation I made about how strange it was that Armitage’s boss Colin Powell had been so quiet for so long. We all know he was never too enthusiastic about his fellows in the Administration and was a darling of the drive by media ala McCain. Why had he been so quiet? Now we all know. So to Mr. Babbin I say, save your strong words for Armitage’s boss and buddy, Sec. Powell. At the time Armitage leaked, it is clear Powell knew the truth.

Here’s how it is and was. While the drive by media; Wilson/Plame; the ethical democrats and a Prosecutor who knew his reason spurious from the get go, day in and day out, beat the drum for the heads of all in the White House, as being candidates for being “frog marched” in hand cuffs. While President Bush had his reputation (and with it his poll numbers) trashed on a daily basis.( This one thing had as much to do with the Presidents alleged unpopularity as any other factor.) With all that and during all that time, the much loved (by liberals) political general, Mr. Powell, chose to withhold his knowledge of Armitage’s guilt. They both owed their loyalty and fat jobs to the man being trashed. But they, together, suppressed the truth.

Now it gets complicated. Why didn’t Powell demand that his buddy-his second in command; remove the heaps of scorn from off the Presidents back? Did he hold the President in such contempt that he enjoyed the process? Or did HE have some risk in the matter? I’ll leave it to one well connected like Mr. Babbin to find the truth of the matter.

Recently, Mr. Powell finally surfaced to join McCain in an attempt to embarrass the President. I guess he considers the coast to be clear now that Armitage seems to have gotten away with his perfidy.
Morris Turkelson
Deatsville, Alabama

If ever there was an example of prosecutorial misconduct it is the action of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald who pursued a case though he knew a crime had not been committed. Let’s not hold our breath though waiting for the main stream media to push that idea.

Also, Jed Babbin is right on with his suggestion of the Armitage award for those who behave as Richard Armitage did. To further enshrine the name in ignominy might it be made a verb so that victims such as Scooter Libby can be said to have been Armitaged?
Dick Melville
Ozone Park, New York

Add one fact to Jed’s piece. Novak said last week I believe the agreement of confidentiality between him and Armitage was tacit. Nothing was either said or written about confidentiality. Novak, too, could have ended the whole mess the day it started.
E. Elizabeth (Betty) Arnold
San Diego, California

Where were all the sanctimonious Democrats and their acolytes when Robert Torricelli gave the names of CIA agents that resulted in their deaths? Not once has anyone questioned him or suggested he be indicted or “frog-marched” out of the Senate chambers while he was in office.
Bob Montrose
Fort Lee, New Jersey

All I can say to Jed Babbin is, “Amen, Brother!”

Can there be any doubt that Powell’s leap aboard the McCain Straight Talk Express last week was an attempt to divert public opinion from his failed attempt to smear the President and to try to rescue his “legacy”?
Todd Christian

Most sickening in this whole squalid affair is the way in which three of the principals — Powell, Armitage and Fitzgerald — seemed to revel in their public personas of rectitude. And while I condemn the actions and inactions of all three, Fitzgerald would get my vote for chief villain. Powell and Armitage, after all, are part politician, a breed for which prevarication and duplicity sometimes seem to be part of the DNA. But what of Fitzgerald, an officer of the law, sworn to uphold it and to determine the truth?

Recall last fall’s press conference when Fitzgerald announced the indictment of Libby. Recall the widespread media adulation of Fitzgerald — how he was supposedly the archetypal straightshooter, a paragon of prosecutorial integrity. Well, we now know that if Fitzgerald really had integrity he should have scheduled a follow-up press conference to announce that what people thought they were seeing in him was not necessarily so.
C. Vail

This is the most disgusting piece of back stabbing I have seen. Surely there is something that can be done to these RINO’s and the “justice” dept should go after Fitzgerald to get the tax dollars back that he spent on a NON-CRIME. He knew the first week where the leak came from. The President should pardon Libby NOW and Fitzgerald should have to pay all legal fees. Powell and Armitage should change their voter cards to DEMOCRAT, they are a disgrace.
Elaine Kyle

Jed Babbin has suggested that Richard Armitage, who truly deserves a special place in hell (along with Colin Powell and Patrick Fitzgerald), be awarded the Armitage Award – a medal given to the skunk who leaked and remained silent. Let’s call it something else, Jed. The Law School at Rutgers has been awarding the Armitage Award to distinguished alumni for years. I think Armitage (et al.) deserves the Alger Hiss Award (the Hissie) that is given by the American Patriot Society to the individual or individuals who have done the most in the past year to provide aid and comfort to American’s enemies, foreign or domestic.
Jack Hughes
Chicago, Illinois

Great column today, Mr. Babbin. I wish Bush would start doing something about this, but he seems not to care, or to think it matters.
Mark Littleton

Yes — The Eleventh Ring

What more need be said.

Mark my words though. Should Mr. Libby’s case be dismissed or he be found not guilty the Democrats and the MSM will howl.

Truly reprehensible behavior by Powell and Armitage.
Jim Woodward
Fruitland, Maryland

Far worse than Armitage, are his enablers, the prosecutor and the left wing, we hate Bush, mainstream media, such as the NYT. Where are the arresting officers? Where is the media outcry now? I mean after all, a secret agent was outed. Oops! Sorry folks, I forgot myself there for a minute. Armitage, Powell and the boys and girls on the left get a pass because after all, they do hate their perceived number one enemy of this country, President George W. Bush far worse than any poor innocent Islamofascist, terrorist.

Where are the handcuffs and leg irons for this bunch? Why hasn’t the prosecutor been arrested and thrown in jail for his attempts to destroy this administration and the entire war effort? Why hasn’t Libby been pardoned by the president? What we have all been watching in living color on our TV sets, almost daily, is an attempted coup of the duly elected government of the United States of America, in my opinion!

God bless President Bush for being much bigger than this bunch of hate filled, rodents!
Jim L.
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

It’s beginning to look as though the real crime in this modern farcical opera was committed by the Special Counsel, Patrick Fitzgerald. It appears that the Special Counsel conspired to bring criminal charges against members of the Bush Administration, specifically Scooter Libby, Karl Rove and The Veep, Dick Cheney. The evidence is:

1) Fitzgerald knew Armitage had disclosed Plame’s identity before Libby did. Armitage told Fitzgerald in his grand jury appearance. Yet Fitzgerald continued “Looking” for the “Leaker.”

2) Fitzgerald indicted Libby knowing that no crime had been committed and that if there was perjury from Libby about other matters, it was not material to the crime being investigated.

3) Fitzgerald failed to call Plame before the grand jury so that she could describe what damage was done to her, a normal procedure for a grand jury investigation.
At the very least, Fitzgerald’s conduct should be examined by a judicial board of inquiry. If life were fair, he would be indicted for abuse of process.
Howard Lohmuller
Seabrook, Texas

How about the Rosenberg Award for Treachery above and beyond the call of duty?
Anthony Amoroso
Rochester, New York

Thanks for another brilliant Babbin piece. But why the kid gloves treatment until now on Colin Powell? He is the biggest snake in this whole deal and no-one in the conservative media has taken him to the woodshed. Is it because he is black and gets a pass? This is unconscionable and I sincerely hope to see a searing expose of this rat’s treachery!
Ralph Alter
Carmel, Indiana

Ready, aim, thwap! Another bull’s eye for Jed.

Nothing has burned so intensely with me than this Armitage link to the Wilson story. A finger needed to be pointed at this creep, and Jed knew which finger. May they all go down in Plames.
Cara Lyons Lege
Frisco, Texas

Wow! That was tough.

Armitage and Powell deserved it. Maybe that’s what happens to old military guys who try to play politics.
Doug Santo
Pasadena, California

Re: Doug Bandow’s The Quality of Cruelty:

“Let us stipulate for the sake of argument that the Pope’s comments were unfair…” Okay, let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that the Pope’s comments are truth. Witness the insane reaction to his words. Islam stipulates its tenets by wicked violence.
Clasina Segura
New Iberia, Louisiana

And these are the people the left wants to negotiate with, and these are the people the left doesn’t want the NSA to monitor their phone calls from outside of the US. They are also the people the left doesn’t want the CIA to embarrass during interrogations. Give me a break.
Tom Bullock
West Covina, California

Please keep publish articles like this. People need to know the truth.
Kevin L. Howard
Rock Springs, Wyoming

First the imaginary Koran-flushing incident, then the Danish cartoons, and now this. Isn’t it time that we stop worrying about what the Muslim world thinks of us, and instead see to it that they worry about what we think of them?
Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Come Together:

Your article is the first I’ve seen since the story broke that names Manuel II Paleologus as the source of the quote. The more mainstream media referred to “a Byzantine Emperor” or a “14th Century Emperor,” without providing a name or context for the quote.
Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Bravo to Chris Orlet and his insightful look at Pope Benedict XVI’s recent quoting of Emperor Manuel II Paleologus. To our friends in the Muslim world, all I can say is, “The truth hurts, doesn’t it?”

As a Western Christian, I have seen this coming for years and have long sought the studies of those who have greater knowledge of Islam and what it means. Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Daniel Pipes and Ibn Warq have all laid it out clearly, that Islam is a potential problem for Western civilization. Fr. J. L. Menezes’ work “The Life and Religion of Mohammad” throws stark light upon “The Prophet,” his life and his origination of Islam, while Serge Trifkovic’s brilliant work, “The Sword of the Prophet,” nails down the thinking even harder, and Dr. Mark Gabriel’s “Islam and Terrorism” removed the blinders from my eyes. As a former imam of the largest mosque in Cairo, Gabriel (his now Christian name) had memorized the Koran by the time he was 11 years-old. His quotations in his book sent me to borrow a copy of the book from the local library, and the stunning truths he divulged startled me. Yet there are those far too many individuals that proclaim that Islam is the “Religion of Peace”, even though it was spread by the sword of death and conquest throughout the Arabian Peninsula, across North Africa, east into Persia and parts beyond, and even into Europe, and it seeks to repeat its ominous spread today. These people (many of whom are in our own government) continue to exist with those blinders in place.

Perhaps Pope Benedict has slapped us upside our collective heads, waking us up finally to the dangers this religion offers. I, for one, have no interest in practicing “dhimmitude” nor will I accept the Islamist’s threat to “convert or die”. I reject their 7th century mindset and am on guard to their practice of “taqiyyah” (lying to the infidel). It’s time we face the naked truth, before we all become subjugated to a religion that is at polar opposites from our free existence.
Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

An apology should not have been given by the Pope. What he should have said is the reaction of Muslims just proves the point I have made. These people are NUTS and America better wake up and stop being so Politically Correct and call it like it is, they want to kill us all.
Elaine Kyle

Re: Siobhan Kolar’s letter (under “Return Engagement”) in Reader Mail’s Foreign Disengagement:

After returning from vacation, I checked out the TAS website this weekend to catch up on what I missed last week. I noticed that Siobhan Kolar responded to my comments by grossly distorting what I said. Apparently, Ms. Kolar believes that any criticism of abortion is equivalent to an automatic condemnation of any woman who has had one. Nowhere in my remarks did I imply that women who choose to have abortions are somehow beyond God’s mercy. What I did say was that invoking the name of Jesus in an effort to minimize the gravity of taking an innocent human life is disingenuous because it is inconsistent with the character and nature of God as revealed in the Bible. God does not ignore or look the other way at any person’s sin; however, He does offer mercy to those who seek it through genuine repentance. Ms. Kolar, if you can extract any scriptural justification for abortion being okay with God, I would like for you to present it. In the meantime, I don’t appreciate having my words twisted to imply something I didn’t say.

Ms. Kolar, you are the one who is truly uninformed about abortion. The root cause of abortion is not what you claim it to be. The overwhelming majority of women (74%) who choose to abort their children do so, not because they are victims of any form of abuse, but because they simply don’t want to have the child. This statistic comes directly from the Guttmacher Institute, the think tank employed by pro-abortion groups to do their research. Check out their website if you don’t believe me. Perhaps these women and their partners should weigh the potential consequences of their sexual activity before engaging in it. Whatever happened to personal accountability? We have too many people in this country who demand the right to do anything they wish but who then shun any responsibility for actions that may result in negative consequences.

As for domestic violence, where did you get the preposterous notion that I somehow “dismissed” it? I challenge you to find one scintilla of evidence in my comments that would support your assertion that I am unconcerned about victims of this form of abuse – other than your vivid imagination. Just because I don’t agree with you does not mean that I condone any of the evils you accuse me of being insensitive to. I do have a question for you, Ms. Kolar. If Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other pro-abortion groups are so interested in protecting women from abuse, why are they opposed to proposed legislation in Kansas that would mandate abortion providers make the names of adult males who impregnate underage girls and then transport them across state lines for abortions available to law enforcement officers? Surely, you would agree that these predators are abusing these young girls and should be prosecuted for statutory rape. If so, why are these groups working hard to make sure this evil practice continues to be protected?
Rick Arand
Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Re: Hal G.B. Colebatch’s reply (under “Blair’s House”) in Reader Mail’s Casey’s Crowd:

No need for Mr. Colebatch to look so far into the past, e.g. Alfred the Great, Churchill, for a new strong Tory leader. The model, Lady Thatcher, is still with us, thank goodness.
Paul DeSisto
Cedar Grove, New Jersey

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