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Surveying the Democrats

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Democrat Debauchery:

Re Mr. Tyrrell’s excellent encapsulation of the sordid Demo escapades swept under the rug down through the ages. That is one lumpy rug! What happened when clumsy old Bob Packwood plants a couple of sloppy kisses on some middle aged campaign worker and “cops a feel” or two in an elevator? He resigned and slunk off to be a lobbyist. How about when Teddy Kennedy saves himself but drowns the chick at Chappaquiddick? He heroically swims to shore, goes back to his hotel, establishes his whereabouts by asking the desk clerk for the correct time, complaining “it’s late and I can’t sleep for all the racket”… and there the fat toad sits, year after year, brain so addled by drink, trembling hands holding prepared statements he cannot even read, unrepentant and unscathed by scandal.

By the time Bill Clinton and his bride arrived in Washington, dragging his big bag of dirty Arkansas linen, the defecation hit the oscillation so regularly with Troopergate, Paula Jones, Travelgate (Remember the Thomassons attempted take over of White House Travel for their personal gold mine?) the Vince Foster suicide — his office carefully vacuumed for Clinton legal files — before the DC cops got to search it. Filegate, when Louis Freeh freehly gave up all the Republican staffers’ FBI files the White House asked for…Rose Law Firm files miraculously appearing in the residential quarters….well, it still takes one’s breath away to imagine one tawdry event after another. I can’t recall them all now. It certainly was beyond the capabilities of the Washington Press Corps and MSM to even begin to sort it out, so fast did one scandal obscure the previous one.

Finally, exhausted from wading through the putrid swamps of Clintonia, when it came to Monica — L’affaire Lewinsky — well, that’s just private behavior between consenting adults and if you weren’t reading The American Spectator back then, you probably don’t even know the details — besides it wouldn’t have happened if those pesky Republicans hadn’t shut down government. Idle hands, y’know. I mean when an intern brings you pizza and snaps her thong at you, what’s a Leader of the Free World to do? Act now and lie later, obviously.

There follows Clinton’s secretary covering for Clinton’s Oval Office cavorting, hiding those memorable Clinton “gifts” under her bed for the heart-broken Monica. White House Guards snickering and calling each other as Monica sneaks through for those stolen moments with Bill. Refresh our memories. How much did Billy Jeff have to pay in fines for LYING TO A GRAND JURY? How much did he have to pay Paula Jones to get her to stop caterwauling about her good name? All of that fades in the mists of time, doesn’t it? For now, we have a real scandal. A pathetic “gay” congressman no one ever heard of until three weeks ago, making one last desperate grab at the brass ring on the Merry Gay Round. If only he had been as glib as Barney Frank, who said he was “mentoring” this poor guy, helping him to turn his life around and he was betrayed.

Politics, ain’t it wonderful. We are actually living under the threat of Hillary as Prez and Bill as First Philanderer.
Diane Smith
South San Francisco, California

The Foley Morality Play shows that there are indeed nuances between Democrats’ and Republicans’ dealings with their miscreants. But this template has other actors.

The troubled — and now disgraced — congressman had a problem. Everyone including the House leadership knew about it for years. When a congressman puts Capitol workers at risk, a wink-and-a-nod is not acceptable. It appears that partisan politics trumped ethics, however, and no investigation was called to delve into this disaster-in-waiting. In Congress-speak, the “buck got passed.”

Last spring, during what may fairly be described as a “jihad moment,” Rhode Island Democrat Patrick Kennedy attempted to fly his car into the Capitol. This predatory act was preventable and it happened on her watch: it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to resign.

If Democrats don’t realize how silly they look, they should.
Jacksonville, Texas

Of course Hastert was slow to react to Foley’s behavior, and President Bush is no help. These guys are throwbacks to the 1940s, when the accepted wisdom of the Democratic Party was “gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.” What the Republican leadership needs is a refresher course on the more recent history of the 1990s. Learn from the masters, I say.

Didn’t the Bushies have raw FBI files on Representative Foley? If not, why not? Hillary would have known what to do.

Didn’t the Bushies have intercepts of Foley’s phone conversations? Rep. James McDermott of Washington would have known what to do.

Didn’t Bush instruct the NSA to monitor the private Internet communications of prominent, or suspected, homosexuals? Maybe President Clinton could bring him up to speed on his Echelon program.

The Republicans would be more effective if they’d wallow in the Clinton crapulence. (Hat-tip to R. Emmett Tyrrell and C. Montgomery Burns, episode 2F20, for that 50-cent word!)
D. Charles Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Minneapolis in January of 1992 a prominent Democratic civil rights activist and one time Senatorial candidate, the middle-aged Earl Craig, was murdered by 1-year-old Jayme Starkey. Starkey had been picked up by Craig, who then took him to his apartment where Starkey killed Craig. According to reports, Craig had a history and predilection for sexual cruising for anonymous young males, including once being stopped by police with a fifteen-year-old hitchhiker.

Starkey was convicted of murder. His defense insisted that Craig had attempted to rape him and Starkey acted in self-defense. The Court prevented testimony to the jury about Craig’s history of sexual cruising for anonymous youthful males. Also excluded were pornographic tapes that belonged to Craig that included depictions of homosexual rape. The Minnesota Supreme Court, upholding the conviction, said that though the tapes should have been admitted at trial, the exclusion was “harmless error”.

At Craig’s memorial, attended by luminaries from the Democratic Party, including Paul Wellstone and Don Frasier, DFL State Senator Allen Spear eulogized, “There was no aspect of his life that was dishonorable.” The audience responded “Hear, hear.” The Star Tribune editorialized on January 16, 1992 “Maybe no one is irreplaceable, but where will the Twin Cities find another Earl Craig.” Jayme Starkey may in fact merely have been an opportunistic, cold-blooded murderer, but, nonetheless, Craig’s acknowledged predatory behavior towards youthful males went virtually unquestioned (and even condoned) by Democrats and the local media. And through the words of Allen Spear and the response of his fellow Democrats, his predatory behavior towards young males was applauded.

That is the true moral character of the Democratic Party, not this phony outrage manufactured in part by the funding of Democratic bagman George Soros, compatriot of another drug addled predator, Allen Ginsberg, who once proudly proclaimed “We’re going to get you through your children.”
Martin Vaala

How do Republicans respond to charges that Dennis Hastert resign? I have decided that Christopher Shays can speak for me: “Hastert didn’t kill anybody” referring to that fat-pig-drunken-slob Kennedy.
Jack Hughes
Chicago, Illinois

Re: Christopher Orlet’s A Fatwa on the Truth:

For all those worried about America’s southern border this should be a wake up call. After the November elections the debate should focus on the real immigration threat to the U.S. — Muslims. The U.S. needs to rewrite its laws to drastically limit Muslim immigration. While there are millions of decent Muslims in the world the reality is that a sizable portion of the population are either terrorists, supporters of terrorism or sympathetic to terrorism in the name of Islam. These pro-terrorist Muslims are a fifth column in the U.S.

If you think we are safe from following Eurabia down the path of self-destruction you don’t know the Democrats. The Democrat party would sell us out to Muslims in the blink of an eye for power. When was the last time Dick “Turban” Durbin made a speech describing Islamofascists as “Nazis, Pol Pot’s killers..?” He can say that about our brave troops at GITMO, but not one word condemning Islamic imperialists. In fact, Democrats and their supporters are offended when these murderers are called Islamofascists. That speaks volumes about Democrats and where their allegiances lie.

If France wants to survive they need to unleash the Foreign Legion in the Muslim neighborhoods of the country. If there is a civil war going on in Iraq then there is a low-key one in France too.
Michael Tomlinson
Crownsville, Maryland

Re: The Prowler’s Raid on the Treasury and Michael Tomlinson’s letter (under “We’ll Know Who to Blame”) in Reader Mail’s What It Takes:

Very well said, sir!

But I’m afraid there is much more you could add, based on this topic. I’ve done some of the work for you, and hope it is of some benefit. This is today’s commentary about your today’s commentary.

Keep up the good work.

Edward Ulysses Cate

The Prowler has crept into an area that needs more light shed on it. Big Business, international business, has the same Libertarian pull that lures Conservatives, less government, less controls, less oversight, and more freedom to act in one’s self interest. Many in big business would prefer that international government take some of the power from national governments in order that they could shift their tax and restrictions in a more favorable direction, translated: bigger profits. The foremost internationalist is, of course, George Soros who resents restrictions placed upon his currency speculation, including his fraud conviction in France. But many in big business are looking for methods to produce such a shift. The Democrat Party already has an agenda toward world government which is what draws big business to the party. Environmentalism appears to these people to be the best device for effecting such a shift by promoting global warming, which would require a carbon tax and trading system of pollution credits that would, by its nature, be the first step to shift taxation and power to a world body. One must keep in mind that this issue is not a conspiracy or plot any more than any idea is, and it has many committed to it, driving it. But it is a bad idea for us American citizens because we will be the big losers.

We voters need to keep a close eye on big business, not just Paulson and the Goldman Sachs crowd at Treasury.
Howard Lohmuller
Seabrook, Texas

I don’t want to upset Mr. Tomlinson, but this is just one more of a long list of examples of why El Presidente is neither a Conservative, nor a consistent team player as a Republican. The promotions in the State Dept. among the upper level career slots have gone almost exclusively to the liberal careerists that were prominent during the Clinton administration. One cannot help but note the Clinton holdovers that have cause El Presidente major heartburn. Can you say George Tenet and Ambassador Bremer? I know, we can give them government medals for their superior service to the DNC, oops, I mean the federal government. (Memo to Gonzales: Don’t you dare prosecute “Socks” Berger on anything serious. You hear me?) How is it that a moderate to slightly left career State Dept. ambassador becomes the new national Intelligence Czar where he manages to run out of office a good and well qualified Republican CIA director that was trying mightily to clean out those stables. Oh, and Negreponte pointedly hired one of Porter Goss’s force outs to be a top deputy in the Intelligence Secretariat.

This article also doesn’t rehash how El Presidente cut the legs out from under a fine conservative challenger to Senator Specter, whom Bush also backed for the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee, where Specter promptly hired a Democrat activist to be added into the Republican majority staff mix. Nor does this article rehash the campaign by the White House and the RNC to slash and burn a moderate in Rhode Island to challenge a supposed Republican that votes with the liberals more consistently than Hillary Clinton and who brags that he didn’t even vote for George Bush for a 2nd term in office.

Jack Kennedy cut taxes and the federal revenues surged. Ronald Reagan cut taxes and federal revenues surged again. George Bush ’43’ cut taxes and the federal revenues are again surging. So what should we do? I know, let’s appoint a liberal Democrat to head the Treasury Dept. and let him bring in a whole bunch of his liberal Goldman Sachs friends that are so adept at telling us how cutting taxes reduces the revenue intake to the federal government. Makes sense to me.

Hey, if the conservative base gets upset, it will distract them from the illegal alien amnesty bill that El Presidente is sooooo desperate to get passed, even though 80% of the legal citizens of the country are against it. Besides, I think he is still mad at us for objecting to his nomination of Harriet Miers for SCOTUS. Besides, Mr. Tomlinson opines that Bush “43” has governed more conservatively than Pres. Reagan. I don’t see where it is noted that Reagan governed with both branches of the legislature solidly in Democrat hands for most of his two terms, while the GOP has had total control, supposedly, of both houses of Congress during all but two of the so far six years of the Bush administration.

Regardless of the foregoing, I don’t know of a single serious and credible conservative voice that doesn’t agree that a Gore or Kerry administration would have been an unmitigated disaster. Unlike Mr. Tomlinson, that is precisely why many of us voted for Mr. Bush at all. I shall not now comment on the PC method of war fighting and how it costs American lives unnecessarily. I have said enough lately on that subject and will undoubtedly address it again in the future. I can think of a few Democrats that I would have been able to vote for over Mr. Bush. Unfortunately I was not presented that option, mostly due to those Democrats either being dead or no longer active in political life. I am registered Republican because I am Conservative, not a Conservative because I am a Republican.
Ken Shreve

The Prowler sums it up perfectly: Compassionate Conservative = Liberal
Diamon Sforza
Bartlett, Illinois

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