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Immigration Showdown

Re: W. James Antle, III’s Tancredo Time:

I say, thank goodness for Tancredo’s courage. Without him in the race the position of strict immigration control that he represents, indeed embodies, simply would not be heard. Even with him in, there’s a better-than-even chance that his voice will still be drowned out by those on the other side –big business appeasers, political machinators, and some who simply haven’t thought the matter through — aided and abetted, of course, by the biased, dinosaur media which has long since demonized him. But even so, his voice will be out there, and it’s entirely possible it will have enough resonance with enough people to make plain that, even if establishment pols don’t want to be serious about the matter, a very large part of the public is sending a message that they had damn well better get serious.
C. Vail

In the end folks, we get what we vote for! Unfortunately for all of us, the national attitude seems to be one of, “why do today what we can put off and do tomorrow?” Unfortunately, tomorrow’s problem is potentially disastrous to our national security and way of life. We have indeed become a trivial society. And I fear for my country because, the wake up call will, no doubt, be devastating.
Jim L
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

What’s extreme and repugnant is Roberto [sic] Gonzalez [sic], George Bush, and the treason, lying, and backstabbing of the Republican Congressional (esp. Senatorial) mainstream on immigration. This is the worst thing that has been done to this country since British troops invaded and burned the White House in 1814. To hell with them all. I don’t care if it takes an alliance with Satan to fix immigration and restore respect for the American people, their will, and their nation and its borders.
Kevin Kendrick

A key element seemed to be glossed over in James Antle’s article on immigration: assimilation. Whereas previous waves of immigrants aspired to become Americans, the current crop, millions strong, seem to vow to remain Mexicans while living and working here.

What’s worse, we’re making it easy for them. When was the last time you saw a government form that was not also offered in Spanish? They have their newspapers and magazines. My basic cable system includes three Spanish channels. My public library includes Spanish films and dubbed DVDs. Retailers, sensing extra sales potential, have latched onto the bilingual strategy. A checkout clerk at Wal-Mart recently called me senor!

Just as water always runs downhill, people tend to take the easier routes in life. All the above are disincentives to learning English. Bilingual education courses have proven to be utter failures in producing English-speaking students.

Think about that the next time you have to “Press 1 for English.”
Gary Long

W. James Antle III speaks of possible problems if Tancredo runs an illegal-immigration-campaign for the presidency. He says, “Tancredo risks relieving the frontrunners — who already don’t seem too concerned about what restrictionists think of them — of any need to appeal to his constituency.” This argument is tantamount to saying that if illegal immigration doesn’t matter then it doesn’t matter, so why run. So if illegal immigration is of no real concern, then why should Antle or anyone else fret over a campaign that is sure to go nowhere? No, it’s better if Tancredo does run. If he does well, he will force the so-called frontrunners to speak about the issue and this is precisely why Tancredo is doing it. If he does not do well, then the frontrunners’ “non-issue” will still be a non-issue. Thus, Tancredo has nothing to lose and possibly much to gain.
Steve Cade
Astoria, Oregon

It’s going to be very interesting to me to see just how “Quixotic” Rep. Tancredo’s campaign will be. Mr. Antle sees it as a foregone conclusion that anyone running on immigration enforcement will lose in a landslide. Given some anecdotal evidence from the last election, he may be exactly right.

In my view, the illegal alien invasion of our country is a “trump” issue. If we don’t get control of our borders, our entire culture is in peril. (If you think that statement is overly hyperbolic, I invite you to take a look at the current demographic makeup of Great Britain, France, Norway, etc., etc.) No candidate on the wrong side of this one will get my vote for any office, and any candidate (Democrat, Communist, Green Party) on the right side will.

I’m curious to see how many voters will agree.
Keith Kunzler
Arnold, Missouri

Describing anti-illegal alien activists as yahoos and Christian fundamentalist crazies shows the utter desperation of the Republican party, which wants to grant amnesty and unbridled financial benefits at taxpayer expense to the millions of illegal aliens that flout U.S. laws and then demand their rights (“Tancredo Time,” Jan. 19). Hysterical assaults on Tancredo by out-of- touch Republican elites only serve to alienate the Republican base. Tancredo is a hero to the average American, but Republican elites and their defenders — marginalized by their political attacks which, by extension, attack the American people — are so wrapped up in their political cocoons that they don’t see the loss of their nation. Instead, they engage in the kind of political attacks that may play well in Washington but disgust the average American.

The effort to stop Sen. Mel Martinez’s bid for RNC chairman is a heroic attempt to restore sanity in the party, based on Martinez’s advocacy of exemption from federal laws based on race and demanding taxpayer subsidization of illegal behavior by noncitizen lawbreakers. Not only should Martinez’s advocacy disqualify him as chairman, but it should result in charges against him for failing to enforce U.S. laws. The millions of illegal aliens and their families helping themselves to free schooling, health care, welfare, housing subsidies, and other government largesse conveniently provided in a bilingual setting, and at no cost to the illegals since they are outside the taxpayer system, means nothing to these elites, since they earn their livings by taking from unwilling taxpayers whatever they decide to take. I don’t recall any of these Republicans asking the taxpayers’ permission for these activities, nor do I recall any hearings or investigations into why the immigration laws are not enforced, why the government fails to sanction employers of illegal labor, or why the government will not confront the endemic identity and social security fraud that have destroyed the lives of real Americans.

Schools and the education system, activists and Catholic Church elites teach that illegals swarming over the southern borders are the true landowners and America is the oppressor who took their land, and the teaching must have an effect, because polls reveal illegals have a strong loyalty to their country of origin over their country of residence. They must be howling in laughter over the irony that even though they are the new servant class in America, it actually is the Republican leaders playing the servant role. As for 2006 election losses, the few anti-illegal alien elected officials who lost their seats were defeated by candidates who emphasized their own tough anti-illegal alien stand. If Republican elites are so worried about Tancredo’s quixotic presidential bid having a devastating effect on the party, the answer is simple: Republican elites, themselves, can take a hard stand against the illegal alien invasion. But then, that would require integrity, concern for U.S. Security and respect of taxpayers, something these Republicans long ago sacrificed at the altar of the almighty business dollar.
Caroline Miranda
North Hollywood, California

I read your piece about Tancredo this morning and it gave me a lot to think about. But I must tell you this:

I live in Broward County in South Florida. I just looked at the story in the Sun-Sentinel about Martinez’s new appointment and had a look at the blog below the story. People here are mad as hell about this. We spar daily on the Sentinel blogs with a lot of lefties, but on the subject of illegals EVERYONE agrees. And they are agreeing with Tancredo, not Martinez. Martinez has been a huge disappointment here. McCollum would have made a fine senator, but we had Martinez shoved on us by the White House. And we have regretted it ever since.

While I see the points in what you wrote, I don’t think the real pulse of America has been accurately measured on the subject of illegals. Tancredo is a hero down here, even to the kooky left.
Kathy Holthausen
Deerfieldl Beach, Florida

Re: Hal G.P. Colebatch’s Sinking the Royal Navy:

The underlying thesis of this piece on the Navy speaks to a greater tragedy.

Four hundred years is a long time and the sailors of the Royal Navy had more to do with Britain`s history than may be realized. I recall Napoleon at Waterloo being advised by Ney that the “British” were the very devil to attack and would hold a line to the death! He was, of course, proven correct.

The American and English connection may never be accurately described but the Churchill bloodline may have to do. Our desires are fairly similar but our techniques are motivated by decentralization on the one hand and loyal centralization on the other….

The latter, centralization, has been ruined by a socialist philosophy that has failed to see the “soljer red coat” and the “navie blu jacket” for the asset that they are.

Personally, I am convinced that Europe may follow the Roman Empire as past. I am not so sure about your island. The will is there, but is the motivation?
Jerry R. Cadick
Colonel USMC (ret.)

I read Mr. Colebatch’s article on the British Royal Navy with great sadness and fear — for the British people and the world at large. A great nation readily giving up its greatness is what we are watching. The dignity, calm and general goodness of the Brits deserve a leadership that matches them. How schizophrenic is the Blair government? Now it will be speaking big and carrying a soft stick.

The continuous crumbling of the institutions that have made Britain great, torn down by the left, is working much faster there than here. Americans must awaken. Britain’s future is ours if we don’t.

God save the Queen and her wonderful country.
Deborah Durkee
Marietta, Georgia

Poor, poor Britain, what a dreadful tale of woe about how far the once great Royal Navy has fallen, and how sad for the war on terrorism and for America. A nation that would think about turning the home of Nelson’s flagship into a theme park holds nothing sacred, believes in nothing, stands for nothing and fights for nothing. If this is how your best ally manages their affairs, I shudder to think what the Saudis and the Pakistanis are up to behind your backs.

How can anybody have any doubts about it now, Americans are right up against it, winning in Iraq is only a tiny part of the problem they face as Western civilization rots from within and crumbles and fades into moral decrepitude and failure. America is on its own, and the sooner Americans understand that and start taking the necessary steps to save themselves from the stupidities of the rest, the better for all of us. If the Brits and the rest want to jump off a cliff then that is their problem, but if they try and drag you with them then it’s up to you to stop it.
Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia

Here’s a copy of an email I’ve sent to the London Times and Telegraph:

As I observe all of the goings on in Britainistan from across the pond I wonder who it will be that you call on in your next hour of need. Poor Winston must be turning in his grave. Rampant Socialism, the demise of the Royal Navy and the abrogation of your basic rights at the hands of the secular progressives. The UK has served up its masculinity to the eunuchs of the EU. I’m so sorry that the once mighty UK is in such a decline.

Charles Martin

Britain has decided to relegate herself from the Premiership of Global Powers to join France and Spain in the Euro Former Colonial Empire Has Been League. Her glory days are well behind her. The cost of a blue water fleet with the enormous nanny state she chooses to support makes this inevitable. She is also well aware (as is Canada) that America would support her in the unlikely event of a naval threat.
London, UK

Re: Patrick J. Michaels’ What’s So Bad About a Warm Winter?:

Very interesting hearing about the winter of 1931-32 in the northeast of the U.S. I think you’ll find it interesting to be made aware, assuming you are not, that the winter of 1931-32 was conversely one of its coldest of the 20th century in California. I recall that January 15/16 of ’32 featured snow on lawns in central Los Angeles (Hollywood area) to a depth of an inch or more, the first I’d ever witnessed, an eight year old at the time. So it seems that here in winter 2006-7 the same climatic effect is at work with the weather on the two coasts of the U.S. As a matter of record, the west coast winter of 1948-49 was somewhat the same, the 2nd time I’d seen this same phenomenon in the L.A. lowland basin, the morning of January 4th featuring snow on the front lawns all over. Digging further, I recall seeing a photo of Hollywood in the 1914 winter likewise visited, and so I’ll suspect the U.S. eastern coast could then have had a mild January as well.
G. Murphy
Dorset, Vermont

You wrote:

TEMPERATURES BEGAN THEIR RECENT climb with a sudden climate shift in the Pacific Ocean in 1976. In the succeeding three decades, winters warmed more than summers, colder temperatures rose more than hot ones, some places were drier, and some were wetter.

What you described was the Pacific Decadal Oscillation or PDO. The PDO teleconnections was only discovered recently (1997), and it mirrors the 20th century global temperature trends. The PDO oscillates between a high (warm) phase and a low (cold) phases. Most research concerning the PDO points to a correlation to ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation). The PDO appears to be a 35-40 year oscillation. When the PDO is in its high phase, ENSO events can be strong (witness the record 1983, 1988, 1998 ENSO events); however, when the PDO is in a low phase, ENSO events are muted. Both El Nino and La Nina events are short and weak. During the last major PDO cold phase (1940-1975), much of the globe had record cold winters and short summers (1963 was one of the coldest years since 1816).ENSO events were not major.

The importance of the PDO cannot therefore not be underestimated. Patrick, you were correct in pointing out the year 1976. This was the year of the switch of the PDO from cold to warm. It also correlates to with increased solar activity as witnessed by intense long-term sunspot activity. It now appears that most of our climate is linked to the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean, unlike the Atlantic, can store a huge amount of potential energy for decades. It not only regulates global ocean currents but also semi-permanent pressure systems like the Hadley Cell. ENSO events are just a reflection of this. Last summer there was a little noticed paper published by Lyman and Willis of NOAA. In it they stated that there was a net reduction of 3.2 x 10^22 Joules of energy in our oceans during the period 2003-2005. That’s the equivalent of 15 years of stored heat that was lost in a period of just 2 years. Already we are seeing the effects of this with a net cooling of the North Pacific and a weak El Nino event. East Asia has its coldest year in decades, and the Siberian Express, which hit Alaska and the West Coast are just a reflection of this cooling.

You are correct in separating annual and seasonal weather events from climatic trends (Europe had both frigid winters and scorching summers during the coldest years of the LIA). But, I thought I would point out that there is much more than meets the eye (or the TV for that matter). With the 24×7 media cycle, the blogosphere, and entire new generation of climate “experts,” not one unusual weather event goes un-noticed. And it’s usually the AGW folks who blow these things out of all proportion. Wasn’t it Dr. Hansen himself who said we are the warmest we’ve been in a million years? Personally, I think we should enjoy the warm weather while we can. It won’t last forever.

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s Fate Accompli:

Color me convinced; I am unskeptical. Mr. Homnick is on firm footing as the Bible is so full of such events as to make the hair on the back of one’s neck stand on end. Consider:

Jacob deceived his father and twin brother only to later be deceived himself by his father-in-law and two of his sons’ brothers. Jacob’s deception of his father involved lying about his own name. Later, after God wrestled with Jacob, God asked Jacob but one question, “What is your name?” This time the response was honest, at which point God changed Jacob’s name from Jacob (meaning “heal-grabber”, i.e. deceiver) to Israel (meaning “wrestles with God”). In this one passage we see the culmination of Jacob/Israel’s transformation from one who apparently believed he could outwit God to one ready to deal with God directly.

Jacob/Israel’s son Joseph went from being the favored son to a slave to an honored servant to a prisoner to the second most powerful person on Earth, all within a relatively short period of time. In Jacob’s high position his brothers, who earlier enslaved him, had to come bow down before him and it was through Jacob that the whole family (and region) was saved from starvation.

Fast-forwarding a few years, a pharaoh decreed the death of all Israelite male babies to later have the Angle of Death take the Egyptian first-born males. (This, by the way, is a precursor to all subsequent human history…those who would destroy the Jews are themselves destroyed. May the United States never forget that or be on the wrong side of that equation.) Playing no small part in the events of those years was Moses, who was raised in Pharaoh’s palace thus, likely, enabling him to approach Pharaoh and plead to Israelite’s case.

King David’s great sin provides quite a study. He ordered his general to kill one of his mighty men, Uriah, so David could have Uriah’s wife. For this the son born of that union died, another of David’s sons raped one of his daughters, a third son killed that son and raped David’s concubines, and the same general who killed Uriah in obedience of David’s orders killed David’s son in defiance of David’s orders.

In Ester we see that Hyman was hanged on the very gallows he built for Mordechai. In Daniel we see that the satraps who tried to kill Daniel were eaten by the very lions who found Daniel unappetizing.

On and on it could go. Christians take this a step further and believe that every passage of the Old Testament points directly to the New Testament. That silly but lighthearted tv show, My Name Is Earl tries to touch on the theme of God’s providence and justice but incorrectly refers to it as “Karma.” But nothing beats the original and genuine version. Mark Twain wrote words to the effect that of course truth is stranger than fiction – fiction must be believable. Actually, Truth must be believed and the reason it is more interesting than fiction is because it has a more creative author.
R. Trotter
Arlington, Virginia

Reading Jay’s article I thought of a saying which I love:

“Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
Dick Regan

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Don’t Burn Bush Now:

Sorry… this just doesn’t wash. I’m sorry to say, but I’ve given up on Bush.

This so-called Surge Strategy is just more of the same… politicians directing a war and screwing it up just like they did in Vietnam. Politicians and politics… BUTT OUT and let those trained and experienced do their jobs!!

Do you mean to say that it took four-plus years to figure out that they need to hold what they’ve secured??? What the hell is going on in this White House — just plain obstinence, stupidity, reactive mismanagement, utter caucus, confusion… I suspect a combination thereof. This is leaving one hell of a legacy for future Reagan-like Conservatives. In fact, this Administration is doing a terrible disservice for future real Conservative Movements and for the future of this beautiful and wonderful democratic country.

This President’s legacy may well be “a Cowboy way over his head.” Very, very sad!!
Robert Dickman
A Reagan Conservative

Re: Thomas J. Craughwell’s
‘Bishop, I Have the Pope on Line One‘:

Journalism of the quality of Thomas Craughwell’s recent Special Report has become vanishingly rare in this age of political correctness. Incisive and insightful reporting of this caliber can only increase your readership.
Dr. Rory Donnellan

I just want to thank you for this article you wrote. This is the best and most true article I have read ever that explains what Vat. II did to set off the all the disasters in our Lords church.

I pray that Pope Benedict will be protected and blessed to carry this out completely!!!

God Bless you!
Angie Alexander
Destin, Florida

Re: Stephen Rivers’ letter, Mini Winship’s poem “Jack Bauer and Me,” and Michael Tobias’s letter in Reader Mail’s Fool Me Once:

Me thinks Stephen Rivers dost protest too much over the alleged quote Bob Tyrrell attributed to Spielberg during his meeting with Castro in Havana. Yeah, it’s possible Spielberg never said it, but I bet it’s equally true that during Spielberg’s sumptuous dinner with Castro, Spielberg wisely chose not avail himself of the opportunity to engage in boorish behavior towards his host, as did Senator Webb of Virginia towards President Bush.

And not simply because Fidel and Spielberg are politically simpatico, either. No, despite the fawning rhetoric the Left has for kindred spirits like ole Fidel, I suspect Spielberg was wearily on his very best behavior because he was staring the tiger in the eye, up close and personal, mano y
mano, sans an American marine from Gitmo there to protect him. Yep, you just never know what a brutal thug, with no respect for human life, might just do, even to a famous Hollywood icon. Best not take any chances here, after all, one can only get away with that sort of bravado, and still have a tongue to talk about it with friends over sushi, when at the White House. I notice also that Mr. Rivers did not disparage the Cuban state controlled media until safely back in the USA. Consider the source indeed.
A. DiPentima

Mimi Owens Winship ‘s most recent poetic offering:

Each heart stopping moment takes me
To a place of impossible dreams
Where Jack thwarts international treachery
With the incredible CTU teams.

With dash and flash he fills the screen.
His resilience is astounding.
Though grievously wounded he’s shortly seen
From death itself rebounding.

has inspired me to locate a potential outlet for your resident muse. She will find the details here.
Russell Seitz
Cambridge, Massachusetts

I was pleased to see that reader Michael Tobias was back. It’s good to hear from you again.
A. DiPentima

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