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The Plot Thickens

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Unnerved by Obama:

I have no doubt the Mr. Obama’s candidacy is the result of a right wing conspiracy– a vast right-wing conspiracy. Its purpose is two-fold.

The right-wing forces of evil have an objective of blocking the Clinton utopia from becoming a reality. Under Ms. Clinton, we would not receive pay, but after taking all our money the beneficent government would provide each of us a stipend according to our needs, as our needs are determined by that government. Medical care would be free to all and since one see the veterans’ medical system in a shambles, one need not hypothesize more on that subject. And our language would be much proscribed. Many words would be removed from day to day social intercourse, and if used, the miscreant would be punished as felon. Some such words might be “Republican,” “conservative,” “Terror,’ “Christian” and “God,” just to name a few. And as Ms. Clinton is so fond of calling our attention to Europe and the way they do things, it might also be that, as in England with their Queen, one would not be allowed to make criticism of America’s.

Very obviously to this member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, Mr. Obama’s candidacy is a pernicious plot to win the conservatives favor, and that is their second objective.

Ms. Clinton’s explanation is as follows: “this evil right wing conspiracy has at its core, the purpose of ruining the gains Blacks have made., especially since my husband’s presidency. Obama knows nothing of world politics; he takes away my base of voters, leaving me the money from Hollywood and the elites; but making me look bad when I lose. Mr. Obama will look bad when he wins because of his lack of knowledge.” This sets up conservatives with their “I told you so” racist and corrupt constituency.”

Ms. Clinton continues: “If Mr. Obama wins and does well as either a campaigner or even President, then conservatives will point to his record and take credit for by suggesting that forcing my husband to enact welfare reform actually gave blacks the impetus and opportunity to show just how very well they could succeed.”

She further and adamantly denies these remarks are actually projecting her own views of things: ” My husband was the first black President of America and I ran the plantation, er, White House with dignity and friendship towards African- Americans.”

How diabolical vast right wingers are!
Jay Molyneaux
Denver, North Carolina

I don’t see a Hillary crack-up. I see a media attempt at an Obama set up. Hillary will be the Democrat Party’s candidate, but only after a “tough,” “grueling.” and “hard fought” media affected primary season.

All that’s being done here is an attempt to provide Clinton via the liberal press some “gravitas” from the field. Obama & Clinton aren’t really that different. Obama says a lot of nothing. I mean really? What does barely 2 years in the U.S. Senate and an unremarkable if not abstentious voting record in Illinois provide as far as leadership? As far as Hillary, we all know it’s a media-attempted coronation of “Womanhood.” Clinton’s a vapid illiberal philosopher with a phony drawl that can’t even make a commitment to her own leftist model. Even her smoke is manufactured.

They’re both democrat leftists, and entirely illiberal. They’re both awful for Americans, but they’ll do for our enemies abroad.
P. Aaron Jones
Huntington Woods, Michigan

It is gratifying to read and hear about Mrs. Clinton’s political problems, but to imply that Imam Obama has a “sounder character” than the Predator in Chief (Bill Clinton) is going a bit far. He’s not yet been found to have the “morals” of a Kennedy, but his unethical character is getting harder and harder to conceal. From his deceptive ambiguity about his Muslim heritage to his sleazy business dealings Imam Obama is proving to be nothing more than a typical Chicago Democrat.

If Democrats and Americans choose to propel this lightweight creature into the White House then we deserve the chaos that will follow. Barack Hussein Obama makes Jimmy Carter look competent.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Should Obama prove to be too formidable for Ms. Hillary, I fully expect dirty tricks of the likes we’ve never seen before to be launched by Bill Clinton and his pals in the 72 hours prior to the first primary.

Then, when Obama has been carted off stage and the dust has settled, we once again will be looking at yet another strong-woman-in-her-own-right-feminist, in a long line of strong-women-in-their-own-right feminists who required, when push came to shove, the services of her husband to make things happen.

You’ve just got to love the irony and the legacy.

Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Jackson

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Fundamentalist Atheists:

Atheists and agnostics share a lack of belief in a theistic god. They share little else. It is not a worldview, but an absence of one. Their basic argument and evangelism is to point to the evils wrought by religion and to claim that these evils are particular to religion. Chesterton pointed out in response to this argument that it is almost always the good things, our children, our family, our community that drive men to evil trying to protect or provide for that good. How many crimes have been committed to provide wealth for a family? Does this make the family bad? Religion is no different than these other good things that men value, and it is the nature of man that is sinful, not the worship of God.

Christ provides a consistent truth across time for a people. The humanists can be libertarian, conservative, socialist, Freudian, hedonistic, violent or peaceful, or any flavor at all of a pagan approach to life united only in rejecting the culture contained in the religion of a people. The fragmentation leads nowhere and as we are learning, it leads nowhere very quickly. Will Durant pointed out that a civilization only needs to skip teaching a single generation to be lost.

The humanist sows the wind. It takes only a new theory and off they go in a new direction, and when unintended consequences occur, that is the cost of their rationalism and they try to reason themselves a solution. They are also more open to conscious manipulation by self-interested, evil men, who use the lack of an agreed upon core set of values against the society, by manipulating the values themselves, for their purposes. Any reaction to the unintended evils creates a new host of problems but in a more degraded world. On and on, with no memory that has any hold on the people. Hope, faith and love form the core of a Christian worldview. The humanist by rejecting faith, embracing hope, and loving or not as they choose, creates a stilted world view… and they tumble down off their stilts very often. When we sow the wind we reap the whirlwind. How do I know this? The Bible tells me so.
Greg F

As I seem to write on a monthly basis…

Why do we express shock at extremists at either end of the spectrum. Mankind has diluted original Christianity to the point of ineffectiveness. There are now thousands of denominations teaching thousands of opinions. It is liberalism in its purist form. Pluralism has taken over our minds. For a great 2-minute read of what the New Testament says on unity, click here here.

Until we start studying the Bible and stop listening to errant preachers, this will continue. After all, this is a command (if you believe that sort of thing)!

Act 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. (Emphasis added.)
Kevin W.
Morgantown, West Virginia

Re: Enemy Central’s Warrior Princesses:

Enemy central is you, get that straight, retire or expire, either will do.
Andy Turner

Down South where I “sprung” from a considerable time ago, religious folks, especially Baptists, became rightfully concerned about meeting the “Maker” as they approached their biblical four score and ten lifespan. Times sure have changed. Democrats as exemplified by Bill Moyers, who I believe used to identify himself as Baptist, just seem to get meaner and meaner and even more devoted to obvious sins such killing infants. The world has surely turned upside down. Hey, maybe goofy old Al Gore might check that out, another cause for him and something else to blame on America.
Jim Wheatley

My #1 Enemy of the week (truth be told, the last couple of years) is wimpy assed Republicans who leave the foxhole when their foxhole buddy needs their help. Instead, they fuel the yellow-bellied liberals.

My #2 is wimpy assed Republicans who go on TV and radio talk shows (Russert, Matthews, CNN, etc.) and allow the host to lie and speculate and tell halftruths (mislead) and don’ t speak up and defend the right.
Andy Anderson

Re: Eric Peters’s Ban Cell Phones?:

Banning cell phones will do little to improve safety. Cell phones are only one of many distractions affecting drivers. A Consumer Reports article a few years ago cited an AAA Foundation study reporting that cell phone distractions accounted for a mere 1.5% of accidents involving inattentive drivers. Almost 30% of distractions were outside the vehicle. Another 11% of drivers were changing the radio station or CD and another 11% were talking to passengers.

When the nanny state does not see the expected improvements in safety, it will come for our radios next. This will have the added bonus of destroying the evil right-wing talk radio industry!
Bob Staggs
Goshen, Kentucky

Is it really necessary to use cell phones on planes and in cars, especially when there is the real possibility of potential danger? How about a modicum of quietness for those who cannot bear the self-important, insufferable boors who subject all of us to their cell phone stupidities?

Cell phone addicts are unconscious, disrespectful, discourteous and obnoxious. Public transportation and areas; doctors’ offices; theaters; restaurants; checkout lines; just about everywhere. In their own dream world walking like zombies in the street, or “driving” their cars. Their business, everyone’s business. Unable to bear silence or be by, or with, themselves for a moment. Totally oblivious to — and inconsiderate of — their neighbors.

Cell phones will be as ubiquitous in airplanes as they are in places where we are all held captive. These (ab)users ought to be relegated to their own soundproof cabin, compelled to suffer one another’s inanities. For the entire flight.

I, and hopefully those who share these feelings, will give our business to the airlines that have the sense to ban them.
Emanuel Molho
New York, New York

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Senatorial Wisdom on Gonzales:

With all the foofaraw about AG Gonzales, one overlooks the obvious: there is no way in h… ell that another conservative Republican could ever be confirmed by the Democrat party.

Gonzalez may be inept and in over his head, but we are stuck with what we have. Getting a replacement for him would be next to impossible in today’s environment!
C.D. Lueders
Melbourne, Florida

Quin Hillyer makes some very good sense in his piece on the potential removal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I have to admit that I have been opposed to the idea, particularly from the viewpoint that I greatly oppose allowing the Dummycrats in Congress the opportunity to collect Gonzales’ scalp and make political hay with it. I will admit, however, that Gonzales has proved to be a significant weakling in his position of heading up the Department of Justice, a federal bureaucracy that seems to match the incompetence and utter stupidity of the State Department quite easily. As my favorite morning radio talk show host, Jim Quinn of “The Warroom,” has stated many times, the State Department, in the case of war, “should have the doors and windows bricked up and the meals slid under the doors.” Condie Rice has made little impact at State and Gonzales has done virtually nothing at Justice. Both of those institutions should be demolished, their denizens put out to pasture, and everything rebuilt from the ground up.
Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

I am not a big fan of Atty. General Gonzales, but as a Republican I say this: If the Democrats want him out, every Senator and Congressman with an R after his name should fight like hell to keep him in office. I am tired of the appeasing and placating exhibited by Republicans whenever Democrats unfairly target a fellow Republican with a witch-hunting, Stalinist styled purge committee. The only thing Gonzales has done wrong is belong to the Republican Party.

I am not thrilled at the dismal record of Gonzales and his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to protecting our nation’s borders. However, I am more concerned with the Republican Party’s inability to unite behind any one of its members whenever extremist and disloyal Democrats such as Schumer, Waxman, Leahy, Clinton, Kerry, et al. target them for destruction. This inability to compromise with and support others in the Republican Party against these more dangerous and irrational Democrats is the main reason we lost the majority in the Congress back in ’06 and if the Republicans don’t stop this spineless habit, it will lead to a disappointing result in 08. The divide between Republicans and Democrats is deep and uncompromising and there is no hope of finding common ground among them. Republicans need to recognize this fact and realize that what they regard as statesmanlike compromise, their enemy, the Democrats, interpret as weakness and appeasement. They will pick off each Republican leader one by one. Consider the long line of victims deserted by their Republican colleagues in the last six years: Trent Lott, Tom DeLay, Katherine Harris, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, and all of the rejected federal court nominees….

Republicans I know argue that to make this kind of fight is futile and counterproductive. How so? As a Republican I believe in small government. If Senate Democrats want to spend the next 18 months trying to remove Atty. General Gonzales from office, that’s good news to me. That means that for 18 months I don’t have to worry about them coming after what is in my wallet. If filibustering against the Democrats causes gridlock and brings the Federal Government to a halt, so be it. It reminds of what some real smart guy once said: “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe as long as the Congress is in session-unless they are in gridlock.”

The Democrats want to impeach Bush and Cheney. Good. Republicans need to circle the wagons and fight like there is no tomorrow. As long as the idiots are embroiled in personal attacks and Republicans can slow down the process, the average Joe working to support his family will be a lot better off. Why? Because they won’t have time or energy for any of there other more destructive pursuits, such as increasing taxes, undermining the family, and destroying the military capability of our nation.

Within the Republican Party, there are differences, especially concerning abortion and the immigration issue. However, rational discourse is possible among us and there is hope that opposing sides can find compromise and common ground, not so with the Democrats. With them, we have nothing in common, not love of country, not respect for authority or God, not respect for self-sacrifice, not respect for self-reliance, not reverence for family, or marriage, and certainly not belief in absolute truth. They are in a completely different world and we need to keep them there.
Charles D. Sampson
Melbourne, Florida

Michael Chertoff will not be Attorney General. He cannot even run Homeland Security competently. Chertoff may have the intellectual qualifications, unlike the hapless Gonzales, but he is an inept administrator.
Louise S.
Frederick, Maryland

Re: Robert A. Levy’s They Never Learn:

When will the gun controllers learn? Sadly, maybe it really will be never. But when enough of them have suffered the loss of loved ones or know someone who’s lost a loved one because law-abiding citizens had been disarmed, maybe they will?

With what just occurred at Virginia Tech, the controllers haven’t stopped long enough to really consider that maybe, just maybe, fewer people would’ve been slaughtered had one or some of the people in those classrooms had possessed a legal, concealed firearm.
C. Kenna Amos
Princeton, West Virginia

I would be interested in a study that compares and contrasts the crowd that cries for more gun control, the peacenicks who want to legalize “medical” marijuana, and those who are interested in keeping abortion legal. Think about the three.

Advocacy for more laws allowing the state to remove my ability and right to protect myself in the event of a crime, all the steps necessary to further the cause for legal drug use, topped off with the lawful ability to kill the most defenseless people on the planet. I wonder who would participate in a combined poll and allow their name and face to be shown with the results.
Greenville, South Carolina

Re: John T. O’Connor’s letter (under “Rally Round the President”) in Reader Mail’s Mall Rats et al. and Quin Hillyer’s Conservatives Must Rally:

I just read Mr. O’Connor’s response to Quin Hillyer’s piece on why I must “rally round” Mr. Bush. Balderdash! And for the record I voted for the man twice. Ugh, but at those particular times, what choice did I have?

While I applaud Mr. O’Connor’s attempt to list the apostasies of President Bush and give him the benefit of the doubt due to the vast litany of the President’s shortcomings please add the most three most damaging to our country, long term.

Numero Uno…McCain/Feingold!!! Nuff said!

Second, his absolute fealty to the Texas Buddy System that is nothing more than a sick cover for old time cronyism. See our current AG and Harriet Miers among others. This president squandered whatever political capital he had accrued defending lame and incompetent members of his “posse.”

And finally, his willingness to tie the hands of our soldiers and marines (will not mention here the same problem he has imposed on our Border Agents) with PC rules of engagement that has led to the quagmire the Dems will beat us over the head and in the ballot booth with for years to come.

Ok, a fourth. Who the hell is running the White House media machine? Is there one? The lack of response, the lack of aggressiveness in the national debate is debilitating to us out here waiting for anything to combat the left-wing media, the Dems, etc.

Discouraged but still a Republican and, more importantly, a conservative.
Mark S. Griffith
Parker, Colorado

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s Partial Rebirth of a Nation:

I just want to say thanks to Jay Homnick for his article on Schumer.
G. Klecan

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