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Re: Mark Tooley’s Can a Methodist Be U.S. Surgeon General:

The Looney Left is at it again. Democratic senators react to the nomination of Dr. James Holsinger as U.S. Surgeon General much as a patient reacts to a tap to the patella — with a knee jerk reaction. Dr. Holisinger’s beliefs have nothing to do with his abilities as a doctor or the U.S. Surgeon General. I have never asked any physician who has treated me for a position check on religion or politics. The doctor’s beliefs beyond medicine are of little interest to me as long as competent and complete medical care is rendered. Are Dr. Holisinger’s religious positions at all relevant to the medical advice he will offer the nation? His views on homosexuality are scientific: two male parts do not naturally fit together. The fact that he agrees with the moral positions of his church is not at all germane to his abilities to serve his nation. Further, the position of Surgeon General is largely symbolic. As the old wag goes, to the victor goes the spoils. Despite the current troubles that the GOP is facing (has brought upon itself), they did win the White House; President Bush has the right to appoint competent people to vacant positions. The Senate has the right and responsibility to advise on these appointments. Sadly, once again, many senators confuse giving advice with mud slinging.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Hal G.P. Colebatch’s The Pope and the Boy Scouts:

Thank you, Mr. Colebatch, for reporting on the Pope’s tribute to the Boy Scout. It brought to mind an editorial in yesterday’s New Jersey Star Ledger which insisted that New Jersey’s Civil Unions law didn’t go far enough, and that “gay marriage” was necessary to ensure civil rights to homosexuals. That in turn recalled the New Jersey State Supreme Court’s decision in 2006 that ordered the State Assembly to craft legislation providing for civil unions. This is the same supreme court that earlier had inexplicably and unanimously ascertained that the Boy Scouts were a “public accommodation,” in an effort to force the Boy Scouts to accept a homosexual scout master. Fortunately the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 decision ( the usual suspects, Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter and Stevens dissenting) slapped down the New Jersey court, which has proven itself to be little more than an outcome-based liberal advocacy group. I imagine that I won’t be seeing anything about the Pope and the Boy Scouts in the [Red] Star Ledger.
Paul DeSisto
Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Lizard Listing:

In this piece, Jeffrey Lord touches upon George Bush’s other war: the one against the bureaucracy.

The Plame business was the highest profile battle of this conflict — a conflict which has been covered almost not at all by the media.

Bush has tried to wrest some the power from the bureaucrats — and that is the ultimate government no-no.

The standard scenario calls for an administration to be voted in, strut and fret its way around Washington for four or eight years — and then go away (often with many of its component parts being absorbed into the bureaucracy).

Meanwhile, the “pros” work along, running things pretty much as they want to no matter what noises come out of the White House.

Bush tried to change this — and, perhaps, battling both terrorists and bureaucrats is just too much.
Bill Naegele
Albuquerque, New Mexico

While Republican Presidents in general have not been as ruthless as the Dems when taking over the Executive Branch from the Dems, the Bush Administration has led the list in not only not ousting the Dems that they could, but in holding over and re-appointing Clinton partisans within the government. There was the retention of the Director of the CIA, for starters. There is Maura Harty at State that Powell, and now Rice, keep promoting despite one fiasco after another, and obvious undermining of administration policy edicts. There is Paul Bremmer, who was the initial official on the ground to screw up post-invasion Iraq.

There is the edict by Bush himself that no member of the Clinton White House team would be charged for the vandalism at the White House on their way out. There is the faint-hearted prosecution and mild pat on the wrist received by Sandy “Socks” Berger, while a Bush prosecutor insures serious prison time for law enforcement officers trying to enforce our laws against ILLEGAL aliens. On top of that, Bush won’t even roll up his sleeves and fight the Dems for his judicial nominees.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that Bush, and some other GOP presidents, are not serious about partisan politics. They treat it very much as a gentleman’s diversion at their men’s club, subject to all the niceties that one would find at the Harvard Club or the Skull and Bones Society. To the left, partisan politics goes beyond a blood sport to full-scale blood feuds, and they darn well are going to treat it as such each and every time. The most recent proof lies in the actions and tactics of the Congress, now that both Houses are in Democrat control. Contrast that with the way that business was run under the direction of Trent Lott, or Dr. Frist, or Speaker Dennis Hastert, or various chairman of standing committees of the two Houses of Congress.

When the GOP really gets serious, and efficient, and vicious about partisan politics like the Dems, then some of this SP vs. T-warrior stuff will ease up. But then that is the identical same problem between the PC war fighting that the administration insists on in Iraq versus the deadly serious and completely vicious, no rules fighting from the Islamic Jihadists. This difference of war fighting methodology has, I figure, cost us about double the KIA and WIA and years of combat than were necessary. The moral to the story for me is that, if you are going to do something, do it right, or don’t do it at all.

At least George Bush has done one thing right. He has alienated and split apart what was left of the Reagan coalition, to the point where many of us patriotic American conservatives would not object too strenuously if the Dem controlled Congress were to start an impeachment investigation. They wouldn’t go through to conviction because they might then get Dick Cheney, and that would drive them completely round the bend.
Ken Shreve
An ex-denizen of Washington D.C. that is delighted to have escaped.

Jeffery, has done another good job of explaining the truth about the SP Federal government. My dad worked for them for 28 years. And I can tell you that he is right. My dad refused to go for GS16-18 for the exact same reasons that Jeff mentioned in the article. He would be a sacrificial lamb
with the next president (Clinton).
Joseph D’Ambrosia

Re: Peter Hannaford’s Ms. Henny Penny in Concert:

I am guessing that Pontiff Al has never considered just why Greenland was named Greenland. The earth has been having climate changes forever, it goes in cycles. Remember a little more than 20 years ago the message was an ICE AGE is coming. Since that did not happen they needed more money so “global warming” was born.

Anyone that watches “Deadliest Catch” can see just how cold the Bering Sea is and how much ice is forming than in the last few years.

I did not even turn my A/C on until the first of June and last year it had been on more than a month by June. Wake up people the sky is not really falling. Keep the politicians out of your pockets.
Elaine Kyle
Cut & Shoot, Texas

Wonderful reporting on the spooky Al Gore and his acolytes. Does this mean they are going to give up trashing suites at posh hotels?

Ever the quibbler — I believe all Henny Penny did was hang out with Ducky Lucky and Turkey-Lurkey. It was Chicken Little who was terrified when a piece of blue fencing material came at her — leading her to spread the word that the sky was falling.

Poor Al Gore has never been quite right since he got hit by all those hanging chads.
Diane Smith
South San Francisco, California

Whilst contemplating the enrichment of Chinese light bulb manufacturers by last weekend’s musical fol-de-rol, I wondered if Al the Senator’s Son was letting his friends at the Buddhist temple in for a taste…a regional distributorship at the least, I would think.
Reid Bogie
Waterbury, Connecticut

I was in Rio last week, not for that God Forsaken “event,” and observed the hypocrisy that is nearly sufficient to cause terminal teeth-gnashing — seven or eight top-of-the-line big, new Mercedes V-8 sedans designated as “VIP” vehicles for “Live Earth.”

Not a Prius in sight. Nor a three-cylinder Geo, for that matter…

But they did have a couple vans for lugging gear that they claimed were powered by Diesel “Biofuel.”

And if they were even semi-sincere, wouldn’t those VIPs car-pool? Or grab a bus? Like, Rio has the all-time greatest bus system in the world!

But seven or eight of those Mercedes Gas Guzzlers seemed a tad excessive.

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s A Taste of Britishness:

We could only wish such a wave of patriotism would sweep over American Democrats and the cut and run American public, but sadly in a country that since World War II has become content with losing wars that may be asking too much.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

In writing “[Gordon] Brown seems to have little in common with the bubble-headed socialists, pacifists, vegetarians, and other zanies who founded his [Labour] party,” you failed to mention the pederasts. Do try to be more inclusive next time.
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: Doug Bandow’s Free At Last:

Yes, taxation is killing the American dream, fueling mega-government while depriving citizens of a normal life while they are in tax slavery. But the IRS is only the right hand of the mega-government/taxation monster that is killing America. How could you write such an article without talking about the left hand of the monster that is killing America — The Federal Reserve System? Basically, the FRS is the money-printing monster that is fueling the out-of-control growth of government and the mega- warfare/welfare state. The “print-on-demand” money system fuels government to do any damn foolishness they want — bomb the hell out of any country of their choosing, build bridges to nowhere in Alaska ETC.!!! The FRS amounts to giving government an unlimited checking account. It is the number one cause of the growth of the size/power/scope of the Federal monster — yet you and so few others ever talk about this primary cause of our demise — WHY? WHY? WHY?

I don’t like the Spectator. I see it as just another pseudo conservative rag that covers its Marxist/socialist/fascist agenda with “conservative” rhetoric. Your article was typical in that it talked of symptoms without ever discussing the root cause. Fact is, I think that is the Spectator‘s primary function…. to fool and derail true constitutionalists into thinking your neo-con, George Bush agenda is true conservatism, a co-intel neutralization mechanism/project. The Spectator‘s goal seems to be to continue leading this country down into “conservative” fascist hell.

Seriously, why are YOU part of this ruse to fool and enslave us into this post-constitutional, twilight Republic? If you truly wanted a Constitutional America of limited Federal government and maximum personal freedom with minimal taxation, you and the Spectator would be pushing the campaign of Ron Paul to the max. Your mega-silence of him speaks volumes of what and where your true agenda lies. In a fascist system, a few elitists benefit at the expense of the many, and I can only guess that is why the Spectator and yourself push the kind of “conservative” agenda that you do. However, this agenda is eventually self-destroying and then what will you have? I fear for America the economic fascist hell that is before us.

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Lex Orandi:

Excellent news! Pactum serva.
Kitty Myers
Painted Post, New York

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