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Re: Christopher Orlet’s Why Can’t We Find Osama?:

Great article. Now if someone will just read it to Bush.
Elaine Kyle

Christopher Orlet makes a compelling case for finding and terminating Osama bin Laden. The logistics of completing the circuit in this case are daunting and as yet unproductive, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. To showcase bin Laden’s bullet-riddled body — or better yet — to ignominiously hang him with a rope would send a potentially decisive message to those Islamists or Democratic congress — people who would believe the U.S. is not the strong horse. Certainly, other vermin would rise (or sink) to replace bin Laden, but the necessary message would have been delivered. It also does not appear that other Islamist “leaders” who have gotten their 72 virgins the hard way have been elevated to martyr status in such a way that our task in the Middle East has been made materially more difficult. Saddam and Sons and Zarkawi are simply now missing from the equation and apparently no one rallies around their martyrdom. So it should be with bin Laden.

How to do it then? Inasmuch as Islamic “culture” is a hyper-macho, hypersensitive honor cult, let’s try to get bin Laden to show himself, rather than searching the trackless deserts and mountains in which he hides. Insult him and his minions personally, publicly and massively. Impugn his brand of Islam. Question his manhood and courage. Photoshop pictures of him with young boys, Paris Hilton and Nancy Pelosi and drop the whole mess all over Pakistan, Afghanistan or whatever -Stan may hold him. Do this long enough, and loud enough, and bin Laden may make a fatal mistake or decide to make a stand. Rambo hasn’t worked; so try Don Rickles. He could probably use the work.
Deane Fish
Altamont, New York

Mr. Orlet’s rant is mildly entertaining but off point: the only way to find Osama is with a regiment of agriculture specialists armed with backhoes. Osama has been dead for years. The most potent weapon in the terrorist’s arsenal is their public relations effort. Backed by their willing accomplices in the mainstream media, Al-Qaeda and their ilk reap recruiting bonanzas each time they take to the airwaves, denouncing the Great Satan. Do you think Osama would remain silent these past few years if he were still capable of hurling threats our way? The latest tape is a complete hoax and the only way we will find Osama is by digging him out of his crypt.
Ralph Alter
Carmel, Indiana

Much as I hate it, I have to agree with Mr. Orlet and his assessment of the situation. May I also suggest that it is a disgrace that we can/could not remove Maqtada al Sadr and his nonsense from the scene? We had him in the crosshairs also, and were ordered to stand down. When a nation decides to go to war, it needs to decide to do what is necessary to see the fighting through to a satisfactory conclusion, at the earliest possible date. That responsibility does NOT lie with the military; it lies with the political types in the Oval Office, starting at the very top. Unfortunately, Pres. Bush has chosen to fight a PC war, and he has appointed flag rank officers and political appointees that will see to that decision. It is because of these decisions that the militant Jihadists neither respect nor fear us.
Ken Shreve
New Hampshire

I’d pay good money to see Christopher Orlet call General Tommy Franks “incompetent and unprepared” to his face. The undercard could be Sen. Harry Reid telling Gen. Petraeus that he’s a Bush lackey.

I expect much more class from American Spectator writers than this.
Steve Boggs
Columbus, Ohio

In your article, you make the statement:

“It is easy to see why war criminals like Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic remain at large. The United Nations’ EUFOR is charged with their capture.”

It was our job to find these two for several years while we had troops in Bosnia, and Kosovo. We weren’t any more successful finding them than we have been in finding bin Laden. Sadly, our CIA does not have the capability to conduct covert, or overt, assassinations. Our only success through the years was capture of Che Guevara, and that was largely an accident.

Of course, when the Congress passed a law (Remember Bob Torricelli?) in the late 90’s which forbade the CIA from using unsavory characters for intelligence sources, we lost all capability to spy, or ferret out the bad guys.

Regrettably, Congress still hasn’t passed a law banning guys like Torricelli from serving in its halls.

We haven’t lost a city yet in the War on Terror. So, we really haven’t gotten serious yet.
R. Goodson
Vero Beach, Florida

The recent kerfuffle about the Bin Laden’s “Just For Men” video overlooks past reports he has been hiding in Iran and shaved his beard to resemble Pakistani Pashtuns. In Yossef Bodansky’s Secret History of the Iraq War, page 298, he recounts the report that the senior Al Qaeda leadership, along with Bin Laden “arrived in Tehran in early May” of 2003 to help plan the escalation of terrorism in Iraq.

It is likely Iran kept the terrorist at the Special Revolutionary Guard guesthouse in the Namak Abroud area north of Tehran, even if against his will. He has received medical care but appears a haggard prisoner being used for video propaganda. As for the fake beard, I’m reminded of the Fielding Mellisch character in Woody Allen’s Bananas.
Timothy P. O’Neill
Pompano Beach, Florida

Chris Orlet states, “It is unclear whether American or Pakistani intelligence officials know where bin Laden is. Our best guess seems to be that ‘The Sheik’ is alive and kicking back in some grotto in Waziristan.”

Might I offer, based on his most recent video, that Osama is actually residing in the guest room of George Soros’s expansive estate? What, with his neatly trimmed and dyed beard and the soft lighting behind him? Makes sense to me.
Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

War on terrorism? Osama who?
Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia

Re: Judd Magilnick’s Chuck’s Original Zinn:


If the people of the great (?) state of New York had any pride at all, they’d have sent this windbag packing a long time ago. He is acutely embarrassing to watch, and I’m not even from New York, nor do I now live there. Upstate New York is a beautiful place, too bad it has to be associated with the rest of it.

I am, a retired American serviceman, and the very sight of any of the following Senators, Schumer, Durbin, Reid, Feinstein, Kennedy, Kerry, etc., traitors and/or scoundrels all, on my television set forces me to change the channel, to keep my blood pressure in check.

But then, most treasonous Democrats have that effect on me. It isn’t any fun to be a patriotic American any more, and have to watch our politicians in action.
R. Goodson
Vero Beach, Florida

Great, great piece, Mr. Magilnick. Truth is always better illustrated with humor, which is why I read TAS. Chuckie and Mr. Zinn should do likewise.
Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Re: James David Dickson’s End of an Era:

Mr. Dickson says, “Michigan had largely avoided such hiccups since the Bo Schembechler era…”

As Wolverine fans know, Bo’s “era” really didn’t end until his death.

As a note, Michigan has not won a football game since Bo passed away last November 17th.
Rick Osial
Montclair, Virginia

Re: Liz Mair’s Mark Warner’s Choice:

As northern Virginia continues to be overrun with the flotsam and jetsam of the liberal northeast (America’s reservoir of cowardice and anti-American sentiment), the more mindless its electorate becomes. One can only feel sorry for good and decent Virginians who are seeing their state dominated by anti-Semites and misogynists like Jim Moran and Jim Webb. Tax and spend liberal Mark Warner will feel right at home in the company of these hate mongers and cowards. One wonders if the Washington Post will dig deeply into Warner’s personal life and those of his paramours? Based on their support for Moran and Webb, even if he utters the N- word he’s safe. The fruits of the conservative meltdown of the last two years are still paying dividends for Democrats.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Chairman Hsu:

I certainly hope Bush Justice has the good sense and courage to “sweat” Hsu into revealing everything in return for allowing him to get off scot-free. The alarmed cries of “politics” will be heard from every precinct, no doubt even including the 23rd Ward of Chicago, but I say full speed ahead: get the job done by January at the latest.
Jameson Campaigne
Ottawa, Illinois

Maybe this would be a better response for the Prowler’s piece. Then, again, maybe not. Just letting you know we’re still thinking out here.

Chairman Hsu
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Until I’m President Hillary.

I feel, I feel,
Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.
I know it’s real,
Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Until I’m President Hillary.

Hsu don’t be blue,
Just do your time and see.
I’ll pardon you,
Like Mark Rich you’ll go free.

Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Until I’m President Hillary.

So here’s the deal,
Just keep it in the family.
Don’t be a heel,
Oh, and thanks for the money.

Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Hsu, fly, don’t bother me,
Until I’m President Hillary.
Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Re: Sue Gray’s letter (under “Wrong Ron”) in Reader Mail’s Defense Free Zones:

I see that, as the Presidential elections approach, the eternal Republican debate has arisen again. We are arguing whether to run a candidate who is just slightly to the right of a potential Democratic nominee or to field someone who espouses the complete range of “conservative” values. I suspect, that the former will hold true.

My personal opinion is to be less concerned with simply winning at the polls and to be more concerned with the election’s aftermath. It does little good to win the election and then find that the sitting President is little better than his opponent.

Take the current President, for example. He was touted as being a champion for conservative values. Instead we have someone who refuses to enforce immigration laws in a time of war, refuses to have residents who have aligned themselves with our enemies monitored, who conducted a brilliant military action to place American might on the doorstep of a proven enemy (Iran) then totally screwed up the post-invasion action, who has embarked upon a horrible foreign policy agenda and who has embraced some bastardized form of the EU for North America. And to top it all off, the Republican politicians managed to throw the U.S. Congress back to the Democrats. What, prey tell, did we accomplish other than having a President with a capital R after his last name?

It is not about beating the other guy at the polls, it is about electing quality people to represent the American people and to guard their best interests. Personally, I will endorse none of the current crop of Republican candidates. Unfortunately, they are all politicians and all have baggage that gives me pause. I fear that I will simply vote for the least objectionable candidate when election day rolls around. Of course, living in the Sunshine State, my primary vote may not count.
Michael Tobias
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Re: The letters under “Science Design” in Reader Mail’s Defense Free Zones:

I have long followed this back and forth argument between what has come to be termed “Intelligent Design,” and the pure science version of the existence of the universe. No one has ever answered my question, which is: If you folks who subscribe to this “big bang” theory could only tell me what went “bang,” I would join your side in a heart beat.
Joseph Baum
Garrettsville, Ohio

Robert VerBruggen’s Irresponsibly Gun Shy

“The campus police said that the probability would have been high that anyone emerging from a classroom…holding a gun would have been shot.”

OK, officer, here’s how you tell the armed citizen from the perpetrator: the armed citizen is the one that everyone else is hiding behind.
Stephen Foulard
Houston, Texas

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