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Commutation Pains

Re: Philip Klein’s Tin Mike and Liz Mair’s Border Skirmishes:

There is also one aspect you have not addressed — our freedom.

What candidate will do his best to continue the fight against those who have attacked us and continue to vow to destroy us?

For all his faults, it would have been reasonable to have included our current President in your pantheon of those a current candidate in today’s environment should aspire to emulate.

When a nation is at war, which I sometimes think we forget that we are, then we must elect a new leader who understands our situation and will endeavor to first and foremost — protect and defend the United States of America to the best of my ability so help me God.

There is no more important consideration for a candidate to address at this time in my humble opinion.

All else is moot.
Greg Conlan

Mr. Klein has put together some information that is going to upset the Huckabee supporters greatly, but it is information that must come out and must be looked at seriously and taken into account. The Huckabee supporters will undoubtedly think this is some dirty trick, and that it is unfair to bring it up now. George Bush titled himself a compassionate conservative. Mr. Huckabee seems to be an absolute, sobbing, wet noodle conservative. It simply is not a dirty trick or dirty tactics to point to what a person’s true record is.

On the other hand, we have Ms. Mair proclaiming it “going negative” to truthfully point out Mr. Huckabee’s record and statements regarding the illegal immigration invasion of our country. I would certainly like to know what made Mr. Gilchrist come out for Huckabee. That puts the lie to virtually all the very good work that he has done on the border issue. It certainly makes me wonder. As for Ms. Mair, perhaps her judgement and columns would be improved if she left her fantasy land in the northern Virginia suburbs, engulfed in a area every bit as liberal and every bit as Democrat as Boston or New York city. She needs to get out and learn about real people for a change. I was born, raised, and lived in the Washington D.C. suburbs, I understand about living among liberal lobbyists and federal bureaucrats, you lose touch with reality.
Ken Shreve
New Hampshire

Huckabee obviously likes playing God with the power of government.

And consider this: If he lets violent, convicted criminals out, imagine how he’ll handle the illegal alien problem. I fear Huck will make McCain seem like a raving border enforcer.
Pete Skurkiss
Stow, Ohio

Huckabee is a bigot.

There is no way he should be the President of the United States.

If America votes for Huckabee, I am not participating in the general election. America can have the punishment they deserve of getting Hillary for president if they support a Bigot during the GOP primary.
Brian C. Brooker

Re: Michael Tobias’s letter (under “Artificial Intelligence”) in Reader Mail’s Data Points and Laurie Mylroie’s Unintelligence:

I must concur with Mr. Michael Tobias’s remarks concerning Laurie Mylorie’s “Unintelligence” article. His restatement of the historical and political facts regarding Gulf Wars I and II was clear and concise, yet accurate in its assessments. I have often thought these things myself. I found it unbelievable that anyone could question the need to attack Iraq, given the fact that we were already being attacked by them repeatedly during our no-fly-zone operations for ten years. Further, I could never agree with the effort to seek the approval of the feckless UN either, regardless of what our shaky coalition allies claimed, given their record of absolute worthlessness in these endeavors.

After reading his comments, though, it struck me that this simple understanding should have been given full-throated expression by Bush and his administration during the past six years and driven home repeatedly to the American people. Tragically, however, Bush has acted like he’s had marbles-in-his-mouth, and his chosen cronies have acted like they’ve had bats-in-their-belfries. These characters have failed miserably in explaining the facts that any discerning individual, such as Mr. Tobias, could plainly see. Instead, the Bush gang has allowed the mendacity and distortions of the MSM and the Democrats to prevail in the ensuing propaganda wars. I believe this communications failure on the part of the Bush administration explains the phenomenon we have seen where half the people in this country have sided with our enemies throughout an on-going shooting war.

This same idiocy by the Bushies is revealed in their abject failure to pursue an energy independence program that would free us from the clutches of the Middle Eastern madhouse. The Democrats should have been challenged at every turn concerning drilling in ANWR and the development of clean coal and nuclear power plant construction. No valid counter-argument could be made by the Democrats that these things were not a national security interest. Yet, again, the Bush administration failed utterly to advocate and implement these programs.

And don’t get me started on the tone-deafness exhibited by the Bush administration concerning the illegal immigration issue.

These failures by Bush are absolutely mind-boggling. The sad fact is we all will live with the public relations disaster that is the hallmark of the Bush presidency for many years to come.
Harry Hill

To those that have nothing but contempt for the lessons from the past and see no dangers in an Intelligence function being both rogue in nature and driven by self-interests and political purposes I offer two NIE type narratives written from the facts that were known at the time that could have been written on Dec 6th, 1941 and August 5th, 1945. The events that follow are known to all.

To the National Command Authority:
Commander in Chief
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Estimate of Japanese intentions in the Western Pacific AOO Dec 6th, 1941

To date, the Japanese continue their advances into mainland China without let up. They have made steady progress since operations began in 1936. Evidence collected since the start of hostilities in China paints a picture of battlefield brutality toward not only captured POW but the civilian populations also. We do not assume they would conduct such operations against our personnel. We do not assume they have any plans to expand these operations to other parts of South East Asia or elsewhere.

We still stand behind out estimate and warning to Great Britain on Nov 29th, 1941 that the Japanese may have ongoing naval operations directed at the British colonies in areas directly linked to mainland China. We do not assume they have any plans beyond this.

We are still receiving and decoding intercepts regarding previous report message from Japanese government to Ambassador in Washington DC indicating a final very important message will be delivered on Dec 7th, 1941. We assume this is related to ongoing peace negotiations.

The whereabouts of the bulk of the Japanese major fleet units, including all their carriers, are still unknown. Signal intercepts from all the major Japanese naval commands in question have gone dark. We do not assume they have any hostile intentions outside perhaps the British Colonies on mainland China.

We still consider the NOB at Hawaii to be safe from carrier airborne attack as the water is too shallow for torpedo attack and the Japanese are not known to have any heavy AP bombs that could penetrate our battleship deck armor.

We have no evidence that the Japanese have acquired the knowledge that allowed the British to conduct low level torpedo attacks against the Italian fleet at Taranto on November 11th, 1940. Those attacks achieved great damage for the efforts of just 21 very old and slow torpedo attack planes.

We do not know what information/technology may have been transferred to the Japanese from several high level visits with German military high command personnel.

It is our estimate that nothing significant has changed in regard to our security status in the Western Pacific (Philippine AOO) and the Central and Eastern Pacific has no reported unusual activity.

To the Supreme Leader of Japanese Empire:
Estimate of American intentions in and around Hiroshima/Nagasaki Air defense zone August 5th 1945.

The American air activity has continued to be very light. Operations have been limited to striking our air defense bases and Anti-Aircraft installations. Occasional high altitude lone B-29s have made recon flyovers. We have concentrated on defending our air bases and not expended our very limited resources trying to take out a single bomber flying at high altitude. We have very limited fighter strength and type that can engage such a craft at that altitude. Americans continue to drop propaganda by air in our areas. We issued directives to destroy the leaflets.

We assess our situation to remain relatively constant in this regard. The Americans are clearly making maximum efforts elsewhere and can not afford to make those same efforts against Hiroshima and Nagasaki at this time.

All this is based on facts known by the soon to be victims at the time. This is not hindsight being 20/20. It has been said by many since Pearl Harbor that RDR knew of the pending attack at Pearl and did nothing to stop it. I don’t think there is any evidence to support that at all. What I do think is that FDR and many leaders in Western Europe in particular colored the intelligence they had at hand to further the world view they held and simply would not be pro-active in this regard. Neville Chamberlain was the worst of this bunch but by no means the only fool with his hands at the control stick of great nations. At the very least, FDR would not do anything that in his estimation would increase the chances of open hostilities with Japan. He had 5 years of overt Japanese intentions to guide him and did nothing effective to prepare this nation for plan “B.”

There was no NIE coming from Hiroshima on the August 6th till the end of the war. Same for Nagasaki from the 8th on.

The Japanese spent much of the war believing their own propaganda. Their cultural view of the world overrode every empirical evidence to the contrary right to the end.

The Japanese didn’t have AP (Armor piercing bombs) large enough to penetrate the deck armor of our battleships at Pearl Harbor. They had 14″ battleship AP shells with attached fins that would however. They were the masters of torpedo attack tactics and technology for most of the war. They knew how to overcome the torpedo attack problem in shallow war problem all too well. They sent 89 torpedo bombers in the first wave and 54 in the second. Had our carriers been at Pearl or the Japanese could have found them the outcome of the battle in the Pacific would have been both bloodier and much longer. We got maximum results from our intel before the battle of Midway; we got nothing useful and a deaf ear before Pearl Harbor.

Which intelligence apparatus do you think we have today? The one before Pearl Harbor or the one before Midway?

If I were the President of the United States after having received this latest NIE, I would visit the authors of this report and any who contributed to it conclusions and personally escort them to their next duty station in the Aleutian Chain where it would be their task to ASS-SIR_TAIN the hostile intent of the 5 suspected Fruit Flies that are thought to live there. If they find the suspected hostiles or can video tape their interrogation of same, they can come home.

The NIE is the biggest con job and CYA operation in modern history given all the efforts (spelled funds) invested in the Intelligence community. Politics has no place in Intelligence operations. Neither does incompetence protected by a bureaucracy with only its self interests at heart. This is not 1941 where it took hundreds of planes and thousands of people to pull off the results at Pearl Harbor. Millions of us are going to die if the political animals and children that populate our Intel community aren’t removed. This is serious business and the likes of Valarie Plame and company don’t have what it takes to get the job done.
Thom Bateman
Newport News, Virginia

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Political Motherhood:

Lisa Fabrizio writes: “It’s pretty ironic that many blacks will continue to support a candidacy that seeks to disparage the reputation of the nation’s most successful black woman and the first black who has a real chance to be elected president of the United States, but such is the way of the Democratic Party.”

Can it still be true, as it had been since the early post-Reconstruction days, that the Democratic Party has “been good to our Negros, as long as they remember their place.”
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: G. Tracy Mehan III’s A Library of Unread Books:

I think just about any book reader can identify with G.T. Mehan’s plight — buying too many books but no time to read them all.

We tend to buy books if they have something about them that might be useful for the future. In writing essays or articles, for instance, our internal light bulbs occasionally coming flashing on, “Oh, that’s discussed in that book I bought ten years ago.” Then it’s look everywhere, dust the cover, open and thumb through, and voila!, an unexpected treasure chest. But really, if you want to find those gems, you have to buy a book on spec.

The moral: Just because there’s no time to read a book now doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future. It’s better to have it when you need it than need it when you haven’t got it. (Tolkien maybe?)
C. V. Crisler
Gilbert, Arizona

Re: W. James Antle III’s Showdown in North Carolina:

I read your article on “Showdown In North Carolina.” I live in the 3rd District and have had my fill of Walter B. Jones. He has been paling around too much with the Democrats. For that reason I am supporting JOE. There are lot more vets like myself that feel the same way.

For further information, the 3rd also includes Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro and Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in Havelock. Fort Bragg is bigger than all three SJ, Lejuene, and Cherry Point put together.
Rick Lail
Vanceboro, North Carolina

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