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She’s Still Toast

Re: Philip Klein’s Kitchen Sinked:

How can you accuse Obama of not delivering a KO? Did anyone truly think he could KO Hillary after Iowa? It was just getting started and we all knew that. Obama won Super Tuesday with more states, more votes and more delegates. Because Hillary refuses to give up does not mean Obama didn’t KO her. He KOed her as much as anyone could KO Hillary.

Look at McCain and Huckabee. I don’t see you writing about how McCain still couldn’t KO Huckabee even though the math made it literally impossible for Huckabee to win. So was it a failure for McCain because he couldn’t KO someone who couldn’t even get up off the mat, but who refused to get out of the ring? On your terms, I see McCain’s inability to get Huckabee to leave the race as a much significant story.

This whole pundit theme of “he had three chances…” is already getting old. No one expected Obama to “win” the nomination after Iowa. No one thought he even had a chance to do so. If you did, you know nothing about political campaigns. And if you didn’t think Hillary had the money and the will to stay in until Texas and Ohio in the least, you clearly know little about Hillary Clinton and her violent refusal to take the high road in politics.
Brian Rich
Moscow, Idaho

While I’m sure that a certain Elton John song is getting a lot of airplay today, the likelihood is that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee, barring a serious meltdown in his campaign. In order to negate his delegate lead, the Clinton campaign would have to win the majority of super-delegates, which would appear to Barack’s supporters as a backroom deal, or manage to seat the Michigan and Florida delegates, or both, in which case, the perception of the Democratic Party would be that the movers and shakers had closed ranks and resorted to the kind of chicanery that they normally reserve for Republicans in order to select the white woman over the black man.

A Republican who failed to remind African American voters that Democrats were the party of Jim Crow, slavery and segregation, or that their current superdelegates include a former KKK Kleagle who is now the senior senator from West Virginia, would be throwing away the opportunity of a lifetime. An Obama nomination carries its own opportunities in Florida and Michigan, where John McCain can make the claim that the Democrats, who had previously demanded that they count a few hundred dangling chads, this time refused to recognize the votes of millions and a clear majority. It’s unlikely that outraged Hillary supporters in those states would come out for McCain, but they may lack the motivation to go the polls at all, keeping Florida safely red and putting Michigan in play.

It’s also unlikely that the Democrats could unify the party with a combined Obama/Hillary ticket. Hillary will not play second to Obama, not after having been in the White House as first Lady, even if it gives her another shot at the remaining fixtures and silverware. The only hope for a unity ticket would be if Hillary were at the head, but that has its own risks. If Hillary were to try to take the lead slot and place Obama on the ticket as her vice president, the Democrats would remain vulnerable to a question of how he came in with more popular delegates but ended up having to give up his seat and move to the back of the bus.

I would not want to be Howard Dean when that question is asked.
Mike Harris
MAJ, U.S. Army

It is now the turn of faltering “savior in waiting” Barrack Hussein Obama to unleash the plague of past Clinton scandals on Hillary. Despite being in bed with dubious foreign contributors himself the “Obamanation” needs to remind voters of the Clinton’s cozy relationship with Buddhist monks, Indonesian businessmen, the communist Chinese and Chinese dishwashers. As the “prince of peace” continues to declare his love for North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria and Venezuela he needs to remind the fanatics at it was Bill Clinton who established America’s policy of regime change in Iraq. In fact, George W. Bush was just doing Clinton’s dirty work for him ergo Hillary is the “mother” of all problems relating to Iraq and the War on Terror (since Obama refuses to accept reality that we’re winning in Iraq and the Iraqis are reconciling this would be easy for him to do).

Didn’t Hillary vote for the war before she was against it? Will Hillary expand the war to include a ground battle against pro-Obama Iran? Has she repudiated using force against psycho Hugo Chavez to keep the peace in South America? Though an ethically challenged corrupt Chicago Democrat Obama can also remind voters of Hillary’s shady business practices — cattle futures, White Water, etc. He might even have his minions in cyberspace to begin speculating about Ron Brown’s death. Conspiracy theory kooks in the Democrat party are a dime a dozen so I’m sure “Imam Obama” can spin up the nut jobs with a few well chosen words. He can even run ads asking America do they want a woman who was nothing more than a glorified law clerk handling national security issues. Oh the joy! Oh the humanity!

Thanks to many Texas and Ohio conservatives new life was breathed into the Clinton campaign. Hopefully, the mud and “bloodletting” will really get going as America’s two most incompetent and unqualified politicians fight for the Presidential nomination of the party of despair, depression and defeat. Aren’t “chick fights” a joy to watch? Which “gal” is going to come out on top — the has-been or wannabe? Hillary vs. Obama is the “cat fight” with the potential to make the 1990’s “Clinton soap opera” look boring.
Michael Tomlinson

Just because Republicans don’t have a dog in this fight doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the battle.

Hillary believes that the Democratic nod was to be gifted to her because, to paraphrase the late great country singer/songwriter, Tammy Wynnette, she stood by her man. (After all, he is just a man.) If HRC didn’t truly believe she was to be automatically granted the nomination, she would have walked out on The Boy President long before he was so ingloriously impeached, but that poor choice is behind her. She has too many other items on her agenda (such as Bill’s present peccadilloes) to worry about his past indecisions. Now that she has to fight for the prize, she is going to do all that she can to ensure that she walks away the winner. Barrack Obama may be able to beat back her assault (doubtful) but as Nietzsche so wisely proffered, “What does not kill me makes me stronger.” If BHO can withstand the underhanded trickery and covert assaults of the Clinton team, he might prove a much more formidable opponent to our enemies than his current rhetoric would indicate. Currently, these remain only interesting hypotheticals. Until the Democrats can figure out a way to avoid self-destructing, Senator McCain has time to build up a war chest, choose a VP, and most importantly, mend the rift between himself and the core constituency of the GOP.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Here’s some interesting numbers. Remember the spreadsheet with projections the Obama campaign had?

Well, whoever did it up was right on. Final results aren’t in for 100% of the Ohio and Texas precincts, but here we go.

Rhode Island – projected 8 Obama/13 Clinton. Results 8/13

Vermont — projected 9/6. Results 9/6

Ohio — projected 46% Obama/Clinton 53%. Delegate split 68/73 Actual – 92% counted – remaining is in pro-Obama territory, but current % split is 43/55 so that would make the delegate split 65/76 — a swing of just 3 delegates from their projection.

What I thought was really interesting that in Ohio — from a reporter who covered it three weeks before the campaigns got there was the racism that was evident in the Appalachia and other small areas. The exit polls said that 20% said that race played a factor and three of four of those went for Hillary. When I broke that down last night of the votes cast, that looked like about 300,000 votes. Texas also — 10% said race was a factor and those broke for Hillary. So, I guess racism is a small, but significant firewall for Hillary. And you have to admit — read the reader’s responses in the Ohio newspapers and the “60 Minutes” segment the other night.

Texas was projected to be 47/51 — and results right now – with 91% counted are 48/51. Their delegate projection was 92/101 — I guess we’ll see in the morning how close that is. So, with that much accuracy and Barack’s superdelegate count sitting at 194 and Hillary’s at 238 tonight, if the rest of the race continued as the Obama projections predict and he and Hillary split the superdelegates — (not too likely since there were 50 ready to break his way according to Tom Brokaw); Barack would have 1693 to her 1536.5 plus 182 superdelegates — and have 2069 to her 1936. Yes – he still has 133 more delegates in the end.

So what has Hillary’s three weeks of kitchen sink tactics done? Well, she’s added to the number of Hillary-haters, will definitely lose future voters, and has changed the polls so that now instead of Obama easily beating McCain and even Hillary beating McCain, that McCain without campaigning is now beating them both! Rush Limbaugh couldn’t be prouder! I just watched MSNBC and they showed George Bush coming out with a great big grin and actually TAP-DANCING while he was waiting for reporters to give his McCain endorsement.

Re: John Tabin’s McCain-Somebody ’08:

McCain ought to pick Zell Miller. That would be balance.
P. Aaron Jones
Sadr City, Michigan

McCain can choose who he wants as a running mate, but if he’s smart and thinking strategically he’ll pick a conservative with one or more of these attributes — ties to the Midwest, someone who is youngish, a woman or a person of color. If it weren’t for his short time as Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal would be the perfect choice (young and a person of color), but he’s desperately needed at home to clean up the typical liberal Democrat mess and corruption in Louisiana. By his efforts Governor Jindal may be able to help unseat incompetent Mary Landrieu too.

Whoever McCain chooses he has got to think of the future. Until the conservative melt down (that began in 2005) Republicans seemed on track to accomplish the national political realignment Ronald Regan and George W. Bush worked so hard for. Thanks to the conservative crackup not only is McCain the GOP’s Presidential nominee, but Democrats have been reinvigorated. The “political clock” cannot be allowed to go backwards where Democrats control Congress for another four decades. Despite his political passivity McCain has got to work to defeat Democrats and regain Republican majorities in Congress.

The current Democrat Congress is as despised as their corrupt 1990’s brethren (the most unpopular modern Congress). Despite predictions of gloom and doom for Republicans in 2008 that gives the GOP an opportunity to make gains if McCain can bring himself to think like a party leader and not just a Presidential candidate. He needs to learn from Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush (who defied political history and predictions until the conservative crackup) and work to build on the Democrat’s negatives to help Republicans. He needs to campaign hard not only for himself, but Republican Senators who are presently vulnerable. The success of a McCain Presidency hinges on this as much as his policies.
Michael Tomlinson

There is another scenario that Mr. Tabin might want to consider. Suppose Senator Obama loses the Democrat nomination and is offered the V.P. by Senator Clinton or he is denied altogether. And suppose V.P. Cheney decides to step down, let’s say for health reasons, and the highest ranking Republican in government, Secretary of State Rice, becomes the V.P. Nominee McCain’s election chances would certainly improve and down-ballot Republican candidates for the House and Senate would be elated.
Howard Lohmuller

What difference does McCain’s running mate make? He is going to lose in November no matter who he picks.
Paul Martell

Re: Michael Brendan Dougherty’s Dunkless in Seattle:

What the writer left out was that Seattle fans did not support the team; regardless of the Key Arena lease, without a fan base attending games there is no reason for a team’s existence. Oklahoma City has proven it will support the NBA with a fan base and deserves the team more than a thankless Seattle, which is what Comm. Stern appears to appreciate.
Steve Shaver
Attorney at Law
Dallas, Texas

It was preordained: When the Seattle SuperSonics began NBA play in 1967, Boeing had won the design competition to build the SST: A Mach 3 airliner demonstrating America’s aerospace world wide supremacy. By 1971, Congress had killed the SST for a variety of reasons, including the undesirability of sonic booms hitting populated areas. Ironically, testing the effects of repeated sonic booms on population centers had been done earlier over Oklahoma City! Results of these tests contributed to the SST’s cancellation.

The moral: Never keep a team name after its namesake has been cancelled.
Glen Leinbach
Fort Collins, Colorado

When Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago it perhaps became inevitable that the Sonics would also leave the city of their birth. With the demise and/or retirement of the old guard civic leaders, i.e. Bill Boeing, the Nordstroms, Don James et al., there are few left with the vision, pride and political pull that it takes to support such entertainment enterprises. I suspect it won’t be long before the Seahawks leave also. It is hard to imagine that Bill Gates could get involved in sports promotion: the Seattle Softies? Or that the Starbucks people could field a team of any sort — perhaps they could replace the Sonics with the Seattle Beans?
Rose Storey
Portland, Oregon

Re: Michael Tomlinson’s letter (under “By God or Oprah”) in Reader Mail’s Obama’s Mess:

Michael Tomlinson incorrectly claims that Christianity Today “christened Obama” as a “public theologian.” Actually, we quoted Sojourners head Jim Wallis saying Obama is “almost a public theologian.”
Ted Olsen
Managing Editor, News & Online Journalism
Christianity Today

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Sermon on the Campaign Trail:

Yep, he’s a pistol, Lisa. I don’t have the TAS citations, but not long ago, we had a word study in the Reader Mail amidst an ongoing discussion about whether homosexuality even was a sin. Personally, I
always found Matt. 19:4 settled the question, and too, was “more central than an obscure passage in Romans.” But then, what do I know. Just today, I found this. When you read reports like that, it’s difficult to offer even Israel unflinching support, much less some idiot American politician. I think it’s about time for that second visit, Lord.
Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Re: Bill Croke’s Cody Coda:

You article hit home with me. My mother was born in Greybull and grew up in Powell and Cody where my grandfather (Robert Gleeson) managed the Cody Trading Company. Good friends of my mother (Marge and Ray Markovich) spent years in Cody before retiring and moving to Longview, Washington.

My last visit to Cody was in 1961 and I was really impressed. I had planned on returning for a visit in a year or two — but after reading your article I think memories are best left the way they are. But a visit to Greybull and Powell might be appropriate.
Robbie Ground
Klamath Falls, Oregon

I discovered Cody, and Bill Croke, when I read his “Rocky Mountain Bohemia” six years ago. Since then, I read everything Cody’s self-described curmudgeon wrote, especially about Cody, and I wondered when the best kept secret would no longer be a secret. I’m real sorry that time has come, and I haven’t even had the chance to see it for myself.
Kitty Myers
Painted Post, New York

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