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Depressing Democrats

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s The Reich Stuff:

I now take it for granted that towards the end of any Republican president’s term the press will bark and howl about the woes of the economy in an effort to help elect a Democrat replacement. Whether such bellyaching has any foundation to reality is purely incidental.
Richmond Trotter

The economy always recovers from its setbacks that are usually caused by government actions. My question is how do you think the low value of the dollar will resolve itself? Will it rise back up to at least par with the euro?
George Topany

Re: Peter Ferrara’s Unity and Change — Or Not?:

Gingrich illustrates the utter failure of liberal-socialist policies by having us look at the decaying heap that was the once proud and prosperous Motor City in Detroit which is not unlike peering across Checkpoint Charlie in West Berlin at the bleakness that was East Germany prior to the German reunification in 1990. There can be no clearer examples to show the detriment of intrusive government and the corruption it spawns.
John Nelson
Hebron, Connecticut

John McCain has a heart condition right before the convention, and can’t be the nominee. Newt is asked to run, and he accepts the nomination. He then beats Obama or Hillary in a 50 state landslide! He could be the next Reagan and then some.
John P.
Elmhurst, Illinois

What a fascinating article. Having been struck by Sen Obama’s speech to the 2004 Dem convention, I have tried to follow his career closely. Increasingly, however, I’m being drawn to the conclusion of “smoke and mirrors.”
Jean Sutherland

Where can I read the full text of Mr. Gingrich’s speech? I would like to get a printout of it to send to my Daddy, who does not use the Internet.

Mr. Gingrich is absolutely correct about the Department of Hatcheries Indoctrination Centers…er, “public schools,” and their cost-benefit ratio. Basically they exist to keep the relatives of apparatchiks in work.

As for Hope and Change, those are the two words I hear most often on the Casino Bus. Hope, on the way to the Casino, and Change on the way home when the bus driver asks, “How much you win, bro?”
Kate Shaw
American in Canada (where the proles have long ago surrendered to despair)
Toronto, Canada

Peter Ferrara replies:
A video of the speech should be available here.

Re: Tom Bethell’s The Dems’ Difficulty: A Contest for the Liberal Vote:

I loved Mr. Bethell’s analysis of the Democrats’ problem, and agree with it. I think the bickering and squabbling is dangerous for the Dems not only because it reveals their candidates to be liberals, but also because everyone at some level realizes that there is so virtually no difference between them in terms of policy and experience, which leaves only the personal to fight over. This is always bad, but particularly so when each candidate, and many of their supporters, belong to an historically disadvantaged cohort that thinks its past victimization entitles it to the White House. Those aren’t the words that are used, of course, and the sentiment is not mentioned publicly — rather, the fight is couched in terms of illusory differences over substantive policy issues or experience — but in my opinion, that is the reality.
Anne Stinneford
Chicago, Illinois

While I carry no water for Tom Tancredo, I think it unfair for Tom Bethell to portray Tancredo as anti-immigrant. I have seen no evidence that would lead me to conclude that Tancredo is anything but anti-illegal immigration.
Rick Greer
Mount Juliet,Tennessee

Perhaps, probably, I’ve missed much more than I realize in the past few months, trying to learn how much of an empty suit Mr. Obama really is, but I don’t recall anything that could support your assertion he “would like to move to the center.”

It might be generous to even call him just a liberal. But if he’s a centrist-in-disguise, pray, tell, who then’s a leftist?

Liberal and/or leftist hardly matters now. Whichever brand he is — and I suspect it’s truly the latter — I can’t imagine there’s a vaccine fast-acting enough that he can take now to inoculate him from that dreaded double-L disease.

Of course, he’ll try any ruse to do so. He’s too arrogant not to try. And, who knows, with the MSM so fervently supporting him, he might get away with that hokum for a while. Just look at how he’s skated thus far.
C. Kenna Amos
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Quin Hillyer’s From Tankers to Terrorists:

I usually find it easy to agree with Quin Hillyer, but in his mini-essay “Boeing Should Cool It,” he forgot to show an even worse and more inconvenient problem with the corporate body that beat out Boeing.

I call it “the corporate body” because Northrop Grumman is nothing but a shill for Airbus which is fronting for its owner, the European Aerospace Defence group — facts that are conveniently shunted aside whenever the subject is discussed.

That inconvenient problem is that the French stock market regulator has found evidence at Airbus of insider trading and market manipulation, as well as issuing false and misleading information about their production problems.

Look out, Air Force. Airbus is winging its way to you with worse ethical problems than Boeing had. Don’t be surprised when “production problems,” and false and misleading information about them, make it difficult for you to fulfill your mission.

I wonder whether the Defense Department would have awarded the contract to Northrop Grumman had they known.

Mon Dieu, quell surprise, the French regulator came out with the information just a bit too late to disqualify Northbusead.

Or is it too late?
A. C. Santore

I have to agree with Mr. Hillyer’s unrelated thoughts pertaining to John McCain. I have been watching Mr. McCain lately and from my observations I don’t think he feels the need for help from Conservatives. Every time he opens his mouth it’s to soothe moderates — making another attempt to assure them he is NOT a conservative. I fully expect him to ask Joe Lieberman to join him at the top of the ticket — courting the moderate-liberal vote. John McCain believes he will get himself elected without Conservatives.

I also agree that Mr. Hillyer is correct about Conservatives. I, for one, will not sit home in November; but I have no intention of working this summer. Nor will I contribute to the RNC or the presidential campaign. Let the moderates take my place stuffing envelopes and making calls.
Judy Beumler
Louisville, Kentucky

Re: Hal G.P. Colebatch’s Plymouth Crock:

I am afraid Hal G.P. Colebatch ‘s fevered imagination has led him astray. His article “Plymouth Crock” (4/3/2008) is totally wrong in attributing this University’s change of name from King Alfred’s College to political correctness and the role of King Alfred in history. We became the University of Winchester because it describes what we are and where we are. The previous name did neither. To keep the valued link with King Alfred, we re-named our main campus after him.
Tommy Geddes
Pro Vice Chancellor
The University of Winchester, King Alfred Campus
Winchester, United Kingdom

My father is English, he was a schoolboy in London during the blitz and he had two older brothers in the British Army — one was a paratrooper, the other served in the desert war in North Africa. I was bought up on stories about Spitfires, Churchill, stiff upper lips and devilish Huns and I like to keep in touch with my father’s homeland. It’s pretty obvious that things aren’t the same and most of the changes are for the worst — the British lost an empire and now they have lost much of their own heritage as well. Now I think the nerds will have their revenge. The outlook for the British economy is far from good, they have an economy that is unsustainable and many of the taxation, regulation and debt chickens that were hatched in the last decade are coming home to roost with a vengeance. Those who were busy smashing Britain’s heritage and history were also wrecking the wealth and prospects of ordinary British people — they have been screwed and they appear to be seeing the bill they have to pay. It is not going to be pretty once the British electorate realizes what a hopeless mess the Labour government has landed them in — all the hard work done in the Thatcher years has been completely wasted, they are worse off than they were when Margaret Thatcher was in office.

Conservatives should keep a close eye on Britain, I think a lot of painful lessons are going to be learned all over again and liberals are going to find that their ideas aren’t nearly as welcome as they were in the 90s. The costs of liberalism are becoming all to apparent and the time when people were happy to pay is just about over. Britain played a major role in promoting conservative ideas in the 1970s and ’80s and they might well do so again. Conservatives all around the world, especially in Britain and America have been in retreat recently but that might be about to change. It probably won’t happen in a rush, but hang on to that Ronald Reagan memorabilia, it could be quite hip in the not too distant future.
Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia

Of whom can England be proud?

Shakespeare, Newton, Conan Doyle, Darwin, Cook, Drake, Carrol, Kipling, Spenser, Boswell, Johnson, Shelley, Chaucer, Wordsworth, Dickens, Wedgwood, Sterne, Raleigh, Hobbes, Mill, Babbage, Churchill, Tennyson, Milton, Orwell, Wodehouse, Austen, Faraday, Hawking, Turing, Hooke, Rutherford, Turner, Gibbon, Smith, Chaplin, Best, Holst, Beecham, Delius, Vaughn Williams — to name but a few.

Who gave the world such genius? Who gave the world freedom of speech, freedom from slavery? Who has no jolly cause for self-contempt?

The English. The English. Ever the English.
David Govett
Davis, California

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Doubting Thomas:

This was a great perspective. I have been a UCC member at Wilbraham United Church in Massachusetts for about 15 years. I have seen quite a bit of both the bad and the good, in both my local community, and within the Leadership ranks of the Church. The Reverend Wright situation is the last straw for me. I cannot understand how this situation was allowed to go on for so long (37 years) or why this man is not being repudiated by the Church Leadership. Reverend Thomas’s public comments might lead one to believe he just stepped into the job yesterday, and hasn’t had a chance to examine the facts. Jeff Lord’s article has put it all in perspective for me. I am at peace with my decision to move away from the UCC. I will fulfill my final Stewardship pledge this year.
Kevin Kary
Wilbraham, Massachusetts

Re: Brian Doherty’s Give ‘Em Heller:

Thank you for this article, and other coverage of this case. Today, the answer to the question of the efficacy of gun control is as easy as A, B, C. Australia, Britain and Canada have taken their citizens firearms to protect them from themselves. The results are just as predicted by conservatives here resisting the same laws. No decrease in gun violence and a massive increase in violent crime. Let us hope that SCOTUS brings back an acceptable answer to Heller.
H. William Good

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