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Clinton Pay Comes to $30 Per Lie

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s tax returns for the last seven years reveal that since leaving the White House the couple has earned nearly $30 per lie.

“If you break their income down, you see that on average they earned $42,661 a day, or $1,777 an hour, which comes to $29.61 a minute,” said political analyst Pim Peeny. “And, this being the Clintons, that amounts to $29.61 per lie told.”

The Clinton campaign immediately disputed Peeny’s claim.

“That’s entirely preposterous,” Clinton spokesman Mo Lyes said. “Sen. Clinton would respond to dispute the ridiculous charge, except she’s busy right now single-handedly saving a house full of orphans from a pack of fire-breathing alligators.”

Former President Bill Clinton reacted calmly to news of Peeny’s calculation, merely cursing out 16 junior staffers, four reporters, and a dog, and threatening to have Peeny “taken care of” after the general election. He later apologized, saying, “I apologize for acting inappropriately earlier today. I was exhausted from staying up all night figuring out how many Americans would die every year because they were left without health insurance under Barack Obama’s irresponsible health care plan.”

Peeny’s figures were corroborated by the New York Times, which conducted its own review and found that the Clintons actually lied closer to twice a minute if sales of their books are included in the calculation.

The Obama campaign then released its own figures showing that if YouTube videos and television clips of Clinton speeches and campaign events are included, the lies run up to 2.7 a minute.

Hillary Clinton biographer and former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein added that he thinks even the Obama figure is low.

“None of these figures takes into account President Clinton’s passes at random women or the massive increase in untruthfulness when either Clinton drinks even a slight amount of alcohol. The figure is probably closer to four lies a minute.”

Sen. Clinton could not be reached for comment, a spokesman said, because she was in Paris relighting the Olympic torch at the request of the French and Chinese governments, the United Nations, and a little girl in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who desperately wants to watch women’s pole vaulting this summer and knew that Senator Clinton was the only person who could save the Olympic Games.

Andrew Cline is editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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