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Re: George Neumayr’s Bitter Pill:

As I read George Neumayr’s excellent analysis in “Bitter Pill,” I began to ponder the Obama campaign and was struck with an awareness of how much like the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin it is.

You remember. The people of Hamlin are facing difficulties in their community — economic and social — by an unprecedented increase in the number of rats among them.

As the problem worsens, the Pied Piper comes to town, speaking eloquently of hope and change, and campaigns to be elected to the exalted position of “Savior of the Town,” promising to rid them of
all of their problems.

“Pied,” in case you don’t remember, means multicolored, allowing the people of Hamlin each to find his favorite color on the Piper and each to believe that the piper was there especially for him.

Well, the piper played his seductive tunes of hope and change and soon all of the rats were following him out of town toward and into the river.

Sadly, so, too, were all of the children of Hamlin.

The story ends with the duped citizens — so full of the audacity of hope during the campaign — now in the deepest despair as they watch their most precious resources — and their future — drown.

Change they wanted. Change they got.
A. C. Santore

Excellent article!

The Audacity of Hope is more than the Fatuity of Titles. It’s really the narcissism of the hard left combined with phony racial grievance by well off affirmative action babies — spoiled rotten and knowing they’re guilty as hell. Hence the whining petulance. The only thing that separates Wright from Michelle and Barack is one generation.

But I’m emailing you about a story that has not yet been told: The bribing of black preachers like Wright by giving them “consultant fees” equal bribes equal votes. Anywhere else it would be a major scandal.

The only allusion to this phenomenon that I’ve seen was during the South Carolina primary where someone pointed out Obama had more money to “hire” black ministers as “consultants” than Hillary did.

There is a story here. Perhaps The Spectator can uncover it.
Ed Willneff

The more I read about Obama, the more comparisons I draw. “I’m not askin’ you to just believe in me…I’m asking you to believe in yourself.” He is Merideth Wilson’s Music Man without the charm. Recall the Music Man’s con? He sold uniforms and instruments to eager mothers of kids with no music ability and exhorted them to “Think, men, think!” The Music Man couldn’t teach the kids because he was not a musician, himself. His talent was conning. It worked in River City

If we think back, the gaffes did not start with Pastor Wright. I recall Obama in some hard scrabble town, speaking to a crowd who looked like they were waiting for the Bingo game to start. Obama was lamenting the sky-rocketing cost of groceries. He said “I mean, has anyone checked the price of arugula lately?” He was speaking to a bewildered “Kraft Dressing on iceberg lettuce” crowd.

Nice that Obama does not have to buy his arugula with food stamps as his struggling mother did. I am still trying to figure out how she got food stamps in Indonesia. Unless that humiliation came later, with his grandparents in Hawaii. Golly, two generations of no-hopers.
Diane Smith

It did appear that the NAACP audience Wright was addressing Sunday was the kind of older yuppie self-satisfied, well-educated, wealthy, and “non-bitter” elite that Obama was addressing in San Francisco. They did not respond the way a “typical black” congregation would. There was little applause, little emotional response, little or no shouting, and virtually no participation when he tried to elicit it.
Richard L.A. Schaefer
Dubuque, Iowa

Re: Lawrence Henry’s This Race Business:

Excellent observations from Lawrence Henry. I believe he has hit the nail on the head. I don’t think most Americans care what color a person’s skin is in order to vote for him. It’s a matter of trust. I didn’t trust Senator Obama’s messianic ways in the first place, there was something a little unnerving about people falling all over themselves around him. But, when you add to that those people he has around him with radical, un-American attitudes, many questions arise. Then when his true self comes out and it shows his “I know more than you do” condescending attitude toward the American people — most folks don’t care for that so much.

I think a portrait of a person is coming into view, and rather than a Rembrandt, it’s more of a Picasso.
Deborah Durkee
Marietta, Georgia

Mr. Henry is sort of right. Most white people are not obsessing over race, i.e. they aren’t normally thinking about it. But when it comes up, most think good things about themselves in regards to race relations. They think there are still evil whites to overcome, but that’s somebody else. Sometimes, this is almost as caricatured as the old racists attitudes were. The media paradigm of uniting together against those evil skin headed Nazis or wicked hooded clansmen. But usually it is a contrast of the evils of those in the past, and how we in the present are better.

It seems to me that most who are not active politically follow the above pattern. But those who are active politically on the Democrat side intentionally lump their opponents with the evil clan types. Intentional on two fronts. It inflames those who think of themselves as victims into uniting behind the Dems. But on a broader scale, such smears fool the politically inactive into making bad snap judgments when it is time to look at politics. The Republicans on the other hand buy into the general attitude that things have improved and we are all much better than the past, and take great offense at being falsely slimed and smeared.

In reality, things are much better. But there is still racism all around. It is found in all races, and expressed against all other races. It may not ever be eliminated, but it is greatly reduced at present and properly so.

But the use of it in politics keeps it active and alive. And this is a great burden upon all. Victims stew in resentment, preventing them from rising above their injuries. The same is true of the falsely accused. And those making false accusation for political gain relish those results. Even those who keep away from such ugly politics are burdened, keeping up the proper attitude of flagellation by guilt, giving up special privileges to the victimized, especially those who play the victim card, and putting themselves to the back so that the legacy of their ancestors can be erased.

Why must it keep going? When will it ever end? How much self-flagellation is enough? Why do we have to keep giving special favors when most of those taking them are wealthier than most of those giving them? Those who are still left behind are trapped in the Ghettos of Johnson’s Great Society, unable to use the current favors, but not because of racism. How long do we have to keep putting our innocent kids at a disadvantage? How long do we have to keep being guilty, bearing the guilt of our Ancestors.

This is what Obama had tapped into with the high sounding but vague words he was using to mask his extreme left wing liberalism. He sounded like it was time to complete the Journey started by Dr. King. To finally achieve the world the Reverend dreamed of, with the color of ones skin making no difference at all. We would demonstrate that we are worthy by voting for him, and he would lead us from the ugly past to the better future we all hoped for.

This was mass self-delusion. It is a shame that that is not what he meant with those well read and high sounding but vague words. He is not filled with hope over the future, but bitterness over a past that his ancestors never experienced. And like his old Reverend, mentor, family and personal friend, he wants to punish America to set things ‘Wright’. And terrorism in the name of causes he favors doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Think about what Obama’s life story really says about America. The son of a black immigrant can go to an elite college, marry a fellow black member of the country’s elite, and rise to a level of wealth and power that most whites, the vast majority, will never ever see. We have over 300,000,000 citizens, but at any one time, there is only one President, one Vice President, there are no more than 9 Chief Justices, 50 Governors, 100 Senators and 435 Representatives. He is one of the Senators, and he has a really good chance to become one of only 2 people with a serious chance of becoming President. And look at his tax returns. While he surely isn’t Bill Gates, most of our families will never earn as much as those two are worth. Yet they are both bitter about the Country in which they could achieve these things.

The mask has been removed, and we are greatly disappointed with what we see. It is a shame that his side is now resorting to the standard phony accusations of racism to try and salvage the Presidency.

I am curious though. As I have pondered why no Democrat is attempting to achieve Dr. King’s dream as I have portrayed it above, and how someone so liberal as Obama, so much so that he might more accurately be called a socialist, could even think that their goals would fall under that dream. Yet there are many who seem to believe that even communism would fill that bill. Did King dream that we would be equal in slavery yoked under the rule of an elite who thinks they know better than we do what is good for us, setting rules for us they would never live under? Or did he dream that we would be yoked in slavery under the rule of murderous thugs that are more “equal” than we are? I know King flirted with communists. They do put out a good lie about equality. But for someone who wanted to be free and equal, those systems are neither, and can’t deliver a better future.

The Reverend Wright has surprised me that someone can become a Christian pastor and preach hate and revenge instead of love and forgiveness. I hope such absurdities don’t extend to the Reverend King. But I do understand that the Christian ideals go against human nature.

As such, I have a warning to give. A huge number of people died to end slavery. Somehow, much of the resulting freedoms paid for in American blood, were lost under Jim Crow. That was quite a backlash. America has risen and given back those lost freedoms, and done even more in trying to compensate for past discrimination. And we have set social constraints that punish racism. And we have followed those who have asked us to punish ourselves for the crimes of our fathers. Yet all these efforts are rejected and dismissed out of hand. Those who play the race card act as if there has been no effort, let alone no benefit, and segregate themselves, calling the good self-effacing people racists. Those self-effacing efforts are against human nature. Only our Christian nature could allow it to continue for over half a century. And rejecting them dooms these attempts to end racism to failure, guaranteeing another backlash.

Why can’t we unite again and thank people for their efforts and the progress that has been made? That way we could focus our efforts on finishing the journey, overcoming the racism that remains, and helping the truly afflicted out of the remaining chains that bind them.

That can’t happen if we cling to divisive politics. We need to stop making false accusations for personal gain. Nor will it ever happen if we continue to teach victims that they must be enslaved to the teats of government. We need to teach people that they can rise up like Obama has, that they have to do it, but we will give them a hand up instead of trapping them with hand outs. But if it doesn’t happen, things will get worse, not better.
James Bailey

Re: James David Dickson’s Supporting the Troops:

Mr. Dickson has written regarding a topic near to my heart. There is nothing that we as ordinary citizens can do that is more important than to take care of our warriors and their families. We absolutely MUST insure that these warriors DO NOT experience what our troops did during the Vietnam era. It is already getting very close to that in various places in the country. If it wasn’t for these warriors, people like Code Pink and the traitorous left wing academicians and their sheep would be too fearful to dare to protest some government action, and rightly so.

I am sure that the SecDef for Public Liaison is doing all that she can to help our troops. The plain fact is that the reason that our troops are getting such good service is precisely because the various agencies are private, and not government agencies. There is extremely little that the government does that it does well.

I had high hopes for Mr. Dickson’s column when I started reading it. Unfortunately it did not fulfill my hopes. The Massachusetts based program is great, but what about all the other programs that are covering the whole country. There is no mention of Soldier’s Angels, a program that has volunteers working literally worldwide for our warriors. Some of the volunteers are German ladies that stay in contact with the troops’ needs as they are brought to Landsthul (sp) Army Hospital. I won’t attempt to cite the stats on the number of volunteers, the number of troops aided, the number of military families aided, the dollars involved, the varied projects ongoing, but they are truly impressive, and all because Patty Patton-Bader’s son wrote Mom a letter asking her to help a couple of other guys in his squad. Go to their web site to get the full details.

There is no mention of a soldier’s Mom in New Jersey that started and runs Operation AC that sends small air conditioners, small space heaters, and other items to the troops in Iraq. There is no mention of the Wounded Warriors Project that concerns just what its name implies. There is no mention of a lady whose blogosphere name is Tanker Babe who contacted Carhartt Inc., resulting in them donating 750 sets of thermal long johns and 2500 pairs of their best wool socks to the Sky Soldiers, an Airborne unit deployed to the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. There is no mention of the special fund for the families of fallen Marines, or of fallen Special Forces, or other groups. There is even a group that concentrates on sending stuff for the war dogs. Did you know that Chap Stik lip balm has been a god send to protect the noses of the explosive sniffing dogs and other war dogs from the blowing sand in Iraq.

I fully realize that the column could not possibly report on every voluntary group, but it could have done a better job of introducing a varied selection of the groups. If you are not going to do that, then the column could have introduced readers to a place they could go to find listings of those groups. I just think that Mr. Dickson missed a really good chance to give some well deserved good publicity to some really fine folks. Just as a matter of disclosure, I suppose that I ought to say that I go the extra mile each year to donate the maximum that I can to Soldier’s Angels.
Ken Shreve

Re: Constance Hately’s Judging the Judges:

Although you wrote an excellent article, I think you missed the fact that one political party only has an advantage if they win the governorship most often. In that case, the governor stacks the commissions with members of his own party. The terms of the commissioners are staggered for six years in an effort to avoid any one governor having the ability to stack the commissions. When, however, one party controls the governorship for twelve straight years then the commissions become stacked with political appointees from one party. This is what happened under Carnahan and Holden. By the time Blunt came into office, the commissions were stacked and remain so today. The one term that Blunt has served has not offered enough opportunity to appoint commissioners from his own party, thus the commissions remain heavily stacked in the democrats favor. Unless a Republican wins the next governor’s race, the public will be subjected to a continued degradation of our judiciary which is certainly not healthy for the state.
Charles S. Pullium
St. Louis, Missouri

Re: Letters (under “Hiss-Trionics”) in Reader Mail’s Never Ending Swansong:

Okay, I get it. Senator Obama’s alleged elitism was discussed in a rather lengthy article about Alger Hiss, but was not intended to suggest, infer, imply, equate, etc. So with apologies to Ben Stein in
his role as the classroom teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: What was the point of bringing up Senator Obama in the dissertation? Anybody? Anybody?

Guess I was fooled by the titled of the article, “The Alger Hiss Democrats.” Come on folks. If you’re going to play the “guilt by association” game, at least give your intellectual mentor, Senator Joe McCarthy, the respect of standing up proudly for your handiwork.
Mike Roush
North Carolina
P.S. Thank you Craig Sarver for the citation/information. I look forward to checking it out.

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