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Wright Frenzy

Re: Sean Higgins’ Wright Answer:

I say this as gently and as courteously as I can under the circumstances.

I’ve had it up to here [indicating front of neck under the chin] with the never-ending stream of articles about Rev. Wright (three today already just on TAS, and even more everywhere else in the media).

Please make them all go away. Please. Make the articles go away and someday, perhaps in my lifetime, so will he.

Thank you very much.
A. C. Santore

If we are to suffer the unrelieved tedium of Jeremiah Wright, could we call him Mr. Wright? That is, unless he has his doctorate from the First Self-Righteous Church of Reverse Racism & Fancy Raiment.

“Reverend” is an adjective, not a noun, and as such, cannot stand alone. He is the Reverend Mr. Wright or the Reverend Dr. Wright. I think all this Rev’run-as-a-title business started with Rev’run Jesse Jackson, preacher without a pulpit

In the south I understand it is acceptable to call a protestant clergyman Pastor Billy Bob — all in the name of chummy good fellowship. But anything goes, I guess, now that that fat Porpoise Driven guy wears Hawaiian shirts to do his preaching in.
Diane Smith

Concerning the Wright-Obama soap opera, there are now double dueling dualities.

1) For Wright’s NAACP speech, sponsored primarily by blacks, the up-scale audience gave a “typical white” response to his revival talk; for Wright’s National Press Club speech, sponsored primarily by whites, there was a “typical black” response to his revival talk, especially because of the black minister guests.

2) Obama backers were ready to march in flock-step to support both Wright and Obama after the Moyer-NAACP-National Press Club trio of Wright appearances. Obama backers are now ready to march in bloc-step to support Obama’s rejection of the now-seen-as-terrible Wright after Obama gave the new orders at his Tuesday press conference.
Richard L.A. Schaefer
Dubuque, Iowa

It appears that the Reverend Wright is opening up his own Race Franchise to compete with Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton. With his new home and property given him by his church and a book on the way, he may soon be worth close to 15 million. If his following stays with him and he is able to build his brand, he may even be able to put a bigger bite on corporations and government than Reverend Jackson. One day he might even be in a position to set up his own Kingdom as Reverend Farrakhan has done. Only in America.
Howard Lohmuller
Seabrook, Texas

If this “preacher” is the best Chicago has to offer, no wonder there are so many murders. Rather than preach love, peace and forgiveness, as Jesus taught, he offers hate, resentment and separation. He said that blacks and whites learn differently. Is he calling for resegregation? It certainly appears so.
Sarah H.

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s What if William Ayers Were Black?:

For reasons described to us by Mr. Lord, it’s no wonder that John McCain gives us no relief from the “Year of the Migraine.” Having ruminated about McCain for years now, I’ve concluded several things about what makes this man tick, and not one gives me a reason for optimism. The recent North Carolina GOP imbroglio, is just another, in a long line of puzzling (carefully chosen word) behaviors that have come to define the “World according to John McCain.” Paternalism? For sure, but we’re way past paternalism here. We’re also past the empty suits in McCain’s campaign and the RNC that forsake opportunities out of cowardice disguised as civility. No, what’s really going on here, is that McCain has a moral superiority that grates; even more than Hillary’s or Obama’s. With them, it’s just a habit of elite liberalism, almost reflexive.

With McCain, however, it’s a zeal that comes from his moral compass having discovered something for the first time, albeit later than others, but that’s of no consequence to McCain. Hence, the fervor of his crusade for campaign finance reform and his mission to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominees with the “Gang of 14,” in the name of Senate comity, both of which have caused incalculable damage to the Constitution. Add to this, his treatment of people he considers obstacles to his cause, Rumsfeld, for one, Sen. John Cornyn, and a host of lesser bureaucrats, and things begin to come into focus.

So, it’s not surprising in the least that McCain’s ascension to the presidency would run roughshod over the Constitution as well as other candidates for state and national office. The fact that candidates in North Carolina, and elsewhere, were ahead of McCain on the Wright issue, and have the right to run their campaigns as they see fit, is of no concern to McCain. They’re not part of the grand plan. McCain, if elected, will govern, no matter who sits in Congress. Coattails are not required.

So with this, I’m no longer ruminating about McCain. I’ve decided to support competitive Congressional candidates, and on Election Day, see how the spirit moves me on Mr. McCain.
A. DiPentima

The reverend of lewd gestures, master baiter of race Pastor Wright, isn’t going anywhere. Know why? ‘Cause he’s of the same mold as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Race baiters all.

Wright’s pastoral work, such as it is, and was, is revealed as nothing more than a weekly minstrel show, replete with America bashing, anti-Semitism, off-color commentary for attending children and a theology lacking Christian virtue. Wright is now on a mission to talk, expose and derail Obama’s quest for a simple reason: Were Obama to win the presidency, the racial finger pointing will change. Racial hucksters like Wright, and others of his ilk, would have to earn an honest living, one earned by the sweat of their own brow and not by the sweat of their black brethren. Wright can’t afford that. Lewd pulpit prancing is too much fun and too rewarding. Like a 1.7 million dollar house in a white neighborhood. Very liberating for southside black theologian.
Wolf Terner

I found Mr. Lord’s take on McCain’s bashing of his own party in North Carolina because they created an ad that took on the ideas of a black person very interesting. I think you’re right, Mr. Lord, he’s afraid to take on the black guy. However, it might be more than that. He might have a prejudice against Southerners (and conservatives). He is almost as bad as Obama with small towners only he didn’t say: “clinging to God and guns and religion and antipathy to those not like them.”

As a conservative and someone who lived in NC for 13 years, I know that he has deeply angered NC Republicans. North Carolinians don’t take too kindly to being implied as racist, and they really don’t take too kindly to “outsiders” telling them what they should do. I think McCain has hurt himself badly in that state. He seems quite content to stick his thumb in Republican eyes, but never a Democrat’s.

It’s almost like the husband who is so nice to everyone at the bar and then comes home and beats his wife. He’s abusive to his own. Is this what Republicans have to look forward to if he’s elected? I think he’s hurt himself with many Republicans. The NC Republican Party has generated a lot of cash since the ad fracas — there’s a message there somewhere if McCain’s campaign should care to decipher it.
Deborah Durkee
Marietta, Georgia

John McCain, paternalistic? I’d say he is always ready to take a shot at Conservatives. Liberals and liberal blacks do not receive his ire. Just remember John McCain was negotiating to leave the Republican Party in 2001 and again in 2004 when he wanted to be John Kerry’s vice presidential candidate. Mr. McCain is self-serving and self-promoting first and foremost. He has convinced himself he doesn’t need Conservatives this time around. We’ll see.
Judy Beumler
Phoenix, Arizona

Re: Robert Stacy McCain’s Obama’s Eagleton Affair:

Stacy McCain stated that “No one can yet point to any official action by Obama that reflects the ‘black liberation theology’ espoused by Wright.”

However, how “official” does the “action” need to be to prove that Obama believes in the “black liberation theology”?

Obama is clearly one of the most, if not the most, liberal senators, and he has surrounded himself with radical liberals his entire life. Anyone looking objectively at the current facts should easily, and rightfully, conclude that Obama chose Wright because of his “black liberation theology,” because that is what Wright preaches and what he is known for. The liberal press would like us to believe that it was an isolated sermon where he made all the leftist remarks and Obama did not know about them until he read about them in a magazine. However, that sermon was just an ordinary and usual type of “black liberation theology” sermon that Wright preached on any given Sunday. Obama, being the leftist that he is, actually believes in the “black liberation theology,” but he won’t dare say that in public and he won’t be specific that he disowns the “black liberation theology” either in public because he knows the liberal Blacks will disown him.

Mr. Wright was correct when he alluded to the fact that Obama has not repudiated him or “black liberation theology” and that Obama is just doing what other liberal politicians do, which is lie to the public and hide his liberal ideology and act more centralist than he really is (sort of like when he was bashing NAFTA and yet telling Canada that it was just lies to the people to get votes).
Carl Harris
San Antonio, Texas

This is an interesting characterization of the Wright hate speech. And if Mr. Wright is correct and his brand of “liberation theology” is part and parcel of Black churches, then the epithet might better be “God Help America.”
Jay Molyneaux
North Carolina

Re: George H. Wittman’s Stirring Iraq’s Boiling Pot:

Mr. Wittman wrote an intriguing article concerning Iran’s aims with regard to Iraq and their present machinations in that country. He is correct in his assessment, as far as he went.

There is much more to the story of Iran’s aims in this region. They are not merely based upon political and economical considerations but also upon religious/mystical beliefs which have as great, if not greater, import to the rulers of modern day Persia. By prophecy, the Twelfth Imam will arise in Persia, but will rule from Baghdad. All of the machinations engaged in by Iranian factions are designed to make it possible for them to gain control of Iraq after the American forces leave or are driven out. Al Qud, the sitting Iranian government and the religious council of imams all have the same ultimate goal; to control Iraq in time for the Second Coming. What makes it confusing is there seems to be no consistent centralized direction to the project. But the Persians have long been masters of deception and a peek behind the smoke and mirrors may just show that all the Iranian players wear the same face.
Michael Tobias

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