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Re: The Prowler’s Faith of Our Senators:

Are people so naive that just hearing a man say “Jesus” can convince them he is a Christian? Are Christians so silly that they are more impressed by a man knowing and using certain phrases in their presence than in how that man defines his faith? Barack Obama is a “Christian” who cannot say that Jesus is the only way to heaven, that salvation lies only in Christ and his sacrifice, and who seeks to redefine Christianity as “just another path” to God!

The Bible tells us that even the demons know who Christ is, and even they know He is Lord! Not to say that Obama is a demon or anything (because you just know some Obama supporter will try to twist it that way), but just saying certain words and phrases means nothing in the bigger picture. It is what you believe that defines your faith, not what you say. Remember, not everyone who cries Lord, Lord is going to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Eric Edwards
Walnut Cove, North Carolina

Has anyone asked Obama about separation of church and state? Where are the ACLU and Barry Lynn to complain about Obama bring religion into the political realm? One word best describes the new age messiah who thinks to rewrite scripture — hypocrite.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Let’s do a thought experiment:

I’m a non-Christian, but I decide to study the topic. After I study, I remain a non-Christian. Can I truthfully say the following:

“… I let Jesus Christ into my life. I learned that my sins could be redeemed and that if I placed my trust in Christ, that he could set me on the path to eternal life when I submitted myself to his will and I dedicated myself to discovering his truth and carrying out his works.”

This was said July 5 by Sen. Obama. In my opinion it says that he did an academic study, but says nothing about the outcome in terms of faith at the time, nor what is his present faith.

“… I let Jesus Christ into my life.” can easily mean that he spent time to read about and hear about Jesus’ life and teaching. When I read Moby Dick, I let Ishmael, Ahab, Melville, and even the whale into my life.

“I learned” is an academic statement that says nothing about emotions, about faith, or about belief. The sentence in its form is: “I learned” that X could happen “if” A, and that Y could happen “when” B and C. So Mr. Obama, what happened next? Did you ever do A, B, or C, or not? It is nice to hear about your cognitive understanding of the premises of this religion, but these weasely and evasive words seem more than anything to have the goal to mislead. If that was your intention, then you are or have a very good TelePrompter writer. Even the headline writer was fooled.

I’m not sure I would believe Sen. Obama if he made a direct statement of faith, but I think it is important to note when he wants to convey an impression while avoiding an outright answer.

This would make an excellent example for a class on critical thinking. One could point out his use of words that will make an emotional connection with his audience, while not really saying much:

Eternal Life

Using complex sentences that are 36 and 48 words long are effective at concealing the actual assertions. This failure to describe his own faith while giving the impression that he has, is worthy of close scrutiny whether it is intentional or not.
A Reader

That the Arlington Group, or any conservative Evangelical group, is considering endorsing Senator Obama is simply mind boggling. Senator McCain may not be fluent in theological or theosophical language but this is poor reason to bestow blessings on a false messiah.

A staffer reports, “[Obama] speaks our language. He seems more comfortable with his faith. Jesus’ name rolls off his tongue, as do some of the phrases people of faith tend to use in these meetings,” So, yes, words matter. Obama knows the hymnal well, but actions trump words every time. In Matthew 7:16, written in red letters, “Ye shall know them by their fruits: Do men gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?” BHO uses holy language to obscure his true positions. He is for keeping President Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives as long as long as the faith is left on the sidelines. He is for gay marriages — or Michelle is. Also worth consideration, Obama and family attended, for 20 years, a church where hate, not love, was frequently preached. His words are awfully pretty but are they contrary to his action and his very brief voting record. His words are a pretty song used as subterfuge and distraction. In the words of my Yiddish speaking forefathers, “A half truth is a whole lie.”

As for McCain, he will never be the most eloquent man in the room. He is often a leaden speaker with an ear of tin and a tongue of clay. Not all are given the gift of gab. Moses was a poor speaker who needed his brother Aaron to be his mouthpiece, but history shows that Moses is the one who carried out the Lord’s mission.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: W. James Antle III’s What About Bob?:

This Bob is just another storm-trooper for the Obama/Reid-Pelosi agenda of tax increases, pork/earmarks, bigger government and appeasement of terrorists. The Democrats he points to as role models (Heath Shuler, Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly and Gene Taylor) have voted in lockstep for Pelosi’s liberal agenda in the House. Like Pat Buchanan and Jim Webb, products of liberal empowering paleoconservatism (a pseudo-conservative group with a 1930’s nationalist agenda) Conley is unprincipled, arrogant and motivated by self-aggrandizing egotism.

When Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 Missouri sent a “conservative” blue dog to the House who said he was pro-life and for tax cuts his name was Richard Gephardt and we know how that storied ended. If elected Conley will be just another conventional Democrat (like all blue dogs elected in 2006) voting to raise taxes to spend on massive government programs while empowering America’s enemies.
Rhonda Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Antle’s credulity is beyond belief. Hasn’t he learned from his misguided fawning over Jim Webb and the 2006 “blue dogs?” Listen and learn — there are no conservative Democrats and those that masquerade as conservatives to get elected cannot be trusted. Bob Conley, like Jim Webb, Jon Tester, Heath Shuler, Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly (despite one pro-life vote) and Gene Taylor, is a tax-and-spend liberal Democrat, eager to appease America’s foes. All of the above vote as ordered by their masters: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

It is this type of naivete (buttressing the false message that “blue dog” liberals and “liberalterians” are safe to vote for) that’s undermining Reagan’s Republican Party, the conservative movement and the future of our nation. Granted, Antle isn’t as bad as renegade former Reagan speechwriter Pat Buchanan (the Left’s favorite faux conservative), but the results are still the same — Democrats in power. That is not only stupid — it’s dangerous.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Freedom and the View From Obamaland:

More fascist that what we’ve had over the past seven years?

I scanned the list of Lord’s American Spectator articles for anything critical of Bush’s seizure of executive power, the wholesale violations of our civil rights by warrantless domestic spying, or the billions of dollars in no-bid contracts going to Bush/Cheney’s favorite corporations, and see nothing. Not a single article title that hints at a criticism of the current lord of the White House.

Of course, I did find a column criticizing Democrats ties to big oil. Bigger than the GOP’s ties? Bigger than Cheney’s ties? Please.

Lord is obviously a partisan hack. Quit giving him a platform for his hackery.

And, no, I’m not a Democrat. Just a moderate independent fed up with hackery by either party.
Brian Iller
Richland, Washington

Re: John Corry’s Jesse’s World:

You probably don’t have an obit file full of kind words from “across the aisle,” so here is one I saved.

Yellow with age, undated, it is from the New York Times, headed “BRADLEY AND HELMS,” it reads:

Sens. Bill Bradley and Jesse Helms are not exactly soul mates — one is a liberal Democrat from New Jersey and the other a conservative Republican from North Carolina — but the two men came together once on the basketball court.

“He’d asked me to show his granddaughter a few moves,” Mr. Bradley told New York Times sports columnist Robert Lipsyte. “She plays in high school, and she and I spent an hour together.

“I showed her how to set a pick, the back-door play, you know, it was all out of what I learned at Easy Ed Macauley’s summer camps when I was a kid, and she just absorbed everything, a terrific girl. But what caught my eye was Jesse Helms and his wife, doting grandparents, sitting across the schoolyard the whole time, just watching. That tempered my criticism of him. I saw his humanity.”

It takes a man with humanity to see it in another man. That must be why I kept the clipping. A rare Democrat. I may have an example of the only kind word ever printed in the N.Y. Times about Helms

Jesse Helms was a kind man, a courtly man who could not be forgiven his principles in an unprincipled venue.
Diane Smith

Re: Christopher Orlet’s The Big Bang:

I agree. I just received a $91.00 ticket today from a Pinellas Park, Florida police officer. In fact I never usually wear a seat belt but today I put one on and my son was driving. He was pulled over and I unbuckled mine so I could get the information out of the glove box and sure enough the police officer accused me of not having the seat belt on. When I tried to explain he didn’t care. More revenue for the useless.
Deborah K. Harlow

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