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Bushwhacked, Part III

Re: J.T. Young’s Only Qualified to Be President?


Haven’t we had enough Bush in the White House? (No jokes here…please)

Please note: I was/am a Bush (W) supporter on national defense, but not his onerous domestic agenda.

Assuming Jeb is planning a run in 2012, what…we can’t find a more bona fide conservative Republican for 2012?

How is it that we sat by while liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans defined who our candidate was for 2008? Is this starting already? Jeb in 2012?

We (Republican Party of the conservative bent) need more fixing than another middle of the road Bush.

One man’s opinion.
New Jersey

Are you nuts? Conservatives have been conned by two Bushes already, why risk another? Reagan’s worst mistake was putting Bush on his ticket. Remember voodoo economics? Both Bushes are big government guys who have spent most of their adult life at the government teat. W’s slogan ‘compassionate conservatism” itself is saying conservatism is not compassionate and admitting W is not a conservative. Conservatism is based upon fiscal responsibility. Why have we let the media define W as a conservative?

Why would anyone want to chance another country club republican like Ford, Dole, McCain or both Bushes? Both parties have failed us. The present financial disaster was started by Dems but Reps held all branches of government in first four years of Bush and failed to defeat Barney and his socialist grifters. Bush often said he thought everyone should own a home: pure insanity. Sounds just like Barney to me. We are at the point where only a revolution can save the Union. Our federal government is the most corrupt institution in the world, worse than the South American and Central American countries we all used to make fun of. Our federal government is Enron. Another Bush will just complete the total debasement of US conservatism.

Re: George H. Wittman’s Following the Afghan Drug Trail:

I have long advocated a policy of buying out the poppy farmers, paying them a high premium over the market price for their crop. In this way, we can drive the Taliban broke trying to compete, while at the same time giving Afghan farmers the opportunity to get into another line of business.

Following the example of the USDA, we would pay Afghan poppy farmers anything up to twice the market value of their crop NOT to grow poppies. They would not have to let the land lie fallow, but could grow other crops (saffron is turning out to be a popular cash crop that pays more than poppies). This would cost us a fraction of the cost of “eradication”, and we should be prepared to keep it up for a decade or more, until a new agricultural economy emerges in Afghanistan.

Of course, this is concomitant upon Coalition and Afghan forces providing security for farmers against Taliban retaliation (though in the long run, such retaliation is counterproductive for them). We must also ensure that the money paid out to the farmers stays with the farmers, and is not siphoned off by government graft, Taliban tax collectors, or local warlords on the make. But, overall, this approach has the potential to cut the legs out from under the Taliban’s money machine.
Stuart Koehl
Falls Church, Virginia


Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s No Time for Mischief:

Neither the current president nor his predecessor knows anything about markets. The very fact that Bush’s bankster buds came out screaming for bailouts to serve their own personal pecuniary interests spoke volumes. The solutions which both (socialist) presidents advocated are prescriptions to create an interminable quagmire in the manner of FDR in order to justify perma-government fascism.

A truly free market would liquidate the losses and rebuild. Instead, in the classic government line, “I’m from the government and am here to help you,” the beasts of the meltdown want to do everything to avoid the consequences of horrible prior decisions. When your banking system is insolvent you don’t throw more money at it — it must be liquidated and rebuilt. The same applies to the auto industry — totally demolished by greed, government, and good intentions.

Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see is hemlock for any economy — free enterprise, statist, or something in between. Again it is all predicated upon the juvenile avoidance of pain and responsibility showing that our leading lights all graduated magna cum laude from the institute for advance soviet economic studies.

Alas the derivatives problem is the cancer which will kill the stroke victim. At 770 trillion USD and growing and in its late stages of development it is impossible to cure. The current economic order is totally kaput and will have to be rebuilt. Putting the patient on life support is a recipe for perpetual economic crisis.

I’ll go one step farther than Limbaugh — Obama is making Clinton look Churchillian…and I do pray for his utter failure.
David Bonn

Re: W. James Antle, III’s Change Has Come:

When faced with a difficult pregnancy and the possibility of a life for the fetus/baby of profound sickness and pain a loving mother is confronted with an impossible choice. This is the very complicated situation that many women find themselves in. Their desire to choose stems not from self-interest but from a profound love for their unborn child. The easy, and over-simplified, pro-life argument is that theses women are making a choice base on selfishness. That is almost never the case. Who are we to sit in judgment of these women? Be thankful if you have never been confronted with such an impossible choice, and have compassion for those who have to choose.
Brian Broker

Re: S.E. Cupp’s The More Things Change:

Many thanks to Miss Cupp for sharing the correspondence.

I was struck by this one:

“You don’t get the overwhelming intelligence of Mr. Obama and how outclassed in everyway McCain and the Alaska Governor were.” Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D.

By implication, Miss Cupp, you and I are also out-classed by the overwhelming intelligence of Mr. Obama. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

But Mr. Sovatsky was kind enough to identify himself as a member of the intellectual class.

No doubt he gets it. I would not be surprised if this is the same Mr. Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D., who authored “Eros as mystery, Toward a transpersonal sexology and procreativity.” Sadly, Amazon.com informs me that it is out of print. Oh well, I’m sure it was beyond my ken. I couldn’t even understand Alan Sokal’s “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity–I had to depend on the Cliff Notes explanation at Wikipedia.
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: Brooke M. Goldstein & Aaron Meyer’s Death to Free Speech in the Netherlands:

The truth seems to be intolerable to those who do not practice even a pretense of honesty. We have much to fear from this in the U.S. It’s coming and we’re asleep at the switch.
Roy Hogue

Re: Daniel Allott’s Changing the Verb of Homelessness:

Just a quick question, please cite the Constitutional authority for this? Why do so many have trouble distinguishing a FEDERAL government from a NATIONAL government? Just one more way to continue growing an oversized beast, that in truth was established to do very little.
Len Lieber

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s George W. Bush, Winner:

Thank you for this article, it’s the one article that I have read in a long time that is fair and realistic. It is hard to understand how nasty and childish the media has become. It pouts and smears and ridicules like some high school cliques. You can hardly ever find an article on GW that is evenhanded. If you do not agree or understand what he has done, you denigrate it, thinking that you know more than the President of the United States and all of the intelligence that he receives on a daily basis. The media thinks it knows facts, but it does not. The media is not in touch with all the various permutations and choices when presented by an issue. The President of the United States is presented with many choices, all of which have a positive and a negative result. Sometimes choices are made because they are the lesser of the many evils. It is such a frustration to me to listen and read such uneducated drivel in the press and on TV. The “opinions” that become “fact” that then is used to ridicule is astonishing.

It is President Obama’s chance to lead this country. I am sure that the media will be kind to him, and that is as it should be. That job is a killer. It will not be long before President Obama’s hair will be white. I wish him courage and strength. Whatever his choices are, he will be doing his best.

GW did his best, and his best was very, very good. I do not know if history will be kind to GW, but having lived through the last eight years, and having lived in a divided Germany for seven years in the 70’s and 80’s, I am more inclined to have a great deal of respect for the job that GW did. I know enough about history to know that what is front page news is not always the truth. I know that what is in textbooks and what is being taught in all levels of our schools is not always the truth either. We are human. We are fallible. From my experience, I will remember the last eight years as years when our country survived one attack after another, some from terrorists from the Middle East, some from terrorists who control the stock market, some from human greed and stupidity that had nothing to do with our President, some from the weather and our foolish belief that we do not have to plan for natural disasters. Despite being beaten from all sides, especially the media, GW held his head up high and did his very best, and that was certainly better than anyone in the media could have done.
Louise A. Erbe
Grafton, Wisconsin


This letter is in response to the media coverage of President Barack Obama.

In the twenty-five or so years I have been following politics in the United States I have never seen media coverage of an individual that borders on promoting a “cult of personality.” It never fails to amaze me how foolishly we elect the leaders of this country. We end up electing someone with virtually no experience in government to lead us out of the worst financial disaster in our country’s history. Keep in mind that this disaster has not yet run it’s full course. Still the media paint a picture of President Obama as a great savior before he has even executed one of his duly sworn duties. He has not merited the consideration of greatness bestowed on past presidents because he hasn’t even completed one month in office not to mention a full term.

In addition to the media’s cultic adulation of President Obama is this pre-occupation with the election of the first black-American president. President Obama is not an African-American any more than I’m a Polish-American or Irish-American (nee Moran). He is a black-American who happens to have African heritage as I am a white-American who happens to have Polish and Irish heritage. As for the election, Donald Duck could have beaten the Republican nominee so to suggest that America has made a cultural shift towards better race relations by electing the first black-American president is making an error in logic referred to as a faulty cause. If the economy was strong and foreign policy not such a mess, would the election have turned out differently? We will never know. The only thing certain now is that President Obama is “on-the-clock” and time waits for no one.
Joe Bialek
Cleveland, Ohio


I can’t wait to dash across the aisle.
I’ll glad-hand the others guys with a smile.
Though my constituents thought I’d vote one way
I’ve had to adjust “at the end of the day.”

There are serious receptions I must attend.
Acceptance is what matters in the end.
It’s fine for the folks back home to wonder,
But my social status would be rent asunder,

If I helped to pass their supposed needs.
I am loved here not for my words but my deeds.
Have they thought how a Washington party would be
Without the important inclusion of me?

I’m a politician. I’m a special breed.
I blow in the wind like a scattered seed,
And if you think my kind have had their day
Are you willing to join the Republican fray?

(I would, but I’d have to do it in verse)
Mimi Evans Winship

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