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Led Along

Re: Philip Klein’s Obama’s Primrose Path:

Yup! Another dart on target from Mr. Klein.

And where will that primrose path take us? To the land of The Wizard of Obama where “democracy” and “capitalism” will become mere buzz-words and we, chameleon-like will “eat the air, promise-crammed.”

It’s muscle-flexing Time!

It’s time for powerful contributors to the campaign funds of senators and representatives to flex their muscles and stop the machinations of Tim “Little Hugo Chavez” Geithner and his leader, the Teleprompter King!

Every lobbyist for any business concern, and every contributor with connections to a business concern, or with a deep concern for the future of our country, should send a clear message to their congressional minions immediately.

Tell them that if they go along with this totalitarian de facto nationalization of business they’ll get not another dime.

For some real eye-popping muscle-flexing, add that the contributor will support that congressperson’s opponent in the next primary and general elections.

Then watch them start to put “the country” ahead of Exalted Leader Obama and his anti-capitalism, anti-democratic rampage.

Principle never pays. It always costs.

And Congresspersons need to have that brought home with a “short sharp shock.”
A. C. Santore

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Progress Thwarted:

Being a swimmer since childhood, having swum competitively until college, I am always grateful when the boss holds forth on swimming. He is spot on in his analysis of all that is wrong with the LZR suit.

In pondering his words, it occurs to me that these suits are not so much suits as they are hulls; providing increased bouyancy and easier progress across the surface of the water. Which brings me to opine that perhaps stopping at swim fins is not enough…why not introduce the use of canoes?
Reid Bogie
Waterbury, Connecticut

Bob Tyrrell wrote the definitive biography of Bill Clinton. Please tell me he is working on our newest infantile president…we can’t say Boy Obama and live to repeat it.
Judy Beumler
Louisville, Kentucky

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Monstrously Anti-life:

Thank you for speaking up about the monstrous act of abortion. I hope you continue to write and write and write until every person who reads your words understands what abortion is and what it does. 

Every year for the past five years I, as a speaker for Silent No More, have tried to tell people what it does to the mother.

I would like to encourage you to think of the next logical step of a national leader who believes abortion is a “right.”

What if this national leader appoints Supreme Court justices who believe that abortion is a “right.” Will they not also believe that “assisted suicide” is a “right” also?

And if those Justices rule that assisted suicide is a “right” in all 50 states, who will decide who lives and dies, and why? We will have euthanasia centers for genocide in every large city and in places where the media will never report. So, please keep reporting because the time has come for us to lay down our lives to protect the innocent.

Only a miracle will turn this country into a Culture of Life now. Fortunately the One who creates a human soul and infuses that soul into the freshly conceived child, is also the Author of miracles and of Life. The human soul has three faculties; the will, the intellect and the “heart,” not the physical heart, but the heart that loves and feels. Let us use all of the faculties of our souls to do our part to bring about a Culture of Life, even now, even now.
Joan Haselman
Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina


Re: William Tucker’s How Nuclear Will Revive:

Rather than creating a ‘Cap and Trade’ bureaucracy why not make ALL ‘non-carbon’ energy source profits non-taxable?

1. It eliminates the special interest groups that would be created by Cap and Trade that will purchase powerful friends in high places (think ACORN like groups on industrial steroids).
2. It reduces our dependency on foreign oil by bringing more power creation on shore
3. It takes the government out of the role of guessing which ‘green’ energy will be the winner
4. It cuts taxes in a key sector (power generation) that will be needed for the US to re-industrialize (the rest of the world will one day stop selling us flat panel TV’s for increasingly useless dollars, at which point we needed to make things here and that requires cheap power)
5. It reduces air pollution and throws a bone to the environmental wackos.
6. It is so simple even Republicans can explain it on TV!!
7. All tax cuts are good tax cuts!
— Henry L. Lucas


There is something that has been bothering me for several months now. As we all know, the liberals  always claim to “support the troops” while simultaneously undercutting whatever mission they happen to be engaged in. So the hypocrisy has always been self-evident. But I think it is actually worse than that. I think the worst insult that the liberals inflict upon our armed forces is the ongoing, daily failure to acknowledge that they actually WON the Iraq War. We conservatives should not let this insult stand. Saddam is long dead, as are his fun-loving boys, so his dynastic pretensions have been quite obliterated. The country is currently less violent than it probably ever has been, the government there functions about as well as it ever has, and there is absolutely no doubt that the people of Iraq are far freer than they ever have been. Instead of an implacable terrorist-harboring enemy in that part of the world, we have a government that at a minimum wishes us no harm. 

Is there some element of victory missing here?

To that end, I would urge conservatives to pick some meaningful date, e.g., the date of the last Iraqi elections, or when the first major combat brigade is rotated home, and celebrate our victory. Call it V-I day, or whatever. Yes, it is true that war is awful and is not to be glorified. But we owe it to our troops, their families, and particularly  to those who fell there to at least acknowledge that they did a magnificent job and won this war.
Rod Kiewiet
Professor of Political Science
California Institute of Technology


Regarding American common sense
Our capacity for it is immense.

In uncertain times we rise as one
And do the job that must be done.

We look each other in the eye
And declare we will live free or die.

Politics, origins, color or creed,
We are all of the American breed.

Quietly but firmly let the whole world see
Our slogan is still Don’t Tread On Me!
Mimi Evans Winship

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