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Suddenly Toomey

Re: Philip Klein’s Toomey Talks:

FLASH! Specter to switch to Democrat Party.

Can the Republicans who gave him millions now ask for their campaign contributions back?


Ah, he’d keep it anyway.

Go, Toomey!
A. C. Santore

Looks like Mr. Klein’s carefully crafted article is now more interesting in light of Specter changing parties! One wonders what the Democrats are going to throw at Pat Toomey now! He had better get body armor. Either that, or the current pace of passed bills moving us ever farther left will get the job done before the 2010 election. This is getting downright scary: GM and Chrysler under the control of the unions. Maybe the conservative talk show hosts now hawking GM products should rethink where the money should come from.
Robert Mandraccia
Ft Myers, Florida

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Bring It On, MoveOn: The Cautionary Tale of Furious George:

No line better describes the far-left hate machine and, by extension, the administration of our Proto-Dictator, than a very old one, attributed to St. Optat, and used in Blaise Pascal’s Provincial Letters:

Omnia pro tempore, nihil pro veritate.

My translation: Everything for the moment, nothing for the truth.
A. C. Santore

One difference I have found between Republicans and Democrats, that reflects directly on this piece, is that most Democrats think you are supposed to hold public officials accountable after the fact, while most Republicans think you should avoid ever voting in anyone likely to ever need to be held accountable. It’s that “character” thing.

Republicans believe that once they are voted in, they become “your SOB” … whether you like it or not… while Democrats like to “opt out”… it’s not “my war.”
Mark Warner
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Re: Matthew Vadum’s Soros Show Trials:

Damn, if Stalin wasn’t right: “When we hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope we use.” Thomas Gensemer, a former venture capitalist, now Blue State’s managing partner, was integral to helping engineer the One’s victory. A former venture capitalist! Makes one wonder who is the real author of irony, God or the Devil.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Joseph P. Duggan’s The Bonfire of the Hispanities:

“Well,” said the vice consul dryly, “you’ll just have to come back later.”

That quote popped into my mind that soon we will be hearing such advice from our health care regulation bureaucrats. What fascinates me is that the people who voted for this (the Obamanization of health care) in have no idea that the bureaucrats will not care if they are dying or that they will be maimed by delay…or that the health care bureaucrats, the president, the Congress and the rest of the bureaucracy and all their families will have their own separate health care system. It is oddly ironic that the “sumthin’ for nuthin'” will get them what they gave.
Reid Bogie
Waterbury, Connecticut


The President can stop Somali piracy in one move. Put a half dozen US Marines on every US-flagged ship in the gulf. There aren’t that many US-flagged ships. Then let the other countries selling cheap flags of convenience defend their own ships.

This is what the Marines are for. This is why we have a Military.

Oh, and Marines, shoot to kill and leave them lay.
M. Andreasen

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