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Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Reagan Defeats Specter:

Not that Mr. “single bullet theory” has expressed an interest in running for president, still, it’s a relief that we have one less geriatric RINO Senator on the “next in line” list for the party’s nomination. Now, that we’ve been “filibuster proofed” anyway for the next two years, if we could get Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Maine to pack their bags, what a wonderful world it would be. And, while we’re at it, let’s do away with open primaries, so the Dems can’t select our candidates. We need a bright line dividing the parties to have a proper debate. Lot of work to do!
Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Arlen Specter says “…I will not be an automatic 60th vote for cloture.” There are some problems with that statement. One is that he will be depending on his Dem Masters for his reelection. Another is the specter of the well-muzzled Blue Dogs. No matter what…it is preferable to have ol’ Arlen out of his closet.
— Reid Bogie
Waterbury, Connecticut

How dare you call Gov. Bill Scranton a liberal? I don’t think you have a clue about him. Goldwater was a loose cannon. If he were elected he would have unleashed a war. Scranton got Pennsylvania’s fiscal house in order, got his policies enacted despite Democratic control of the legislature, and was not afraid to exercise leadership if needed.

He was akin to Eisenhower and Red Duff. They had a vision of an America that you cannot abide with. You dislike Eisenhower because he won over Taft for the nomination, a cardinal sin.

In my estimation Taft would have had a disastrous presidency. Scranton committed a cardinal sin by opposing Goldwater. You seem to be from the version of libertarianism that wants no government control except what you like. I am a conservative and I lived thru the events I noted.

You need to truly learn what Eisenhower, Duff and Scranton’s government service were really like.
George J. Silvestri, Jr.

Arlen Specter is the poster child for political opportunism and has never been a Republican even in name only. Neither has he ever been a moderate, given his intolerance of devout Christians in particular. His rants against the “religious right” and belief that they only make up 5% of the Republican Party handed him a quick defeat when he ran for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. That’s not the only thing he is out of touch with. By moving to the most intolerant political entity in this nation and one that has no problems ignoring the Constitution at every level, he has put himself in good company with a party that thinks Benedict Arnold is a virtuous man.  I would like to think that the RNC has learned some lessons regarding propping up this pompous ass all these years in hopes that he would moderate his hatred of anything resembling the founding principles of this nation. There is nothing “moderate” about a trillion dollars worth of spending with borrowed money aimed at buying votes for the Democrat Party in 2010 and 2012. Arlen Specter is a true man for all seasons and a shining example of what is wrong with the political system in this country, without regard to party.  I’ll bet it didn’t even take 30 pieces of silver to buy Arlen.  
Thom Bateman
Newport News, Virginia

Another great piece from Jeffrey Lord, this time on Arlen “Marble-mouth” Specter, Pennsylvania’s resident RINO Senator. I just about broke a rib or three laughing at Specter’s exclusive comment to Lord that he was going to play “hard hardball.” Seems to me that Specter decided to take his hardball and go home. Home, that is, to the Dummycratic Party, someplace he should have gone to years ago. 

His defection (another site has referred to him as “Specter the Defector”) is no loss, as former Club For Growth head Pat Toomey has been kicking his sorry behind in the polls as of recent. Hopefully, that will continue through the forthcoming election.

As for dear Arlen, as someone else on another site has stated, “Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.” It would be a waste to damage a perfectly good door.
Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

Re: Ben Stein’s What I’ve Been Hearing:

God bless you, Ben! So nice to hear something positive for a change, instead of, ahem, all the ranting for a change. Interesting you chose to visit Searcy. I’d guess you stopped at Harding University? I was enrolled at Harding in a European studies program one summer during my college years. First class people. Salt of the earth. World class, Harvard busting Business school. As long as there’s a Harding, it will be morning and Springtime in America.
Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Speaking Truth to Power:

Lisa Fabrizio writes that “…a priest friend of mine suggested that the legalization of same-sex marriage might be even more morally harmful to our nation than the scourge of abortion.”

Fortunately, due to the genius of our Founding Fathers, a self-correcting mechanism was built into our Constitution to deal with this situation.

Our cherished right to privacy, coupled with President Obama’s pledge to elevate Science above our superstitions, will set our ship straight.

Advances in genetics will undoubtedly reveal a “gay gene.” Just as “sex selection” abortion is popular throughout the world, “sexual orientation” abortion is sure to follow.

We just need the proper health-care mandate to see that all at-risk pregnant women are tested.

Homosexuals assure us that nobody would consciously choose to be gay, much less condemn their progeny to the lifestyle. Ergo, the condition must be genetic. Intolerant people with no compassion may be put off by “sexual orientation” abortion. We must insist that they think of the children!

Sarah Palin, and others of her ilk, might choose to carry such a fetus to term. But her generation will pass. Then with another generation, there will be no homosexuals to marry.
— Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

John Berlau’s GM vs GGP: Bankruptcy the Way It Ought to Be:

Sir, you are comparing apples and oranges or more correctly put thorns and apples.

GGP is not bleeding any money. In fact each month after paying all interest it is adding new cash reserves. It also has fifteen properties or so worth in a fire sale over a billion that have not been encumbered. As such there is no risk in providing DIP financing and virtually no risk that a creditor or a bankruptcy judge would ever allow a fire sale or dismiss the Chapter 11 petition.

In addition no suppliers, partners or any other necessary partner or other unsecured creditor would in a domino effect be pushed into bankruptcy.

GM on the other hand is bleeding cash every day it stays alive. No matter what Chapter 11 will provide it will not stop the bleeding and as such DIP financing would come from one place, good old Uncle Sam.

2. A restructuring or a dream there of may not seem like the best option to creditors or even a judge as DIP financing to infuse bleeding cash will fast erode creditors’ recovery value (the judge and creditors don’t worry about the broader economy or jobs lost).

3. In Chapter 11 no supplier that is owed money will get paid and those who got paid in the last 90 days will have to return the money. This may put some suppliers and dealers that are crucial to the industry out of business or into Chapter 11, cascading into a complete logjam of the industry. Ford said that a GM filing (if not repackaged) would put them in bankruptcy as well because of the disruption in the industry.
Jack Gold

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