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Torture If the Other Guy Does it

W. James Antle, III’s Amnesty Again:

I would like to clarify comments attributed to me that were mischaracterized in the article “Amnesty Again,” by W. James Antle, III, on May 11, 2009. I originally told The Miami Herald, from which I am cited, that Esther Olavarria could be expected to “fight tooth and nail” for an immigration reform package that would be more fair and humane — NOT “for more liberal immigration laws.” The article is incorrect to suggest such an interpretation.
Cheryl Little
Executive Director, Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center
Miami, Florida

W. James Antle III replies:
Actually, the Miami Herald article, as reproduced on the website of Ms. Little’s organization, says Olavarria would fight “tooth and nail” for “a reform package that will lead to more normal lives for immigrants.” Since the second part is a paraphrase rather than a direct quote, I’m happy to see Ms. Little’s views stated in her own words. I’m also confident that her idea of a “more fair and humane” immigration reform would be regarded as a liberalization of immigration policy by most Americans.

Re: Mark Hyman’s Obama’s Tortured Logic:

Hey, I’m eagerly awaiting Sean Hannity’s long-term time on the plank water boarding experience, especially with Keith Olbermann promising $1,000/second. When’s Hannity gonna take the plunge, so to speak, and put his mouth where his brain oughta be?
Bill Neill
Conroe, Texas

A few more thoughts:

“Waterboarding is on par with the 9/11 attacks? Nope. Don’t see it. No matter how hard the New York Times tries, there is no moral equivalency between the two.” Another favorite comparison given is Nazi Germany killing millions of people because of their religion — yeah, I don’t really see the comparison there either. 

“In fact, water boarding is so “horrific” that the four military services have used it for years in their search, evade, resistance and escape training for aircrew and special forces personnel”

In fact — according to liberals, like Keith Olbermann, who want to be able to get on their moral high horse at any opportunity they can — waterboarding is so horrific and equates to torture, however they are calling for the waterboarding of Sean Hannity simply because he mentioned in an interview that he’d be willing to do it. So, let me get this straight. Waterboarding is so disgusting, vile, torturous, and inhumane for known terrorists, BUT let’s campaign for Hannity to do it! Anyone see the warped thinking here? 

It all feels very “the emperor’s new clothes” to me.

I would like repeat an expression offered by one of the commentators about the article (S.L. Toddard, 5.11.09@7;46AM): “Neo-Con Warriors.” As far as I’m concerned these types of articles are written to appeal to Neocons, who, for the most part have never served in the military, let alone fought in a war. They’re the types who actually think the series “Twenty-Four” is an accurate depiction. 

The importance of this fact is that if they’d actually been subjected to some of this training, they’d understand that it was just that — training. They’d understand that it would have been different in intensity if it were used on an alleged enemy. They’d also understand there’s a difference between subject a person to this kind of treatment for a few days, and a few weeks, months, or years.

Maybe if the author would try it, he wouldn’t think it such a walk in the park, and wouldn’t write such trash. And, maybe you wouldn’t publish such garbage — even though it seems to fit your agenda.
Tad Farrand

I went through the Air Force Survival Training School many years ago. In its early days survival training was designed to prepare us pilots for the torture used by earlier North Korean interrogators. At the time it was frightening. While water boarding was not yet used, many of the current techniques still are. I can recall being buried in a coffin in a shallow grave, stuffed into a contorted position within a small locker, kept awake through the night by loud noise and, as a goodbye gesture, having hair pulled out of my chest.

No question that it was scary but we all lived through it. One idea was clear in the process: the interrogator had to keep you alive to gain the information they wanted. It turned out in those days they wanted us to confess to “conducting germ warfare.”

The current administration’s policy on “torture” is a poorly thought-out political gesture but the result of adopting it is that they have placed our people at a tactical and strategic disadvantage and have emboldened the enemy. Doen’t that violate the president’s oath of office to support and defend the Constitution?
Bill Bagwell

Re: Doug Bandow’s Klaus Encounters:

Another great article from Doug Bandow — right on the money!

Sadly, however, I have some bad news for him. I have a number of British friends who see the E.U. from the completely opposite viewpoint. I have no doubt whatsoever that their viewpoint sweeps across, not only the U.K., but all of the European Union.

Try as I might, I cannot convince them of the very dangers Mr. Bandow enumerates! They won’t believe me when I tell them that the U.S. has been undergoing the exact same dominating interference from a centralized federal government, and that they should learn from and benefit from our sad experience.

I have actually given up trying, for fear of losing some good friends.

Their resistance takes two forms. The first is a set of philosophical blinders which they willingly wear, not just “even though,” but precisely because, they allow themselves to see only what they want to see.

The second is a philosophical blindfold.  With this, it’s not even a matter of tunnel vision — it’s a complete blacking out of everything about the E.U.  As long as they can keep putting one foot in front of the other, they keep on walking.

Both sets want desperately to believe that there is value in a super-government in Europe, with dreams of economic strength, international influence if not dominance, and social nirvana here on earth.

E.U. “micromanagement” as the price for that?  Not only do they accept the very micromanagement by the Eurocrats that Mr. Bandow describes, they blandly insist that it doesn’t happen.

And none of them want a referendum.
A. C. Santore

Might I contribute some facts and figures to Doug Bandow’s illuminating article?

There are potentially some 375,000,000 EU-voters, and 785 members of the EU parliament. This works out at one such member “representing” close on half a million EU-burghers.

This constitutes, in the opinion of one British citizen, democracy diluted.
John C. Constable
Hamburg, Germany

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