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Freedom Falling

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s Saving Liberty:

Good column. I think you’re on to something when you focus on the loss of liberty under Obama. I was watching one of the news shows on Sunday and John Boehner mentioned the loss of freedom. Freedom is still what America is about to most of us. Stressing its loss resonates with people. It’s a short, easy to understand, and compelling message.
— John Cogan

President Obama is bringing the pain. Higher taxes? Check. Growing, cancerous, overregulation for business and individuals? Check. Interference in the most personal and intimate choices? Check. Pain can be a wonderful teacher, but for pain to be purposeful, either the teacher or the pupil must have a preexisting teleological view. Observing The One and his policies, two conclusions are logically drawn: Obama has no idea of the consequences of his policies or he is hell-bent on enslaving the working class to a European socialist utopia. Our Dear Leader has many negative attributes, but stupid does not stick. Thomas Jefferson, no stranger to either pain or governing, said, “The art of life is the art of avoiding pain; and he is the best pilot, who steers clearest of the rocks and shoals with which it is beset.” If our Socialist-in-Chief doesn’t take his eyes off the rearview mirror, he is going to pilot the honorable ship of America right into the rocky reef of historical ruins.
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Ben Stein’s Wal-Mart in the Wilderness:

As an Orange County Supervisor and one of the five people that will have to make the decision on the Wilderness Wal-Mart, I enjoyed your excellent description of the Battle of the Wilderness. The Wilderness was a major turning point in the American journey and is a major part of Orange County history. Unfortunately, you should study both history and geography before making pronouncements about either Orange County or Wal-Mart. Had you done so you would have learned the proposed site of the Wal-Mart is not on the Battlefield. It is not adjacent to the Battlefield. It cannot be seen from the Wilderness Battlefield. Mr. Stein you have fallen victim to a bunch of “preservationists” using the issue as a fund raiser. This issue has gotten so bizarre that these preservationists have aligned themselves with a developer who has for years tried to develop 900 acres including a four lane highway through the actual Battlefield.

I will be happy to meet you or any reporter at any time to walk the site, look at the views and show you what is really going on.

Lastly, the 20 acres Wal-Mart wants to build on has been zoned commercial for over thirty years. Commercial taxes have been paid for those years. Now that the owner wants to benefit from his investment, a bunch of carpetbaggers have suddenly decided that they hold the managing interest in the property and they want me to steal the land for themselves. For you and all who claim to honor our ancestors who fought there, our ancestors, on both sides, who felt they were fighting for American rights, how would you explain to them that you are using them as an excuse for the government to take away someone else’s property?
— Zack Burkett

Orange County District 2 Supervisor

Re: Enemy Central’s Coming and Going:

“Apparently also not in attendance at the Jackson event, besides President Obama and representatives of Enemy Central, was Mr. Tiger Woods. NFL legend Mr. Jim Brown was no doubt disappointed, having recently chastised Woods on HBO for being ‘terrible, terrible’ as an ‘individual for social change.'”

Mr. Tiger Woods not only helps underprivileged kids learn how to play golf, his foundation helps them through a learning center, a character development program and college  scholarships. Mr. Tiger Woods also supports military personnel in his charitable endeavors. All, apparently, a total waste of resources. What meaningful social  change could come from golf, education, character development and military service?

Mr. Tiger Woods had the effrontery to decline a White House invitation from President William Jefferson Clinton. I’m not sure he was even asked to attend the Michael Jackson sendoff. If not, he shares my misfortune in not having his name drawn in the lottery. Who can blame him for not showing up?

Mr. Jim Brown works toward  many of  the same goals as Mr. Woods. He has said things  that make sense, but he seems to have a  chip on his  shoulder. And he  sometimes fails in his effort  to advance the careers of troubled minority youth. Exhibit A: Mr. Maurice Clarett, the  Ohio State football phenom who went from a record-setting freshmen season with the Buckeyes to a three and halfyear sentence in the Toledo Correctional Institution.

Mr. Maurice Clarett could have been spending that time in the NFL, were it not  for a  wise Latina woman.

Though a  woman, Shira Sheindlin is neither wise nor Latina. She is the Clinton-appointed judge who ruled  in Mr. Clarett’s favor when he sued  the NFL in an anti-trust  case.  Mr. Clarett wanted to
enter the NFL draft early. Fortunately, the wise Latina woman on the U.S. Court  of Appeals for the Second  Circuit over-ruled the wisdom-lacking Sheindlin. Mr. Clarett, a minority youth, denied the opportunity to earn a living  by the white power structure running the NFL, was reduced to a street criminal. Maybe Mr. Brown /should/ have that  chip on his  shoulder. But how does Sonia Sotomayor avoid Enemy of the Week status?
Dan Martin

Judy Holliday was dumb as a fox. She took the “dumb blonde” image and rode it all the way to the bank and picked up an Oscar along the way. We all know Sarah Palin is not dumb, however the liberals and the media believe she is. That will be their downfall in November, 2012. 
Michael Skaggs
Murray, Kentucky 

In response to the latest “Enemy Central” article, here is a different view of Jim Brown. It might even have something to the liking of a conservative or libertarian.
–David Bartlett


Running around, with knickers twisted,
Pounding on Sarah. They can’t resist it..

Righties and Lefties, Pundits and Press
They think they’ve beaten her. Nevertheless,

They’ve done themselves in. Here’s this for a starter,
They’ve given us what we love most. A Martyr!
Mimi Evans Winship

Re: Peter Ferrara’s The Bush Doctrine Is Still Working:

President Bush II was not a naive man; he was an optimist. The moronic mainstream media enjoy repeating the trope that Republican presidents are less than the brightest crayons in the Crayola box as Senator’s Kerry’s intelligence was a major selling point for many pundits, but he displayed no more intellectual prowess, nor was he any less gaffe prone, than W. Further, if the same flawed policies were the products of a Kerry administration, the pronouncements of the press would have been much more forgiving. That is not to say that Bush did not make numerous mistakes and miscalculations in his foreign policies; he did, but his core beliefs were based on an assumption that all humanity would follow their better angels if given the chance. This belief flies in the face of history, but Bush did state Jesus Christ was the philosopher he followed most closely. President Bush, for all his faults, was a patriotic leader who clearly loved and honored his country.

President Obama is not naive either. He is quite the opposite of naive. The One is highly cynical and manipulative. He has spoken from the center and pushed America hard to the left. The Titan of the Teleprompter repeatedly used this weapon of mass distraction, the teleprompter, to apologize for America on foreign soil. I might be of another generation, but I was taught that family issues were to be kept with the house and not put on the street. For reasons that will keep historical psychologist busy for years, Obama feels the need to be applauded by the world. Unlike Bush, Obama puts the adoration of the world ahead of the interests of America.

Bush was highly (and often correctly) criticized for seeing the world unrealistically. The press has been slow to make the same pronouncement of Obama. Bush may have seen the world through rose colored glasses, and this did lead to dire consequence, the Democratic messiah sees the world only through the rearview mirror: color, not character, is the main defining characteristic of a person (e.g. Sotomayer and affirmative action); bi-lateral disarmament ignoring the reality of a multi-national nuclear arms club) and a Keynesians stimulus package reminiscent of FDR’s New Deal. The consequences for Obama’s backwards looking views will make the consequences of the Bush years seem as light as the dust on a fairy’s wings.

One lasting and positive legacy of the Bush years is The Bush Doctrine. Naive or not, it has helped transform the Middle East. One shudders at the thought of what might be Obama’s legacy for the world.
–I.M. Kessel

Re: Mark Goldblatt’s The Jackson Trajectory:

I can’t see that the great joy Michael Jackson brought to millions in any way balances the great pain he brought to a few.
–Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

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